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My Three Sons Television Show

Updated on December 1, 2014
my three sons cast
my three sons cast | Source

My Three Sons

One of my favorite Television Series to watch growing up was My Three Sons and other great wholesome shows.

As a Mom, I enjoy television shows that teach great lessons in life. Unfortunately many of the current shows don't. This is why I have a huge collection of classic television shows for my family.

I am so glad that my beloved My Three Sons is available on DVD. This way everyone can enjoy them.

The Douglas Family

Do you remember My Three Sons? It was one of my favorites growing up.

My 3 Sons was a delightful comedy about the Douglas family. This unique family stared Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas. Steve an aeronautical engineer was a widower who was raising his three kids.

The earlier shows, the three kids were Mike, Robbie and Chip. Later Mike went off to college. But the family adopted Ernie once again giving Steve a hectic house with three energetic sons to raise. Ernie ended up being one of my favorite characters.

Do you remember My 3 Sons?

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My Three Sons - Opening

Who was Bub and Uncle Charlie?

But he wasn't alone in raising these kids...

In the earlier black and white shows Steve had Bub who was the boys' grandfather (Steve's father-in-law) to help him raise his three sons. Bub was played by William Frawley. Later on it was Steve's Uncle Charlie (William Demarest) who played a huge role in raising the boys. Uncle Charlie took care of the house hold in a very entertaining way. These two men did the best that they could and I think they did a great job. My Three Sons is funny and very entertaining for the who family. My Three Sons aired for twelve years from 1960 until 1972. The earlier shows were in black and white.

If you are looking for an entertaining television show for the entire family I highly suggest My Three Sons.


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    • T4an profile image

      T4an 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      I loved this show!

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 7 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      I also remember. Loved it. Thank you for the memories

    • lakeerieartists profile image

      Paula Atwell 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      I remember watching this show as a kid and loving it. :)

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

      Maybe it was only showed in the US.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Sorry, either they never showed it or I missed it but I never seen it

    • CYBERSUPE profile image

      CYBERSUPE 7 years ago from MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A.

      Hi Wendy,

      One of our families favorite TV show. We have 4 sons and was able to relate. Thanks Wendy and God Bless!