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16 Reasons Why My Father is my King Charming Now and Ever!

Updated on June 22, 2013
This card was created by me for my father
This card was created by me for my father | Source

Daddy, someday I will meet my Prince Charming but you will always be my king!

By Unknown.

Why my father is special to me?

My father told me that more than two decades ago when he first saw me outside the operating-room a few minutes after I was born, he felt elated and was ready to take up the full responsibility of fatherhood. My mother recalls that he came in handy when I was an infant. He did almost everything from changing diapers to putting me to sleep. He considers me his lucky mascot and says that my arrival changed his life for better. Throughout my childhood, my father strived a lot yet his deep-seated determination and strong willpower propelled him to achieve success on his own. I remember as a child I often saw my father only on Sundays. I have witnessed a tremendous progression in his career-graph over the years. Today I lead an ultra-comfortable and fine lifestyle thanks to my father.

A brief introduction of my father

My father's name is Dhandapani which means hand-weapon in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. He is imbibed with good manners and his pleasant demeanour endeared him to many people. With sun-sign in Aries, he is determined, active and enterprising; with moon-sign in Virgo, he is analytical, meticulous and is concerned with cleanliness and order; and with rising in Aries, he is independent, enthusiastic and generous - well that makes him double Aries. Though he is successful today, he did not allow that to go to his head and still remains the same as he was before. His innate humility and modesty combined with resoluteness and honesty are his gifted virtues that made him a successful professional and also a good person.

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This hub is my tribute to the most important person in my life - my mother who is responsible for who I am today!

16 Reasons Why My Father is my King Charming

Most of you would have known that any girl who is well-loved by her father is considered a Daddy's Girl and I am one of them. I openly declare that I am my Daddy's Princess. Over the years, I have learnt a lot about life thanks to my father's wisdom and principles.

This year (2013), Father's Day fell on June 16th, which also happened to be my mother's birthday. This called for double celebrations! Therefore I decided to list 16 reasons as a tribute to my father.

My father is my King Charming because:

1. He is loving and caring

The day my father came to know about my hearing impairment, he was very much affected but that did not stop him from loving me more and wanting to give me a beautiful life. During my childhood, though he was not around much, somehow he managed to spend quality time with me. Together with my mother, he is very much involved in decisions and routines concerning my care and is extremely nurturing towards me. Today as a father of a 20-something, his caring attitude still remains the same, perhaps deepened further with each passing year.

2. He fulfils my wishes and dreams

My father has always done his best to ensure that I have led a contented life. I reminisce that my childhood was vibrant and joyful as my father gifted me building blocks, coloring materials, story-books and the list is endless. Even in my teen and adult years, I got everything I fancied. My father often planned amazing vacations which I thoroughly enjoyed. His biggest dream is to see me happy always.

3. He is understanding and encouraging

Once I worked under my father in the advertising field. Though I had a comfortable job, however my creative juices were tickling me and I decided to devote my time to other creative career choices. My father told me to go ahead and do whatever makes me happy. This shows that he is open-minded.

4. He is ready to help anytime

I recollect that during my school board exams, my father took leave from office for a few days in order to help me with my studies. Later on, when I did my Masters in Business Administration, my father helped me for my entrance exam preparations and also for my college-projects. I attribute my academic success to my father.

5. He never pressures me

My father is a gold-medalist in Masters of Business Administration and an accomplished professional. Yet he never forced me to be like him. He advised me not to let failure go to my heart and at the same time not to let success go to my head. He encouragingly told me to be an achiever on my own and never live in his shadow.

6. He completely relates to me on an emotional level

My father is Aries and I am Leo. Hence both of us are fire-sign people. Thus we are able to understand each other's feelings, perspectives and outlook. This has perhaps further strengthened our father-daughter bond.

7. We accept our differences

We have different tastes in films, food and books. In spite of that, we are prepared to adjust for sake of each other. For instance, my father is not fond of Chinese food. Nevertheless, he often took me and my mother to our favorite Chinese restaurant and dined happily with us. He is most willing to make small sacrifices in order to see me enjoy good things in life.

8. We do have a lot in common

Both of us are similar in many ways. Both of us are avid readers. We often discuss about movies. We like watching certain entertaining films together such as "Terminator 2: Judgement Day", "The Mask of Zorro" part 1 & 2 and "Troy". We both like dining in good restaurants and travelling to new places. Having a lot in common proves rewarding for both of us.

9. He is optimistic and positive

His confident outlook inspires me a lot. He told me to always think positive. He often said to me to move forward and never look back.

10. He is a man of principles

My father taught me never to look down at others. He believes that patience is the key to ultimate success. He also gave importance to gratitude and reciprocal. He often pointed out my faults and advised me to overcome them in order to be a better human being.

11. We overlook our faults

No relationship is completely perfect and the same applies in our case. For instance, my father is very fond of cricket sport and often gets hooked to it on television. I sometimes felt neglected. What if my father did not score 100 marks, he surely has scored 99!

12. He is protective about me

One particular trait that most girls detest about their father is protectiveness. But in my case, I make an exception. In today big bad world, my father always assures that I am always safe. He also set his limits when it comes to protecting me. Thanks to my father, I have led a sound and secure life.

13. He always respects my space and privacy

My father always makes sure that he did not invade my space or intrude upon my privacy. As a result, I have enjoyed a considerable amount of freedom and comfort.

14. He buys girl stuff for me

My father often surprises me with pretty jewelry accessories and clothes on his return from his official trips abroad. His main joy is to see me well-dressed.

15. He is with me through thick and thin

Life is not wholly a bed of roses and it threw up a couple of challenges at me. With my father at my side, I faced them and came out victoriously.

16. He is fun to be with

I recall that as a child I used to play indoor games such as chess and trump cards with my father. Today I play badminton and dumb charades with my father. We often talk about our favorite topics. He is fond of my simple home spa-treatments and I has fun indulging him in these soothing treatments. He has the child in him which comes alive in the form of his bubbly attitude and jovial smile. I enjoy being with my father.

A note of thanks to my father

I am eternally grateful to my father for making my life smooth and wonderful. The best thing that my father has done for me is that he found a suitable groom for me. He is also working hard to see that I will have a nice fairytale wedding. I consider myself blessed and fortunate to have him as my father!

Copyrights © 2013 by Ishwaryaa Dhandapani


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