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Once Upon A Time -- The Prince and the Pauper

Updated on December 11, 2011

How Much Does Snow Know?

This week we learned the story of how an unknown peasant [whose name we don't know] became a Prince named James and amnesiac named David Nolan.

Fairy Tale Land opens with Charming in a fight and seeming to have defeated the enemy. But when the enemy suddenly recovers, Charming is fatally injured and dies. When the King, will call him King Charles, as he's played by the actor that played Charles Widmore on Lost, goes to Rump to get him to resurrect the prince, Rump says no can do, but he can produce a spare.

Seems a peasant woman sold one of her two twin sons to the King whose wife could give him an heir. The twin is the Charming we all know and love. He's a simple farm boy who wants to marry for love, when his mother says she's got a match for him that could save their farm. Then who should come prancing into the farm but Rump wanting to make one of his deals with our Farm Boy Prince.

You've got to give it to our Farm Boy, he's the only one I've seen ask Rump what's in it for him if he makes a deal with him. Every one else is all like, just show me the dotted line and I'll sign. Not that it get our Farm Boy any answers. Rump snarls it's none of his business. Actually, Rump gets the location of the Fairy God Mother whose wand Rump wants. We saw him show up just as she was about to grant Cinderella her wish to go to the ball and zapped her in her tracks. So now we know just how he found out where the Fairy God Mother would be. Of course, one has to ask if Rump had anything to do with the Original Prince's death, since he got what he wanted out of that deal. Without the prince dying he wouldn't have gotten his wand.

Anyway the Farm Boy Prince actually manages to behead the dragon and King Midas wants him to marry his daughter, Abigail, only our Farm Boy doesn't want to do it, so King Charlie gets nasty. He threatens to kill his mother if he doesn't. So our Farm Boy now known as Prince James agrees to marry Abigail and we see the scene from the previous episode where Snow met Charming.

Before agreeing to the deal, Prince James goes back to visit his mother one last time. She gives him her ring to give to the woman he finds true love with. It's the same ring that Mary-Margaret is still wearing in Storybrooke.

In Storybrooke the Farm Boy Prince now known as David Nolan leaves his welcome home party to go see Mary-Margaret. She rejects his overtures and does the right thing. David goes home and leaves Katherine. He goes to MM again and asks her to meet him at the toll bridge, but when he goes to meet her, he can't it. Regina just happens along and gives him false directions that lead him to the pawn shop. In Gold's shop, David sees a windmill that magically restores his memories of being married to Katherine and he rejects MM and goes back to Katherine to try and make their marriage work.

MM is devastated and seeks comfort from David's doctor, who will always be The Vampire Diaries Uncle John, only he's a much younger looking Uncle John. Still can't figure out how he looks so young in this show.

Meanwhile, Emma catches the Sheriff climbing out of Regina's bedroom and puts two and two together and comes up with four. She realizes he's sleeping with Regina and tells him she's not doing anymore night duty for him so he can diddle the mayor.

One thing I'm wondering if Regina could have been in love with Prince James and he's the love that she lost, since she seemed particularly incensed about Snow and Charming marrying and getting their happy ending.


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