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Discovery Channels: Captain Phil Harris - A Tribute

Updated on October 1, 2010

Phil Harris

This Hub is dedicated to the late Phil Harris.

Phil Harris was introduced to the world through the documented series of crab fisherman on Deadliest Catch, given to us by the wonderful folks at Discovery Channel.

I watched as Phil maneuvered and strategically placed the Cornelia Marie to find the biggest catch. I watched as Phil guided his sons Josh and Jake to carry on the legacy. I watched wide eyed as Phil worked the boat through one enormous wave to another. Through blinding snow and the certain demise of ice, we cheered our hero on.

As I watched from week to week, this man became part of my family. He appeared to be kind, don't get me wrong, when he was mad he was clearly mad, but he always "came down" and saw the situation for what it was and how to resolve it. It was almost humorous to watch as Jake buttered his dad up with his famous "back-rubs" only to have Josh come soon after to "talk." The stories of this "big, tough guy" making bird houses and watching meerkats on Animal Planet. That story still makes me laugh. Oh, and the all time best story of the housekeeper coming to clean Phil's home, the trailer. Sig has the best way of telling this story. I'll link it below for it must be shared.

His passing

As a nurse who has worked in Hospice care, this was an unexpected passing. It was not expected, prepared for.We were all fooled, thinking he was improving and soon, very soon, he would be home and then back in the chair he has earned to call his own. The captains chair. We all witnessed the glitter of hope and happiness as the news spread of him improving. It just proved to us once more about what a fighter that man was. He was truly exceptional.

I won't talk about the "episode." It is far too gut wrenching to put into words, but I will say that millions of followers felt the loss when Captain Phil, our friend, our father, our hero....passed away. We cried not only for his loss but for the pain his children expressed as well as the other Captains and crew.

As for Discovery Channel making it available for all eyes to see? God bless you Discovery. You knew he was one of us, you knew we needed to grieve with the family just as if we were there holding Jake as he cried, holding Josh as he tried to be brave for the sake of others. Thank you Discovery for allowing us, the viewers, to love him.

Whatever story or episode viewed, everyone has a special moment with Phil. One that is held personally.

I will miss you Captain Phil.

God Bless


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    • InfoFinder profile image

      InfoFinder 7 years ago

      One of my favorite shows. Captain Phil Harris will definitely be missed. Nice tribute.

    • "Clouds Among Us" profile image

      Kevon Scott 7 years ago from New York City - California - London

      I want to commend you for this wonderful inspiration, kindness and devotion to a man which has touched all our hearts, mind and most of all prayers !