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NCIS Fan Script #2

Updated on October 9, 2012

This is another fan script of one of my favorite TV shows. I wrote it as an outline because I do not know how to write professionally.

It begins as the sound of a doorbell is ringing. A man stumbles out of bed still half asleep. Tripping over luggage, giving the impression that he just got home after a long trip. He lets the person on the other side of the door know that he was coming. Quickly opening the door he sees someone holding a gun at him and is shot repeatedly.

Cue music.

It opens up as Tony and Ziva on a military aircraft carrier flying somewhere over the Middle East. Sitting between them in their custody is Marine Corporal Hatch. Not a bad guy, more as an innocent employee of a company set up for funneling money and training terrorist. He was the one who notified the authorities that brought Tony and Ziva to go and get him. Corporal Hatch is feeling more comfortable just as the plane comes under attack from rocket launchers on the ground.

Flashback to when Gibb’s and his team arrive at the home where a man, Marine Major Parks, who was shot at the door still lays in front of the entrance. His wife and two kids are next door out of fear the killers would be back. Ducky and Palmer begin working on the body as Ziva goes over to interview the wife.

Gibb’s, Tony and McGee search the house as it appeared to have been ransacked. His luggage seen earlier is not there. Gathering what evidence they can, Gibb’s goes over to see the wife to get a better picture of what had happened.

Stating that after her husband was shot in the doorway; two men entered and began to look for something specific. They slapped her around as they demanded his belongings. They noticed his suitcases and grabbed them. They also take his cell phone and clothing that was lying on a chair. One points a gun at her as the other man simply knocked her unconscious with a blow to the back of the head.

Gibbs then gets a phone call from The Director saying he has to get back to NCIS for a meeting with the Secretary of the Navy and a Pentagon Official, General Ratcher. In the Director’s office, Gibbs is brought up to speed on the individual who was shot at his home. He was a messenger for Corporal Hatch in bringing documents and Intel about the company he was working for to General Ratcher.

In autopsy, Ducky see’s in the x-rays that there is something embedded in one of the Major’s buttocks. Removing it, they get it to Abby who unlocks tons of documents stored on it. She calls Gibbs and with the Director and General Ratcher they go to Abby’s lab and looks over the documents. Glancing over a bit of the data, General Ratcher strongly orders the info to be taken to a more secure location.

Back in the Director’s office they find a treasure trove of evidence of an American company set up in Afghanistan to train the Afghan military and civilian police force. They see evidence of large amounts of money going in and out of the company to known terrorist bank accounts after it had gone through several dummy companies.

But the one thing that gets their attention is the hand written massage on one of the documents from Corporal Hatch is that this company, with the help from the US military, has in reality been training many terrorist in US military tactics. The Pentagon official, General Ratcher, wants to raid the facility but the Director and Gibbs would like to get Hatch out first. His Intel of the company is crucial.

The Director sends Tony and Ziva to go and get him back stateside as quickly as possible. When they acquire him, a Marine unit will go in and secure the area. McGee begins looking for information on the owners of the company. Mark Rauch, a former marine who served in the first Gulf war and Natalia Hamidi, a rich American woman of Jordanian decent.

Natalia Hamidi travels a lot on business but she resides in the Washington DC area to deal with congressional support. Mark Rauch resides in Afghanistan and controls the daily operations of the company.

Not wanting to alert them and other people working at this company and risk getting themselves and Corporal Hatch killed Tony and Ziva dress up as Marines reporting to the company to inspect the daily training process.

Unbeknownst to them, a security official has run a face recognition program on both of them. Just as they see Corporal Hatch alarms start going off. The images of Tony and Ziva’s face appear on a computer screen showing them as NCIS agents. By now Tony and Ziva have grabbed Corporal Hatch and are running to a Military jeep with Ziva returning fire towards Afghan personnel firing at them.

As they leave the area they see what looks like a huge military strike force go into the company area as the sounds of an ongoing firefight can be heard behind them. They are driven right up to the entrance of an awaiting military cargo plane ready for take-off. Quickly getting inside, the plane leaves the base as they settle down and finally catch their breath.

All this leading up to earlier in the show when the plane comes under attack from rocket launchers. The plane takes an indirect hit from the underside but with everything appearing normal they continue to fly on to a base in Germany then onto Washington DC. By then Hatch informs them on more Intel about the company. He basically gives the same story to Tony and Ziva that McGee is finding out about the company in question.

Set up by those with anti-American feelings by recruiting former soldiers with grudges to train terrorist in American tactics all under the guise of training local military and police while having the US Government pay for the training. All the former military personnel working for the company have a dishonorable discharge or made statements showing support against the war.

Corporal Hatch goes on to say that the company recently installed a direct link to all military data. The guise was for the company to easily identify suspected terrorist trying to enlist in the Afghan military and police force. In reality, it was being used to get a constant updates of US and allied intel so terrorist could use it against US forces.

