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NFL Sunday Ticket

Updated on February 24, 2014

Sunday Ticket...a DIRECTV Exclusive

Husbands love it...wives hate it. But no matter what side of the fence you fall on, the NFL Sunday Ticket is undeniably the premium sports package in America today. With more than 18 million subscribers, Direct TV is the exclusive provider of Sunday Ticket, which doesn't endear them to many who are stuck with cable television service.

So why is the professional football package one of the more controversial subjects in sports today? Those who have DIRECTV complain about the high price of the NFL Ticket. Those who don't have Direct TV complain that they either can't get satellite service, or that the price for the package is too high, even though they don't have it.

All the while the popularity of the satellite service continues to grow by leaps and bounds - with the Sunday Ticket package being one of the primary reasons they grow. Us Americans...sometimes we just like to complain!

Sunday Ticket Complaints

So why do customers who have Sunday Ticket complain? Mainly because of the high price. For many years the package was $300 or more That translates to about $75 a month for the September through December NFL campaign. But in 2012, DIRECTV dropped the price down to $199, the lowest in nearly a decade. While you won't get the add-ons like the Red Zone channel, you can still pick from any game on Sunday - and it will be in high definition as well.

Online access is also now available, but you will have to pay around another $50 for the season to watch games on your iPad or cell phone.

But I Can't Get Satellite!

But what about the others who can't get Direct TV? Many who live in condominiums or apartments are locked out from satellite service. Others rent homes and the landlord does not want a satellite dish on the house. Is there any hope for these football fans who would gladly pay for the product if they could get it?

Not really. The NFL and Direct TV extended the Sunday Ticket contract in late 2010 - making it a satellite exclusive until at least the end of 2014. DIRECTV will pay the league a cool $1 billion dollars a year for the exclusive rights to the package. That means if you are a Dish Network, Comcast or Time Warner cable customer you still can't get the football package.

Direct TV did begin offering the package as a stand alone online product - but only if you could prove that you can't get satellite TV. That continues to limit the market for Sunday TIcket, as many cable customers will simply accept the games that they only get a limited number of games each weekend.

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      nic 7 years ago

      the price is getting way to high.