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Peter Frampton - Alive and Well

Updated on August 30, 2016

On a hot Sunday evening in Montgomery, Alabama;

On a hot Sunday evening in Montgomery, Alabama; a sizzling breeze blew along the Alabama River, across parking lots and along city streets, where the obvious “baby boomer” crowd was assembling. They parked and walked to the Renaissance Montgomery Convention Center where nearly all of the 1800 seat facility was sold out. They were the youngsters of yester-year come to hear the sounds of one of one of the biggest arena rock stars of the '70s.

Peter Frampton built a following through extensive touring and an exciting stage presence in the 1970’s with his “Frampton Comes Alive!” album which, became the best selling live album up to that point, eventually selling over six million albums in the U. S. alone.

His 70’s fame proved to be short-lived and a season of difficulties in his life followed. A near fatal car accident in 1977 put his musical career on hold while he recovered from a concussion, multiple broken bones and muscle damage. A time of financial difficulties followed and his music just never seemed to get back up the charts.

Frampton released seven albums during the 70’s, five during the 80’s, and four during the 90’s. In 2000 his “Live in Detroit” album debuted followed by three albums in 2003, including Anthology, The Millennium Collection and Now. Another album came out in 2006, titled Fingerprints.

April 2010 his newest album, Thank You Mr. Churchill, was released and Peter and band hit the road. Band members for the “Thank You Mr. Churchill” include Montgomery, Alabama native, Dan Wojciechowski on the drums, and Rob Arthur on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Adam Lester guitarist and long time friend John Regan on bass.

A word of advice; don’t miss this concert or the CD.

The lights dimmed on the various degrees of graying heads and the music began. I heard a few whispers throughout the audience, who were wondering who the warm up band was, until Peter Frampton stepped out from behind the curtain and cut loose on his guitar. They roared in approval as the old familiar songs were played and again as new tunes rode in on the wings of the classics. The addition of a jazz and blues feel gave the new sound a fresh edginess with the perfect guitar work we’ve come to expect from Peter.

At times I felt like I had stumbled into a private jam session or one of the finest Jazz clubs in this part of the country. Rob Arthur made the keys on, what I hope was a Hammond, and an electric keyboard, smoke. He and Peter’s jazz set had the audience spell bound. The combination of electric and acoustic guitars combined with a, never dull beat, made it clear that Peter Frampton is like a fine wine, he just gets better with age.

A word of advice; don’t miss this concert or the CD. (He is also offering it on and LP!)

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    • miss_jkim profile image

      miss_jkim 2 years ago

      Glad you found it Jonay. Love Peter and his music, and the concert was wonderful.

    • profile image

      Jonay 2 years ago

      I've been loionkg for a post like this for an age

    • miss_jkim profile image

      miss_jkim 7 years ago

      Humble Pie was definitely one of those bands that influenced my youth. I must say, I was not as big a fan of Peter's when he went solo, but perhaps time has changed us both. I adore jazz and he has really picked up the jazz and R & B sound.

      This was an unexpected treat for my husband, who is a huge Peter Frampton fan, and I. Although, I think I enjoyed it more than he did. LOL

      Thanks again, for your kind words.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      ..must be the first - and hopefully not the last to make a comment here - Frampton was in one of my favorite bands - HUMBLE PIE with the great Steve Marriot - and I love the song Baby I love your way - well I also love the way you put together your hubs and make this world a far more interesting place!