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How to Pull Off a Good Prank Phone Call

Updated on August 18, 2015

Prank Phone Calls

Practical jokes and can be funny or hurtful depending on how you go about doing it. I find the funniest practical jokes are prank phone calls. People really don't get hurt with prank phone calls, which is the key with any practical joke, otherwise, it's just not funny.

But, can you actually pull off a prank phone call and not get caught? I mean, yeah, it sounds simple right? But, what if you forget to *67 your phone number or what if you mess up the joke part during the phone call. It's just not funny if you, the prankster, can't even pull off the joke.

The key to making a prank phone call is to make it so convincing that the person thinks that the scenario is real.

Steps to Making a Prank Phone Call

  1. Choose what kind of prank phone call you'd like from the selection below.
  2. Decide who you're going to call and prank.
  3. If you're calling someone you know, make sure to disguise your voice.
  4. Either call from a number the person doesn't know or *67 your number.
  5. Pull off the prank call.

You may consider using a prank call windup service. In that case, you will:

  1. Have the type of prank phone call picked out, again from the selection below.
  2. Dial the number associated with the windup service.
  3. Follow the instructions on the phone.
  4. Once the person answers the phone, press the '#' button, and the windup will start. But, if it's someone else, ask for the appropriate person, and then press the '#' button.
  5. To listen into the call, go right ahead. They won't be able to hear you.

Phone Call Prank Ideas

  1. Sex Survey: Your victim takes part in a survey on sexual habits and preferences. The survey gets more outrageous as the coll continues.
  2. Million dollar game show: Your victim has been selected to appear on a new game show. He will have the chance to win one million dollars.

  3. Pregant daughter: Your victim got your daughter pregant.

  4. Hardcore reality show: A TV producer is inviting your victim to appear on the latest reality TV show. Your victim will be tempted with tons of sexy enticements.

  5. Drug survey: Your victim is takes part in a drugs awareness survey, but all of the questions are completely off- the- wall.

  6. Minor Offences Bureau: Your victim receives a call from the Minor Offences Bureau, a new government bureau that has been designed to try minor offences over the phone. Will your victim plead guilty or innocent to the allogations?

  7. Tax man: Your victim gets a call from the IRS or another tax man. They're claiming to have found fraud in their taxes.

  8. Internet porn: Your victim receives a call from their ISP because he's been caught looking at internet porn and managed to pass a virus to his ISP.

  9. Car insurance revoked: Your victim, a car fanatic, gets a warning from the National Motor Insurance Watchdog not to drive because his car is no longer insured.

  10. Model idol: Your victim has been selected for the first round of Model Idol, and in order to secure the position on the show, she must agree to do some pretty silly things.

  11. Idiot phone engineer: A phone engineer wants some help to test a voice recognition software, but he keeps getting things wrong.

  12. Boy band video: Your victim has been invited to star in the video for a brand new boy band. She gets to sing on stage with the guys, but she has to pass an outrageous screen test.

  13. STD clinic: A recent client of an STD clinic has named your victim as the most recent sex partner.

  14. Love quiz: Find out your victim's attitude towards love and relationships with a hilarious 'Ali G' style survey.

  15. Sewage plant: The council is building a sewage plant down the road from your victim's house The council , and want to see if he has any objections to the plan.

  16. Bank deposit: There's been a deposit of 1 million dollars into your victim's bank account, and the authorities are suspicious. They want to know where the money came from.

  17. Radio show: Your victim is phoned by a radio DJ and is offered a chance to win a free holiday if they can answer a few questions and put up with a few insults.


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