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TV Soap Star Lindsay Hartley Dies

Updated on November 30, 2010

Lindsay Hartley Exits Days of Our Live's

For years I watched TV Soap Star Lindsay Hartley portray a naïve, manipulative but sweet Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald on the Soap Opera Passions. During my time watching the Passions Soap Opera Lindsay Hartley grew on me fast. I loved watching her scheme to win her dream guy Ethan Crane, the girl had guts plus she is very beautiful. When Passions ended I was horrified.

I didn’t know what to expect when I saw Lindsay Hartley turn up on the Soap Days of Our Lives portraying the character Arianna Hernandez the sister of Days of Our Lives character Sami new love interest Rafe. As you know the character Rafe is played by actor Galen Gering who also played Lindsay Hartley brother on the Soap Passions. I was just getting familiar with Lindsay Hartley’s character Arianna Hernandez who was about to do battle with the conniving Sami when her character was killed off. I believe Lindsay could have really gave Sami Brady a run for her money while threatening to expose Sami secret that she shot EJ, plus EJ and Lindsay’s character Arianna could have hooked up and caused some major damage to Sami along with some major sparks of passion. I’m tired of EJ plotting to get Sami to want to be with him, dude you have money and power they are so many hot babes in Salem and you passed up on Arianna already.


Soap star Lindsay Hartley is the real deal.
Soap star Lindsay Hartley is the real deal.

Soap Hopping, Days of Our Lives to AMC


Now Lindsay Hartley has moved on to yet another Soap Opera so who knows what the future holds. I have never even watched the Soap Opera All My Children but she portrays a character named Cara. I am not sure if I will switch over to watch because coming into a soap opera years down the line it will be too confusing to figure out who the other characters are along with their story lines. I am just going to have to Mrs. Lindsay for a while but I know that with a presence like hers she’s sure to start turning up in big name movies later down the line.

Passions Soap Opera Never Forgotten


I just have to say that my favorite role of Lindsay’s will always be her character Theresa on Passions. She seduced Ethan Crane in ways that the character Gwen could never do, people could never really see her character as all the bad things Gwen portrayed her to be. Passions was one Soap Opera made up of the best of the best beauties because the characters both male and female had sex appeal. I also loved that character that played Whitney Russell; she was a hottie as well. Passions needs to come back because the timing couldn’t be more perfect, Lindsay Hartley is Soap hopping along with the fans that were loyal to Passions.

Lindsay On Days of Our Lives


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    • Jenny-Elizabeth profile image

      Elizabeth Reeve 4 years ago from Cornfields of Indiana

      I loved her in Passion's. The Ethan/Theresa story line was what kept making me come back for more. I'm not going to lie I miss watching that show.

    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 7 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      I agree, Sami and EJ will never be right, Sami's character is not even a great fit for Rafe, but Arianna and EJ would have been perfect together.

    • profile image

      Yen 7 years ago

      i was sadden when they killed lindsay hartley's character off on days..i wanted to see more of arianna with ej..they were great together..but something tells me some of the writers on days were possibly jealous of lindsay that's why they kill her off.i enjoy arianna more then having to listen to sami whining for months about protecting her kids.