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Ponderings: On Practice

Updated on September 4, 2016
marcoujor profile image

With a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) from University of Pennsylvania in 1985, Maria uses a love for music in working with others.

Project Good Words
Project Good Words | Source

My Inspiration

In 2014, Jo_Goldsmith11 took it upon herself to initiate the Light2Love Project Good Words.

Jo pledged to use good words and publish articles used to empower, encourage, support and defend those who need to be shown love.

Jo offered us a good word for each week to focus our thoughts, behaviors and actions on...In the 9th week, Jo wrote her perspective on the word practice.

However, as 2014 came to an end, Jo filed away her Good Word articles - as she begins the process of publishing it in e-book'. Shyron E. Shenko continues to write a beautiful poem to accompany each Good Word to inspire and lead us.

The ripple effect of the Good Words Project throughout the HubVille community has been heartwarming.

Please join me with some of my musical thoughts and reflections on the word practice...

Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. Its the thing you do that makes you good.

— Unknown
Practicing my posture!
Practicing my posture! | Source

Practice Makes...Personal Best

I was a shy, hard working kid - quite serious about anything I made up my mind to accomplish. Mom taught me I did not have to be perfect, only to do my personal best.

I studied hard and got good grades. Although I tried not to broadcast it, I actually enjoyed my classes.

We studied many things in school - from handwriting to multiplication tables. I took swimming classes, with hours of weekly practice. I sang in the Sunday choir and in our high school musicals - yet more hours of preparation. I followed in my sister's foot steps and took up the piano as well, which involved much practice and study on my part for years.

These early habits prepared me for a lifetime of readiness for the careers and passions I have gravitated towards... nursing, teaching and now writing. I welcome the repetition of practice in order to achieve my own sense of proficiency in an activity or pursuit.

This week I received a thank you card from a group of students. One young man wrote: "Maria, You were such an inspiration in this field to me. I wish to emulate you in my future career as a behavioral health nurse. S__" Now there is no greater reward to me than helping the future generation of nursing in developing their skills and building excellence in their practice.

Genna East...


My Friend's Name Is ...

...Genna East is a gracious, lovely and warm presence in HubVille.

She is also rather sleep deprived these days with her busy schedule!

Genna is a consultant in her day job. Like me, she has reached enough of a proficiency in her work that she is able to teach, support and guide others with her years of experience and wisdom.

I know she worries that she never has enough hours in the day to write ... and I understand that as completely as I understand her use of the ... ellipsis (LOL)...!!

"To me, Genna is like fine chocolate and champagne. I know I cannot have it every day, but her work is to be savored when offered". (Gosh, that was a great interview!)

I also asked Genna if there was ...

Something she would never part with and she answered ...

"My piano. It's a mid-sized Steinway grand that has been in my father’s family for generations, and will be eventually passed down to my son, Bud. My mother began to give me piano lessons on the Steinway when I was 6 years old, and I, in turn, gave lessons to Bud. Music has given so much to my family over the years; this piano is - in a sense – at the heart of this gift."

The beauty of the HubPages community is how we can continuously learn and be inspired by each other. I bonded with Genna for so many reasons, but her love and appreciation of music is high on the list.

I was entranced with a series of hub articles that Genna recently wrote in dedication to music in film. In each of seven articles, she focused on one director, and the composers and songwriters he or she has collaborated with over the years.

Genna's work inspired me to watch some of my favorite movies again, this time listening closely to the music. In some cases, I felt like I was watching the movie for the very first time.

How about you...? Are there any movie scores that bring you a sense of inspiration and awe... as these do for me? If so, please share YOURS in the comment section below... and thanks to Genna for giving us such a wonderful head start with these talented artists..., mar!

Memoirs of a Geisha - Sayuri's Theme

Steven Spielberg

Genna's series started with Steven Spielberg, which I hope you will have an opportunity to check out.

"One of the most prolific directors, producers and screenwriters of our time, Spielberg's films carry an emotional weight and classic humanism that are his trademark". Genna summarized this genius most aptly I would say.

As I reviewed Spielberg's many contributions to the film industry, I decided my favorite soundtrack to share would be from Memoirs of a Geisha. It was a tough call...♥

Hugo: 21 Winding It Up

Martin Scorsese

In her next installment, Genna reviewed some of the works of Martin Scorsese.

She described Scorsese as a man who: "loves music, and has often acknowledged that he would probably be a musician had he not decided to become a filmmaker".

Hugo is a movie I could watch over and over. The music carries me along the journey of the story ... and adds greatly to its wonder and magical charm.

Ordinary People

Robert Redford

Genna next explored the work Robert Redford.

With Redford, Genna explains that his: "storytelling is an important part of humanity. Music is an integral part of his artistic synergy and collaboration with other artists which realizes the story through film".

Mom and I saw Ordinary People together in the theater in 1980. I was nineteen and studying psychiatric nursing. We had great discussions about the themes in this powerful story - amazing how music can take your mind right back in time.

Pulp Fiction - Surf Rider

Quentin Tarantino

Genna even ventured into the work of Quentin Tarantino, whose movies tend to be edgier and violent - not my choice by a long shot.

In Genna's words, Tarantino's: "music and film aren’t simply joined at the hip…they’re indelibly fused. At times, we can’t tell if the music is set to the scene, or the scene was written to the idea of the music".

I cannot deny that the musical scores to Tarantino's movies have kept me in my seat, even if I had to close my eyes during some of the scenes. Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill are downright palatable because of the music - to me that is solid evidence of the extreme power of music, as well as the genius of Quentin Tarantino.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Legend of Bagger Vance

Thomas Newman

Genna shared the talents of Thomas Newman in her next piece.

She described Newman as being: "well-known for having a unique voice and the absence of an ego-centric approach which enables him to collaborate successfully with directors".

Any movie with Maggie Smith is a winner to me... just listening to the music again of Best Exotic Marigold Hotel reminds me I need to make a date with myself to check out this classic once again...!

Rachel Portman

Genna next examined the work of Rachel Portman.

I learned that Rachel: "composes on a piano and rarely uses electronic equipment such as synthesizers to augment her film scores. She is best known for her lush orchestrations, and imaginative use of piano and strings in the romance/comedy film genre".

Mom would have loved The Legend of Bagger Vance, with its setting in her beloved Georgia. The acting chops of Will Smith, Matt Damon and Charlize Theron along with the stellar soundtrack makes this a memorable film.

Thelma and Louise - Thunderbird

Hans Zimmer

Genna's final installment on music in film focused on the work of Hans Zimmer.

As Genna detailed in her article: "By integrating electronic music with orchestral arrangements, Zimmer enhances his musical scores with brilliant dimensions that embody the mood of a film, perfectly".

The year was 1991 and I was thirty years old. Without giving away the ending to Thelma and Louise, I was soooo able to relate. And I know this music would be playing in my head as I was executing my decision with my best gal pal...!

But for now... thank you Genna, for allowing me this trip down memory lane with some of my very favorite musical movie sound tracks.

As Far As Passing the Baton...

... to me, Genna East has already shown us the beauty of PRACTICE - kinda like Dorothy clicking her ruby red slippers in the Wizard of Oz.

Genna is the definition of practice in its purest sense: 'she repeatedly exercises her writing skills and has thus both acquired and maintained proficiency in it'.

This hub is rife with evidence of this practice in Genna's interview, musical series and some of her fiction. She has graciously accepted the baton of LOVE from Always Exploring as well.

Hugs and see you next time, mar

© Maria Jordan (September, 2014)


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