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Nerf Herder: The Kings Of Nerd Rock

Updated on October 22, 2012
Nerf Herder:  The Kings Of Nerd Rock
Nerf Herder: The Kings Of Nerd Rock

The Origins Of Nerf Herder

Nerf Herder is a pop punk band from Santa Barbara, California. The band was formed in 1994. The original members of Nerf Herder were Parry Gripp (vocals and guitar), Charlie Dennis (bass) and Steve Sherlock (Drums). The members of Nerf Herder themselves describe their music as “nerd rock.” Their music is modern punk that includes humerous and pop culture lyrics. Nerf Herder played its first real show in January 1995 at the Underground in Santa Barbara. (I was there!)

The Scruffy Nerf Herder That Led To The Naming Of A Band
The Scruffy Nerf Herder That Led To The Naming Of A Band

Origin Of The Name: Nerf Herder

In continuing with the nerd rock theme, Nerf Herder takes their name from a Star Wars reference. According to the Urban Dictionary, a Nerf Herder is “A redneck of the Star Wars Universe.” In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Princess Leia insults Han Solo when he claims that she has feelings for him by calling him a “stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder.” Of course, Han Solo replies, “who are you calling scruffy.”

Nerf Herder: The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme Song

Nerf Herder: Van Halen

The Music

Nerf Herder is best known for composing the theme song to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the band made a cameo appearance in one of the show’s last episodes and was the last band to play at The Bronze. In 1996, Nerf Herder released the single, Van Halen, which is a parody and judgment of the band, specifically David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. The single attracted radio airplay and even had a video that played a few times on MTV. Van Halen led to Nerf Herder being signed by a major label. The band released its first album shortly thereafter featuring great songs including Van Halen, Sorry, Golfshirt and Nose Ring Girl.

Nerf Herder: Mr. Spock

Changes In The Band.

Charlie Dennis left the band after the release of the band’s first album. Dennis was replaced first by Pete Newbury and Dave Ehrlich joined the band as a second guitarist. Newbury did not stay with the band long and was replaced by Justin Fisher by the time the Band released its second album in 2000, How To Meet Girls.

Nerf Herder released its third album, American Cheese in 2002. In 2003, after the American Cheese Tour was finished, the band fell apart. The band never officially broke up, but Parry Gripp announced that band members left to get real jobs. Gripp worked as a jingle writer and released a solo album in 2005.

Nerf Herder: Pantera Fans In Love

Nerf Herder: Sorry

The Comeback

In 2005, the original members of Nerf Herder announced that they would play some small shows together. The band also released a fourth album, Nerf Herder IV in 2007. In 2008, Linus of Hollywood joined the band live playing guitar and keyboard. Nerf Herder still tours on the West Coast.

Nerf Herder may not be the most talented musical group ever put together. But their songs are fun and their live show is great. They are almost a paraody of an old rock band that simply plays to have fun and they make sure the audience is in on the fun as well.


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