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How To Protect Your Children From Vampire and Demonic Programs

Updated on June 17, 2016
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Claudette Carter, graduated from Widener University and enjoys focusing on her love for God as well as the positive things in life.

Should Parents Be Against Vampire and Demonic Programs?

Joyce a young mother lies asleep in bed. Suddenly, she feels a piercing pain in her neck. Joyce awakens to find Jimmy, her six year old son biting her neck. She pushes him away with a pure look of terror as Joyce grabs her neck. "Jimmy, what are you doing?" Tears began to fill his eyes. "Mommy, I am a vampire and I am biting you so that you can live forever." Joyce could not believe what she was hearing from her son. She pulled Jimmy close with tears in her eyes. "That is so sweet that you want me to live forever. Where did you get such an idea? Jimmy looks at his mother trying to hold back the tears. "Mommy, I saw it on the movie you were watching and on a #television commercial. They said when vampires bite people and suck their blood, they become vampires who live forever. Mommy, I'm sorry if I hurt you but I just wanted you to live forever with me now that I am a #vampire."

Joyce embraces her son lovingly and then explain. "Jimmy, I'm sorry that I allowed you to see this type of movie that would cause you to think that becoming a vampire is real. Remember when we talked about what was real and what was not real? Well, vampires are not real." He now sits back within arm distance and stares at his mother in pure confusion. "Mommy, why would you watch something that you knew was not real and not tell me. I don't want you to die and when I saw those vampires saying they #live forever, I believed it could happen." Joyce drops her head in shame. "You are right. I had no right to watch such movies with you and not explain that vampires are not real and they cannot live forever. I realize now I have to be careful what I watch with you. If you see me doing this again, please #ask questions so that I can be careful as well. Please forgive me." Jimmy moves closer, hugs his mother tighter and agrees that he will ask questions about things that are real or not real. He also told Joyce that those movies do cause him to have scary dreams so could they please stop watching them. She agreed to never do that to her son again.

This scenario could easily have happened to any parent that exposes their children to this type of entertainment. I remember watching these type of movies as a child and then spending many nights terrified that a vampire was in my room at night so I could not sleep. I would wear turtle necks after seeing these movies to keep the vampires from biting me. Garlic, mirrors and crosses became a protection for me from these vampires. I am so thankful that now I know and understand that these type of movies should be avoided by me and my children. Sure, the world is promoting these type of demonic films and they are making millions of dollars but does that make it right? What real effect are these type of movies having on our #young people or does anyone care? I know this is not a popular stand but the future of our children is more important than popularity.

To prove this point, I asked parents who allow their children to watch such movies as, #Twilight." I then asked if their children have nightmares after watching such movies? The majority of the parents admitted their children had nightmares after viewing these films. Their sleep was interrupted for nights afterward. I then compared parents who do not allow their children to watch such movies nor do they view these movies themselves. Their children were not only sleeping better at night but when I talked to one seven year old Gina, about vampire movies she said, "Vampires are #demons, my mom would never let me watch things like that and I don't want to." I then asked, "But don't you miss seeing these popular movies about vampires?" With a look of confusion she said, "You know the devil make up things like that so he can confuse us. Parents need to be teaching their children that." Gina's serious look was intimadating. I humbly thanked her for a very good response and walked away.

Viewing television programs such as #Lucifer or the evening news, is impossible to watch without commercials of people committing violent acts or sexual promiscuity. New television series are filled with immoral values that are destructive for our young people. I have to immediately turn the channel or turn away. What is the world coming to when regular television must constantly focus on violence, sex and more violence. My husband and I decided years ago to put a blocker for violence on our television to block out such programming. Now with such commercials and the eventuality of vampires and #demons on regular televison, we will now have to continue monitoring that as well. The strong desire for money making once again becomes first over the morals of our young people. Then we wonder why some of them continue to be depressed, commit murder or suicide, take drugs and act disrespectful toward their parents.

We must remember as parents, "what is seen by the eyes, can mislead us." Eve proved that in the Bible at Genesis 3:2-6 where #Satan suggested her eyes were "bound to be opened" if she ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and bad. Her looking and longing for the tree caused Eve to disobey God and encouraged her husband to do the same. Violence came into the world through continuous disobedence not only just by satan but other angels based on what they saw with their eyes at Genesis 6:2 where, "The sons of the true God began to notice the daughters of men, that they were good looking; and they went taking wives for themselves, namely, all whom they chose." (NWT of the Holy Scripture) Can this type of destruction by Almighty God happen again because of the strong desire of our eyes to watch and promote unnatural demonic ideas such as vampires?

A leading marketing expert in Europe made this comment concerning modern commercial advertisers and the age-old power of the eye appeal, "Sight is the most seductive sense of all. It often overrules the other senses, and has the power to persuade us against all logic." As parents are we persuaded against all logic by not seriously considering the possible detriment of movies and television programs full of violence, lust, blood and gore. If the seven year old mentioned earlier is right then we must ask ourselves, is the devil confusing us as parents by allowing our children to view such movies? Are these movies really just innocent fun? The majority would say, "yes." Think and pray about it before you allow your child to see this next type of movie. It could not only save their lives but give them less nightmares. Our young people are not only worth it but deserve our protection from wicked spirit forces that may be causing harm to them. Seriously consider, something is having an effect on our young people today.

Should Parents be Concerned about Demonic Programming?

Are Vampire Movies and Television Promoting Demons?

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