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Peggy Mitchell In Queen Vic Fire

Updated on February 14, 2015

Eastenders Fire

Who lives and who dies?
Who lives and who dies? | Source
Will Peggy perish in the fire?
Will Peggy perish in the fire? | Source

Peggy in Queen Vic Fire

Well it is all going on in soap land. Over in Eastenders Becca convinces Stacey Slater to stop taking her bipolar medication and have some fun, and when Stacey's mum Jean intervenes, Becca warns her to back off telling her "Staceys mine now,"

Later Becca tells Jean she owes her one, as she stopped Stacey running off with Bradley. When Jean asks her just what she means by that, Becca tells her that it was her who phoned the police on Bradley causing that fateful night where we watched Bradley plunge to his death.

Becca then manages to keep Jean silent by telling her it will harm Staceys mental state if she revealed the truth to her. However when Jean finds out that Becca has lied and told Denise that Stacey wants Jean having nothing to do with her baby Lily, and has also convinced Stacey to get a flat with her, Jean decides to confront her daughter with the truth of Becca's evil deed.

Becca initially denies Jeans allegations, but later on when her and Stacey are alone, Becca confesses all. An argument soon ensues resulting in Becca throwing Bradleys ashes at Stacey, the urn hits the wall and covers poor Stacey in Bradleys ashes. On the Slater's orders Becca packs her bags and leaves the house.

Elsewhere Sam Mitchell is back after giving birth to baby Richard, but who is the father? Sam originaly wants to give the baby up for adoption but Peggy convinces her daughter to keep the baby. Meanwhile both Ricky Butcher and Jack Branning both do an oral swab to determine which one is the babies father, could it be Ricky? or could Jack Branning have impregnated another Mitchell Woman?

My moneys on Jack, not only because Ricky is the obvious choice but next month see's Ricky wanting a baby with new wife Bianca. Plus Eastenders revealed there is a shock twist in the baby saga for one couple which makes me wonder if Jack is in fact the father of Sams baby and then Ronnie reveals she too is pregnant. (its about time Ronnie got some luck).

Janine and Ryan finally say their I Do's despite the fact Janine cheated on him on her hen night. Everybody heads over to the Queen Vic for the newly weds reception, meanwhile Peggy who with the help of Billy and Minty have dragged Phill out of the crack den he's been staying and has him locked in one of the rooms above the pub.

Things really are set to explode.............. One of the guests at the reception is Stacey Slater who has recently been off her medication, and decides to tell Dot of all people that Bradley is not Lilly's father.

However before Stacey can say anymore, father in law Max steps in, but things get to much for the confused Mum who hears Phill shouting and banging upstairs, and convinces herself that it is Archie.

Stacey screams at Peggy that Evil Archie is still alive, but Peggy reminds her that Bradley killed him, and with Stacey desperate to defend Bradleys honour she confesses to Peggy that it was her who killed Archie and not Bradley.

Shocked by Stacey's confession, Peggy goes to phone the police. Realizing she could go to prison Stacey heads off to tell Ryan that he is the real father of her baby Lilly, but before she gets chance to tell Ryan the truth, the fire breaks out.

Phill who has been locked upstairs (Peggy's idea of cold turkey) has managed to break through the door with a crowbar. Peggy who is on the phone calling the police spots her son trying to leg it and a big row between the two of them ensues.

Phil asks his Mum if he loves him more than her precious pub, and when she doesn't reply he threatens to burn down the pub she loves so much. Peggy thinks he is just mouthing of so is shocked when her crack head son actually drops the match and all hell breaks loose.

Peggy wants to stay and try to stop her pub from burning to the ground but everyone else can see it is a lost cause and the Mitchell's drag Peggy outside to safety. While outside Peggy soon realises that Phil is still inside and rushes back into the flames to save him.

This is Peggy's last day on Eastenders so will she die in her beloved pub trying to save her son? who is by now trapped because the bar collapses on him. Meanwhile Stacey Slater rushes upstairs to get her baby who has been sleeping upstairs, and is trapped in by the boarded up windows which Peggy set in place to stop Phil escaping. Luckily Ryan realises Stacey is still trapped inside and gets a nearby ladder up to the window where he takes his daughter from Stacey (not realizing it is his daughter) and gets the baby to safety. Will Ryan get back to Stacey in time? and will they both make it out alive?

In later news the Queen Vic fire see's the return of some characters of old, when Tanya Brannings hunky fiancée Greg is one of the builders working on the queen vic. What will Max say when he realises who Greg is? and just what is Greg hideing?

