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New 2014 DVD Releases and Television Shows

Updated on January 4, 2015

Best New Movies and TV Shows

Movies and TV Shows released on DVD in 2014 have begun to show promise again. Fully developed plots, interesting angles and thoughtfully produced new television series are on the up.

If you fancy a night in, movies on video or DVD releases, snacks and a comfy chair, I can recommend several quality films and entertainment TV shows for your immediate consumption.

I'd like to recommend new movies out on DVD and TV shows based on plot, characterizations and interesting inversions of stereotype, political implications and public trends in sociology.

So snuggle up and enjoy these seven beauties:

New Movies on DVD 2013 to 2014 - Matthew McConaughey - FINALLY!

Matthew McConaughey - The Movie (DVD release 2014)

At least that's what I call it. The Dallas Buyers Club (DVD release 2014) is Matthew McConaughey's best performance as an actor. I personally am glad - because it is about time! One of the few romantic comedy hunks to have earned an Oscar, any girl will tell you some of those rom-com performances were worth an Oscar - it's just not that fashionable to give 'em one! (See what I did there?)

I knew this movie was good when a friend of mine, (male of course) who HATEs McConaughey's trademark 'bare chest within ten minutes of a film opening' said to me: "I hate to say it ... but this film is rather good ... and he is ... amazing in it!"

It's Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich all over again as McConaughey takes on the injustices committed by the US health care system - against AIDS patients. Serious topic? (And yes, he does take off his shirt at some point!)

Revenge Series 3 (DVD release 2014)

I've watched all three of this series and I'm impressed. My wardrobe has certainly improved. I spend a lot of time pausing and taking note of the dresses. This show has some seriously talented stylists.

I was recently hired to write a haiku poem about the lead character Emily Thorne. I can only conclude there are some serious fans of this series out there. I'm purchasing every series, even though I've seen them all. There is something about this TV series that puts everything into one. It's Beverly Hills 90210, Glee, Nancy Drew, High School the Musical, and NCIS all rolled into one. a thrilling mystery lies beneath the story, a fantastically nasty and determined heroine, and a scheming bunch of bad 'rich' guys - all set in the idyllic Hamptons outside NYC.

Love it.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire - DVD release 2014)

Your teenagers will probably know more about this than you do. I was cat-sitting last week, and thought to myself - I'd seen the first Hunger Games movie - I wonder if this is any good.

Wow! This film, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is just as exciting, surprising, and scintillating as the first Hunger Games. It is almost three hours long, and I hung on for every minute of arrow-fuelled action. The most disappointing thing for me, was when I reached the end. I found myself going - "Whoa now - that means there is a third Hunger Games!" I was completely gutted. I'd been enjoying the story so much, I was very dissatisfied when it just stopped. In the past, Movie triples have a reputation for being a bit daft when they get to number 2.

Trust me ... this second film in the Hunger Games series does not disappoint. I will, unfortunately, remain in a state of anticipation until number 3 comes out. I hate that!

New TV Programs 2014 - Watching the Detectives

There's a frenzy of great detective fiction hitting the TV screens. In the UK, this month (February) I'm currently watching 6 detective series at the same time. I'm so in love with the genre right now.

Three new DVD releases I'd recommend, (particularly to my detective-minded brothers and sisters across the pond in the USA) are:

1. Salamander - Series 1

Scandi-fiction hit our world-wide attention with the series of books called "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Salamander is set in Belgium and Switzerland, and is a dark detective tale of globalist corruption, investment banking cartels, and an incredibly interesting mystery-plot.

2. The Bridge - Series 1 and 2. (All waiting for Series 3 for broadcast in late 2014)

(The original - set in Scandi).The Bridge is set in Denmark and Sweden, and starts unusually, with a murdered woman found on a bridge, which borders Denmark and Sweden. The body is placed in exactly the right way, so that it is half in each country. This means cross-border crime co-operation is necessary, and the unusual pairing of the usual detective type: a middle-aged bloke with a 'proper' background in policing, and the absolute star of the show - a slightly 'on the spectrum' Swedish female detective called Saga Norgren. Sit back and enjoy the complex plot, peppered with some laugh out loud moments. The humour is genius.

3. Line of Duty - Series 1 and 2. (Series 2 is currently on BBC2).

The current Series 2 has attracted the assistance of the UK Met police, who are helping out with legal accuracy, as the internal police investigation service (AC12) looks into what is known as 'blue on blue' crime. This is cops investigating other cops. Set in the UK, the series chronicles the ins and outs of this type of investigation, demonstrating how 'tight' and 'scrupulously honest' police must be to serve in Her Majesty's constabulary. For a thoroughly contemporary, yet interminably 'British' drama, the Line of Duty series' provides you with pure detective porn. If you are a long-term addict, this detective fiction series will satisfy your cravings.

(Hubpages note: Normally I'd use the Amazon capsules to show my readers where these DVDs are. I've hyperlinked one of the titles to the DVDs instead. Hubpages capsules are not compatible with - so apologies to the readers. You can view more about these DVDs on the blue hyperlink - which will lead you to The Bridge and Line of Duty. US and other readers be aware you will need a multi-regional DVD player for these DVDs.)

Vikings – Series 1 and 2 (DVD release 2014)

With series 3 currently screening on HBO and Sky, you need to catch up on the adventures of Ragnar the Viking, and his impetuous family. Geographically set in Scandinavia at the time of Viking invasions (incursions to England) there's all the elements in place for you to enjoy a rockin' fantasy TV series. In line with current trends, medieval attitudes to relationships and the roles of women are offset by the usual fantasy exceptions; powerful queens (Ragnar's wife is worth watching - refreshingly violent and tough), witches and young upstart slaves. The Vikings series contains a lot of titillation - though not as much as Game of Thrones, so in theory, your teenager could watch it. There’s nothing new to see as far as lords, swords, sorcery and romance goes, yet what makes a good fantasy is some predicable generic features. The magic is original and inventive, reliant on the 'gods' of the Norse and the tribal conflicts. If you are looking for an interesting re-telling of the invasion of the Vikings with the historical facts set alongside a main character (Ragnar) who wins your support over and over again - this Vikings series might make you reach for your own long-boat, and take off on a long trip!


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  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

    Hi, Can't wait to see Underworld! love that series of films, great list thanks!

  • ElizaDoole profile image

    Lisa McKnight 5 years ago from London

    Ha ha as opposed to "The Killing"? Yeah they take their time solving the murder of Rosie Larson - for sure. No one tell me how it ends!

  • fpherj48 profile image

    Paula 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

    Hey! Thank you so much!! I am really interested in this info and yet never have time to gather it. You have just done me a big favor! I owe you.....but please, make it quick and simple!! lmao!!