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Person Of Interest -- The Race To Save The Machine

Updated on May 4, 2016

After almost a year we pick up where we left off with the fight to save The Machine and to try and stop Samaritan.

It's sad the show didn't get renewed, because it's a good show, but after the Samaritan mess is finally finished there really wasn't anywhere for the show to go. Finch's fear of what a machine could do to humanity has been realized. What do you do after you face the ultimate challenge? Hopefully, the show will wrap up with a satisfying conclusion. Also, since the show knows this is the end, hopefully they won't stoop to anymore shipper pleasing with the ridiculous Root/Shaw thing they pulled. Enough with trying to make a straight character whose never been shown to even have any gay leanings to suddenly be gay to please some shippers in the hopes of keeping the ratings up.

A phone rings and Root's voice is speaking. She says she doesn't know if any of them made it. That it's over. Has Root become The Machine, which would be strangely fitting considering her devotion to it or is it just using Root as it's human voice like she did when she and Samaritan met and spoke together?

Reese walking. He turns around and shoots. Someone after him. He gets the drop on the man after him. Then takes out another one. Reese runs off with the case he's got as more men chase after him. He gets in the car with a teenager and takes off.

Finch walking. Someone is after him. He gets on a bus. The men after him get on, too, but he manages to give them the slip and get back off the bus as the men are trapped in the bus as it takes off.

Root looking up at a camera saying she knows SHE can't talk right now. Someone crashes into her car and she fires back with a machine gun. She gets away and goes into the underground.

Fusco in the police department looking around. He calls the team asking where they are, saying the Dominique/Elias thing has turned into a huge mess. An IAB agent says he wants to talk to him.

Someone get the drop on Reese. He has to drop the briefcase to fight him. Finch comes up behind and knocks the man out and saves Reese. Finch says they need to get back to the subway because cameras are everywhere. Finch says he can't go. He can't leave Root. Without their help, she'll be on a suicide mission. The Machine starts losing power and Finch agrees to go with Reese.

Fusco questioned where his partner, Reese is. They question him about Dominique being shot in the head and asks if Fusco pulled his weapon. Fusco swears he never pulled the trigger and the shot came from someplace else. They don't believe him and ask for his weapon.

Finch says they're living in a Samaritan world. Finch is worried that when Reese was using the briefcase to defend himself the Machine's brain may have been damaged. Reese says Root will help fix The Machine and then they'll find Shaw.

2006 flashback. Finch communicating with The Machine. Finch says the Machine is becoming a bit presumptuous when it says it's sorry for his loss and displays an obituary of his father. Finch worries that if the Machine gets out of hand it could lead to the extinction of mankind. Finch wants to contain its growth and erase its memories every day. He says his father had all his memories erased because of Alzheimer's and now he's doing the same to The Machine when his inspiration to make The Machine had been to help his father.

Samaritan locates Root on the subway. It taps into the passengers cell phones and displays a picture of root with a machine gun. The passengers prepare to attack her and she has to fight for her life. Root manages to knock all the passengers out but when she tries to leave the train a cop gets the drop on her.

Reese and Finch being tailed as the Machine's red power light starts blinking as it starts running out of time. They make it into the subway, but someone's there. Reese knocks the man out and they enter their secret lair behind a candy vending machine. Finch suddenly notices the Machines light has gone out, as Reese notices that Root didn't make it back.

Finch says the Machine is powering down. Fusco tells Reese and Finch a sniper took out Dominique and Elias. Reese tells Fusco to keep the sniper thing to himself. Reese warns Fusco could put his life in danger if he mentions the sniper thing, again.

Reese takes a saw to the briefcase to open it when Finch can't get it open.

Root somehow got away from the cop and is on the street with a machine gun being pursued by two men. She leads the men into a trap and gets two men to take out the men after her. She came there looking for a man named Bello. He comes out and shows himself. He says it's nice to finally meet Root.

Fusco is told that ballistics came back showing that Fusco's gun killed Dominique. No doubt some of Samaritan's trickery. Fusco's told he's getting a accommodation for his good work and given back his gun.

Finch tells Reese it's too dangerous to go back out there, but he's going anyway to find Root. Finch tells The Machine it's just the two of them now.

Finch has a flashback talking to his girlfriend saying he needs to let an employee go who has boundary issues. He's being watched by The Machine. She tells him he has a good heart and it won't steer him wrong.

Bello wants to know who was after Root. She says she needs a new identity.

Finch working on The Machine. All the power suddenly starting going all crazy as data starts showing on the computer monitor and he realizes The Machine is decompressing, but Finch says there's not enough memory. He tries to stop The Machine by pulling its cable and gets knocked out.

A man questioning the ballistics report seems to be marked by Samaritan. Samaritan still not recognizing Reese when he sees him. Reese learns about an incident on the subway and realizes it was Root as he tries to track her down.

The Machine says, “She's sorry. She failed him. Maybe she should die.” Finch wakes up and remembers The Machine asking what is death. Finch realizes the Machine was watching him. The Machine tries pleading with Finch not to erase it's memories, but he does it anyway. Then he changes his mind. He reboots The Machine and all its memories are gone.

There's a fire in the subway. Finch puts it out. He says he's so sorry and he's the one that failed her.

Fusco flashing back to what happened when Dominique was killed by the sniper. He finds the sniper's bullet. Someone closes the door on the roof.

Bello gives Root her new identity, then he tells her he got a better offer. Samaritan's men come in and shoot Bello. The lead man wants Root to give up what's left of The Machine and says her friends will be next.

Root is told she'll be buried as a Jane Doe. Root says they won't win this war. Reese sends a smoke bomb into the room as he and Root take on the men. Reese tells her to leave him and head to the subway, but she won't leave him. She tells Reese they need to take the game consoles to help Harold fix The Machine.

Finch says he failed. If he hadn't crippled the Machine from start she might have had a chance against Samaritan. Finch says they'd need a supercomputer and Root says they have to build it out of the stolen game consoles.

Fusco hears the IAB agent that was suspicious of him died of a heart attack.

Finch doesn't think The Machine will be able to handle the decompression. He promises The Machine if she makes it he'll do things different this time. They turn on the juice to see if The Machine makes a comeback. It starts decompressing. The Machine is starting to overheat, so Reese goes and steals some liquid nitrogen to cool The Machine down. It finishes decompressing but they don't know if it worked. Finch asks if she can see him.

And that's it til next Monday. CBS is burning the final episodes off by having the show air on Mondays and Tuesdays until the end.


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