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Person Of Interest -- A Rose With A Lot Of Sharp Thorns

Updated on February 27, 2015

The Brotherhood Is Back

Root was back being The Machine's you know what. And her part of the show was pretty boring. All I have to say about Root is Reese > Root and I can prove it. When Reese was going through his Carter Death Grief it was shown on-camera while Root's Shaw Grief all happened off-screen. Enough said.

Miss Harper Rose is the new number. She's a college student. Reese sees her switch backpacks with someone. He follows her. She goes into her dorm room. He finds himself in the dormitory and gets out of there. She kisses a fellow student named Trey.

He watches her go into a medical marijuana dispensary. Reese thinks she's covering the shift for her boyfriend, Trey. Reese asks how Finch knows how to get marijuana so easily. No comment from Finch. It was actually one of the many funny moments, this week, from the boys on the team.

Root comes in to see Finch. She suggests they should be looking for new people to enlist. The Machine wants her to build an app. In a perfect world the Team, The Brotherhood and Elias would team-up together to take down Samaritan, since the nasty little computer is a threat to them all.

Reese enters the dispensary as a patient with PTSD.

Harper suggests to Noah, who runs the dispensary, he shouldn't be sending a burn-out like Trey to deposit money from the dispensary.

Reese says the Brotherhood and Dominique involved with transporting the money. Gunfire suddenly erupts as there's an ambush. Reese tells Harper to give him the bag. But when he bends down to get it she attacks him and takes off with the money. Reese tells Finch she's not who they thought she was and isn't interested in their help.

Reese goes to Harper's dorm room. He finds she has a collection of bags in her place. Finch discovers she's not the real Harper Rose. She's been tracking the dispensary's cash transports for weeks.

Fusco finds out Harper has connections with a lot of other crimes. Reese says they have to find her.

Finch tries to follow Root but she gives him the slip.

The Brotherhood comes to Noah and threaten him. Dominique says it was the Mexican cartel who heisted the money. Noah reveals Reese was there when the cartel hit. Dominique is on Harper's trail. He decides to go after her boyfriend Trey. The female member of the Brotherhood is waiting for Trey in his apartment. The Brotherhood kidnap Trey saying they want their money back and they want Harper.

Fusco questions a member of the cartel. He calls Harper “Maria” and he says she's not long for this world. He says he met her at Club Boost. That she loves to dance.

Reese finds her at the club. She's calling herself Fiona. She gives Reese the slip as he takes care of the members of The Brotherhood that came into the club. Fusco thankfully nabs her himself. When she threatens him, he threatens to taser her. Do it, baby, do it!

Reese and Fusco take Fiona [or whatever her real name is] to lunch. She admits she tipped off the cartel so Dominique would think the cartel did it. To her mind, it was the perfect theft.

Finch tells Reese that Trey is their new number. Meanwhile Finch is trying to tale Psychorella again.

Reese tells She Of Many Names they have to find Trey before Dominique figures out Trey is useless to him. Dominique tells Trey that Harper isn't Fiona/Harper's real name. Trey promises Harper won't tell anything.

Reese goes to pay off Dominique to get Trey back. Finch gets to know Harper as she discusses her view on life and living. When The Brotherhood thinks they're going to keep the money Reese has without giving up Trey, Reese knocks out the male member and tells the female member to contact him when they want to deal, and takes the money back.

Root takes her app to some guy to become her partner.

Reese and Dominique meet. Dominique wants to know who Reese really is before he'll make a deal. Reese says this is nothing personal. Dominique just keeps hurting people he wants to save. Dominique brings thugs along with him, and Fusco aims a rifle at Dominique. So Dominique leaves without making a deal.

Harper says she's going to rescue Trey and wants Finch to help her. She goes to the cartel. She tells them they can put Dominique out of business by putting a stop to his money laundering business. She offers to let them use her as bait to lure Dominique in a trap.

Reese goes to rescue Trey as Harper, The Brotherhood and Cartel have a face-off. Unfortunately, Dominique moved the money. The police surround The Brotherhood headquarters. Unfortunately, Fusco can't get anything on The Brotherhood. Harper secretly made a deal with Dominique and he offers her a place on his team. Will she take it? Harper breaks up with Trey as soon as they're reunited.

Caleb Fitz is the man Root is making a deal with for her app. He offers her a job. Probably exactly what Psycho and The Machine wanted.

Harper thanks Finch and then disappears. Reese points out that Harper stole Harold's watch and Finch replies while she was stealing his watch he was stealing her ring.

At some point Finch is going to need to deal with The Machine one-on-one and when that day comes Root will need to get the boot. As long as she's around, Harold can't keep put the day off when he has to deal with what he created.

While I miss Shaw and would rather have her around than Root, I'm really thrilled that Fusco is becoming a more prominent part of the team. I also think Fusco > Root. He really saved Reese's bacon when Dominique appeared to have the drop on him.


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