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Not Your Average Buddy Cop Movie - Let's Be Cops Review

Updated on November 19, 2020
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Tawnya is a freelance writer and mom of a tiny gymnast. When it comes to buying gymnastics-related gear, I'm an industry pro.

Let's Be Cops Movie Review

I remember seeing the previews for Let's Be Cops this summer and thinking I really wanted to see this flick, but with an August 15, 2014, release date, I never got around to it. This buddy cop comedy is rated R and directed and written by Luke Greenfield. Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. play 30-year-old best friends that are have an early mid-life crisis.

Meet Ryan and Justin - Best Friends and Virtually Nobodies

In this comedy, Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Daman Wayans Jr.) are best friends and roommates. Although the best buds are 30-year-olds neither has become extremely successful. Ryan was an NFL prospect in his early years, but has become a virtually nobody and an occasional Herpes spokesman/model. Justin is a bit more successful than Ryan, but still isn't successful. After Justin's latest gig falls short of his expectations, he tells Ryan he is moving home to Ohio and wants Ryan to go with him.

Misinterpreted Invitation Leads to Police Impersonation

When Ryan misinterprets an invitation, he and Justin end up at a formal masquerade in police costumes, which were actual props from one of Justin's proposals. Ashamed of their mistake and their general failures in life, Ryan and Justin leave the party together. While venturing home, Ryan and Justin realize that people really think they are cops.

Order Let's Be Cops on Blu-Ray

Let's Be Cops (Blu-ray + Digital HD)
Let's Be Cops (Blu-ray + Digital HD)
I literally laughed out loud during this movie. The physical comedy paired with the hilarity of Justin and Ryan is enough to earn this buddy cop comedy a place in your Blu-Ray collection.

Justin and Ryan Like Playing Cops

After having such a humiliating evening and on the verge of having to admit that their lives are going nowhere, Justin and Ryan have fun playing cops for the evening. After all, what did it really hurt? They spent a few hours walking the street, kissing girls, messing with teens, and making themselves feel important. When the duo makes it back to their apartment, Justin assumes his pretend cop career is over. Little does he know, Ryan liked playing cop so much, he decided to take it a step further. Before you know it Ryan is ordering a Crown Vic off Ebay and memorizing cop lingo via YouTube videos. At first, Justin is reluctant to go along with Ryan's crazy plan, but eventually gives in and has fun doing it.

Let's Be Cops Official Trailer

Impersonating Cops Get Dangerous

Justin and Ryan are so good at playing cop that actual bad guys think they are real cops. Heck, even other cops they meet in the movie think they are the real thing. However, when faced with the reality of how dangerous police careers are, Ryan and Justin have a change of heart. Justin wants to walk away from his fake career before he gets busted and ends up in prison and Ryan is seriously considering a career in law enforcement. To see what happens when Ryan and Justin decide they want to be cops, check out the movie!

Fake Cops - Funny or Distasteful

Do you think Let's Be Cops (a movie about fake cops) is funny or distasteful?

See results

Let's Be Cops Features an All-Star Cast

In addition to Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr. and Nina Dobrev, the cast of Let's Be Cops includes:

  • Rob Riggle
  • Andy Garcia
  • Keegan-Michael Key
  • Nelson Bonilla
  • James D'Arcy

Will There be a Let's Be Cops II? Probably Not!

There has been quite a bit of speculation that there would be a Let's Be Cops II. However, according to the show's star Daman Wayans Jr., a sequel is unlikely. He adds if there is a sequel, he won't be part of it. Wayans Jr. elaborates that he won't participate in a sequel about zany police antics until something is done about police brutality. The initial release of Let's be Cops debuted close to the time that Michael Brown, a black man, was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri.

Brown was suspected of committing a theft at a local convenience store and when approached by a white police officer, a confrontation ensued and Brown was shot and killed. Almost immediately protest broke out in the town and continue to this day, over a year later.

Wayans Jr. says he wouldn't feel right playing the role of a crazy, pretend cop during these trying times.

Impersonating a Police Officer Isn't Funny

While Hollywood made a movie that made many people laugh, it's important to remember that impersonating a police officer is never funny and can lead to serious police charges.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Tawnya


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