Also returning in September are the much loved Kat and Alfie Moon who come back to take over the Queen Vic. Kat comes back to the square first sporting a baby bump, and Alfie follows shortly after. The fire scenes will be screened on BBC on Thursday 9th September.

Coronation Street - Molly goes into Labour

Over in Coronation Street Molly Dobbs goes into labour, but when she heads over to the garage to tell hubby Tyronne that the babies on its way, he is nowhere to be found.

However Kevin and Sally are their to help Molly, and take her home where they can call for an ambulance. But with mollys contractions coming fast Sally says they need to call for medical help immediately, and with Tyronne still missing, Molly wont hear of it as she doesn't want her husband to miss the birth. Despite the fact the babies possible father (Kevin) is already right there with her.

As Molly's pain worsens she shouts at Kevin that she never wants him to come near her again and almost lets slip about their affair in front of confused wife Sally, but before Sally cottons on Molly gives birth on the living room floor just as Tyronne makes his appearance after hot wireing a van in order to get to his wife on time.

Later, an oblivious Tyronne asks Sally and Kevin to be Godparents, and Rosie spots her Dad and Molly fighting about them being godparents, will their secret be revealed? and who really is the father of Mollys baby?

Elsewhere in Corrie, Becky Mcdonalds trouble making sister Kylie is already causing problems on the street. It turns out Kylie has a son Max in foster care, and Becky vows to help her little sister get him back.

Becky advises Kylie to get an early night before her court hearing, but Kylie has other ideas and sneaks out with a bottle of vodka, she then seduces Gary Windass and they spend the night in Mary's camper van. Next moring a drunk Kylie is in no state for her court hearing prompting sister Becky to step in.

Dev and Sunita have their twins taken of them this month and placed into foster care when son Aadi has a mystery head injury, however cute Simon Barlow later confesses it was him who caused the little boys head injury when he pushed his friend over but was to scared to tell anyone what he had done.

Ken Barlows long lost son and grandson turn up on the street, the new duo are actually played by his real life son and grandson. Not is all as it seems with these two though when a dark family secret is revealed.

Rosie Webster asks Jason Grimshaw to drive her to a modelling shoot, but when the male model for the shoot fails to show up, they ask Jason to step in, and after both Rosie and Jason stand modelling in their underwear, they soon rush of back to Rosies house where they are seen ripping each others clothes off and trashing the lounge in their desperated bid to bed each other.


Emmerdale will see Andy Sugden receiving some counciling, and when Katie offers him a shoulder to cry on one thing leads to another, is history repeating itself?

Carl king continues his affair with Eve behind girlfriend Chas back, but it becomes a whole lot more complicated when suspicious Edna throws her niece Eve out, and Chas offers her a place to stay with her and Carl at their home. Meanwhile Holly Bartons drug problem spirals out of control and she soon robs her family home to pay for her addiction before going back on the run.


Hollyoaks will see Jacqui Mcqueen and Rhys Ashworth discover they have been secretly cyber dating each other, and are both shocked to discover they actually like each other before sharing a kiss.

Funny Lee Hunter is back in the Oaks along with his fiancée Leann, they both arrive to study at the Uni, but it is not long before they are cheating on each other.

Meanwhile Cheyrls dodgy brother Brendan has been dating Carmel, but what Carmel doesn't know is that Brendans the one dealing drugs at the club and the SU Bar, Ste however is onto Brendans dodgy dealings and trys to warn him off Carmel, but to rile him further Brendan starts flirting with Ste's ex and mother of his kids Ami, before warning Ste if he doesn't back off he will involve innocent Ami in his illegal activity.

Elsewhere cancer stricken Steph Dean and fiancée Gilly prepare for their upcoming wedding, Gilly starts to get last minute nerves until Rhys steps in to talk him round, but hen the lads arrive for the wedding service, they find Steph has collapsed and being rushed of to hospital, will poor Steph live long enough to say I Do?

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    • profile image

      sh_an 6 years ago

      Wow !

    • profile image! 7 years ago

      I really really really hope baby Lily lives :( ! (L)

    • profile image

      Rob_Harris 7 years ago

      yes me too i saw the advert for it the other day cant wait XD

    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 7 years ago from South England

      I agree Rob, cant believe peggy has left though, but looking forward to Kat and Alfie's return :)

    • profile image

      Rob_Harris 7 years ago

      definitely one of the best eps of eastenders in a while XD

    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 7 years ago from South England

      I know but judging by tonights episode i am guessing she doesn't die after all lol

    • profile image

      KarenB 7 years ago

      i read about this on cant believe it end of a legend.