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Passions Soap Opera

Updated on November 29, 2010

Passions Soap Opera One To Remember

Its only now and then a soap opera comes along and catches its viewers, it becomes something of a addiction that hard to let go but we all know it wont last forever. Passions soap opera has done just what I've spoke of in very little time and now as quick as it arrived it has made its exit. I was a very large fan of this show, it was different which is what caught my attention. Where else can you find a crazy story where things are living in the basement with witches roaming the town and twisted love stories? This show was so many things all wrapped in one, if you missed it I am happy to catch you up on what passed you by. I will now take you through some of the crazy plots so that you'll want to revisit the soap opera and have a view for yourself.

My favorite character was Theresa. Theresa started out as a darling girl with big dreams of living in the mansion where her mother Pilar worked as a maid and marrying the villains grandson Ethan Crane. During Theresa's plots to get Ethan as her own she had to battle the likes of sweet,powerful and rich Gwen who was the daughter of the town gold digging slut Rebecca. Theresa started out by accidentally stalking Ethan, but when that didn't work her methods grew more insane with an innocent twists because she never really saw anything she'd done as wrong. Gwen stepped her game up a little later in the show by fighting back with her own dirty methods which led to losing a child,entering a mental institution,plus crazy cat fights that never turned out good for either, yes they were funny though.

Then there was another controversial story line on the passions soap opera of a african american family going by the name of Russells. The Russells consisted of the doctor Eve, her husband and two daughters. Mrs Russell had a storyline all of her own, she had once been a drug addict who was very much in love with the town villians son Julian Crane. Eve became pregnant and was told her first child died during birth but in reality it turns out that Julians father had the baby kidnapped because he didn't want a African american in his family, maybe it was that he knew the baby would grow to be Vincent Freakazoid. Eve's daughter Whitney Russell the talented tennis player and best friend to over imaginative Theresa had problems as well but then everyone in Harmony did. Whitney had fell in love with Chad Harris who was later thought to be the long lost son of her mother and Julian Crane but Whitney had to walk around town with everyone thinking that she gave birth to her own brothers child. She did what anyone else would have done which is gave the baby up for adoption then became a alcoholic. This was the same guy she and her sister were battling it out for.

Then there is the lovely Sheridan Crane of the passions soap opera who could do no wrong, later we saw her do so much including battling her unknown psychotic sister Beth for the love of Theresa's older brother Luis Lopez Fitzgerald. Beth by the way was Alistair Cranes little secret that sprung into a big mess also his favorite child. Sheridan also married Luis brother Antonio and was thought for dead so many times in the show.

Oh we cant forget about the witches Tabatha and her precious daughter who's father was also Julian Crane. Tabitha's daughter Endora was such a good little angel but her mommy was the wicked witch of Harmony. Endora's inside charm did wonders for her moms everyone must die, havok causing rampage. This storyline was straight out of a fairytale book" When evil witches go good'.

The Good Ole Days Were No More

What you will see in the clips were the start of the Passions Soap Opera show, now we can get to what kept the show going and I would like to highlight some of the most valued moments. If you have not seen the show then you will want to get started right away because passions was almost the love of my life. Vincent the one i referred to as freakazoid ran around impersonating a female because he was indeed male and female, he had both parts. What was really odd is that he had sex with his father in return ending up pregnant, his mother was his doctor, so freaked out by him even when she found out she said nothing. Wouldn't you have said something if your son was having sex with his father?

Any follower of the show would have definitely got the vibe that Ethan Crane was a little slow. How could he miss certain things happening right in front of him? Maybe he was just a sucker for love, and if so he has wanted to be with Theresa mostly all through the show when they met. He claimed to be a man of principal with the commitment to Gwen that he couldn't break. I was a big fan of the Ethan and Theresa storyline but it seemed every time they came close to getting together for good it never happened. Its like this with all soap opera's love does take an eternity with these two though. If I were Theresa I'd probably have given up a long time ago I mean she did have other love interests, she did marry the richest man in town,she was by far more attractive than Gwen, well not in that hellish old wedding gown she married Alistair Crane in. That wedding gown gave me the creeps for many nights.

Okay I cant forget The Bennett's family either, Lets see, Sam Bennett was the head of the family also the police chief of crazy harmony, his wife Grace was a witch who suffered from memory loss, she had a sister who gave birth to Charity,Charity was supposed to be a good witch that's why Tabitha was always trying to turn her evil or take her out, Charities powers were strong. Charity was in love with Miguel, who is another of Pilars children and Theresa's brothers. Charities cousin Kay who was Miguel's best friend was also in love with him ending in battle between the cousins. Kay found out she was also a witch while working closely with Tabitha, Miguel and Charity broke up then he had a child with Kay. Kay decided oh I'm going to be a good witch again, raise a family with Miguel without letting him know i am a witch. I forgot all about the other daughter Jessica Bennett who decided to be a prostitute for her husband a low life piece of scum con artist possible addict.

Oh I wish they would bring back the passions soap opera show, now would be the perfect time. It could definitely compete in the same time slot of the new 90210 which is nowhere near as great as the old 90210. Every good show must come to a end, but Passions will be resurrected, the them song still plays in my head"You are my passion for Life".

Passions The Beginning

Part 2

Part 3

Girl Fights On Passions

Vincents Madness


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    • profile image

      ypham3000 8 years ago

      i miss this show soo much..but i got to see the finale of it.