He goes on to say that he has all the intel of employees, bank accounts and terrorist operation: past present and future on the whole organization on a chip implanted in his butt cheek just like Major Parks. They couldn’t contact the Pentagon directly or they would have been identified and all the evidence and terrorist would have gone into hiding from US officials. Major Parks was officially heading home and was to meet with General Ratcher.

The plane begins to act funny as it flies over Israel. They have to land and Ziva contacts her father to quickly clear a landing site. As the plane is landing, the landing gear begins to buckle. As the plane is trying to slow down and come to a stop, a fire erupts as everyone quickly begins to exit the plane. One side of the landing gear starts to collapse as Tony and Ziva are making their way to an exit.

As Hatch and the flight crew jumps out of the plane onto the tarmac, one of the planes fuel tanks in the wing erupts and the plane begins to lean over to its side. As Tony grabs Ziva, he gives her a message and pushes her out the door as the plane rolls over. Ziva looks up from the tarmac with what may be a broken arm and see the plane becoming engulfed in flames with Tony still inside. Fire crews show up and begin to work on putting out the fire.

The scene cut to the NCIS office where Gibbs and McGee are working during the night. All of a sudden McGee states that something doesn’t feel right. Gibbs looking at McGee says that he feels it too. When McGee asks on how long it will be before Tony and Ziva get back, Gibbs begins to call but they see the news images on the TV screen of a military plane on fire at an Israeli airport. The Director then calls Gibbs who then informs Gibbs on what Eli just told him.

Hatch is OK, Ziva has a sprained arm and Tony is still unconscious with 2nd degree burns. Ziva has been staying by Tony’s bed side the entire time as she finds it harder and harder to hide her tears. Her father then enters the room and quietly tells Ziva that everyone at NCIS have been informed of their ordeal. Looking at his daughter then towards Tony, Eli begins to open up to Ziva.

Stating that Tony killed one of his best men, made him look like an idiot during his interrogation of Tony. But he also rescued Ziva from a terrorist camp, protected his life from a terrorist attack in Washington DC. As he turns to leave the room he comments that Tony would make a great son-in-law. Ziva is a bit shock to hear this coming from her father but then looks towards Tony and finally begins to smile as the tears begins to flow.

Back at NCIS Gibbs gets word that the Afghan company has been ceased and all those working there have been either missing, detained or killed. It was then learned that they had a direct link to all military intel and knew Tony and Ziva were going to Afghanistan. More intel starts coming in as the chip implanted in Corporal Hatch has been removed and securely downloaded to NCIS from Eli David.

McGee then finds that Natalia Hamidi is in the Washington DC area meeting with politicians to try and get more support and funding for her company. They track her to a meeting she is currently having with a Senator. They watch her through surveillance cameras as her meeting is cut short as she and the Senator are surrounded by military personnel. She and her aids are arrested and carried off. It is then the Senator is told what is happening. He had agreed to increase funding to her company for another five years.

Back at NCIS her aids are identified as the ones who killed Major Parks and attack his wife. Hamidi is informed that her company has been taken over as all moneys, including hers, connected to the company have been ceased. She is questioned on the whereabouts of Mark Rauch but she doesn’t say anything. She is then informed she is being transported to Gitmo as a penniless woman with no hope of ever getting out.

Back in Israel Tony wakes up to find Ziva sleeping in a chair next to him. He tries to move about a bit as Ziva quickly wakes up and tends to him. She starts to cry a bit as Tony tries to calm her down by talking about movies that have planes blowing up in them. Everyone at NCIS is informed that Tony’s awake and in good health. He and Ziva would return as soon as Tony is able to travel.

Weeks later in an Afghan Desert area, terrorist are going through training given by Mark Rauch who is looking more native than before. A shot is heard as Rauch is killed by a bullet to the head. Far off in the distance an individual quickly climbs down a hill side and gets into a vehicle and drives off rather quickly. He removes his turban to reveal himself as Malachi.

He gets to a secure site and notifies that he was successful in his mission. Later at Ziva’s apartment, her father calls to give her the news about Mark Rauch. A bit puzzled she asked why he did this for NCIS. He reply’s that he didn’t go after her when she was captured by terrorist and want to make a start at repairing their relationship and to repay a debt to Tony for all those years of looking after his daughter.

As she hands up the phone, she’s remembering the words that Tony said to her as the plane was exploding all around them. It is a quote from the novel and movie ‘A Tale of Two Cities, "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done”.

The scene ends as Ziva puts the phone down as the image of someone holding a TV remote un-pause a movie being played. That person is revealed to be Tony who is sitting on the couch next to Ziva. The movie they are watching is A Tale of Two Cities. And as Tony is focused on watching the movie, Ziva is smiling as she looks upon Tony.


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