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Pretty Little Liars -- Hanna Wants Out Of The Liars Club...

Updated on July 29, 2014

Breaking up is hard to do

Hanna wants Ali out of her life for good, unfortunately, she worries if she kicks her out the other three liars will dump her for Ali. Not to mention the fear of just what Ali will do if Hanna dumps her.

The episode begins with all four liars in the bathroom with Queen Ali giving them their marching orders and Hanna seems to be the only one who gets that, as she makes a smart comment about Ali's wish was their command. And things just get better from there.

Caleb runs into Ali and she's and she tries turning it on with him, only it doesn't work. Caleb tells her just what he thinks of her and it isn't much. Ali has a fit cause Caleb won't kiss her butt and sees her for what she is and leaves a nasty message on Hanna's voice mail because of it. Which leads to Caleb and Hanna having a fight.

Then Emily barges in without even knocking after the way she last acted with Hanna. She demands Hanna come to the dinner because her mother has invited Ali for dinner and Ali is worried Pam is on to her. Only Spencer and Aria are once again shirking their duties to Queen Ali and Hanna is expected to support her, again. Emily isn't giving her any choice to come or not.

When Hanna arrives Ali decrees that Hanna is to have nothing further to do with Caleb. This doesn't sit well with Hanna. She's not giving up Caleb for this heifer she doesn't even want in her life anymore. She decides to take a little Dutch Courage in the form of a glass of alcohol to help her get through a night with Ali playing victim and spinning even more lies.

Hanna can barely contain herself when Ali starts going on about how she doesn't know what she ever did to deserve to be kidnapped and held prisoner. Emily realizes Hanna is drinking and far from being concerned for her, she takes her keys and tosses her out so she doesn't put Ali in jeopardy. Guess, Sweet Emily has forgotten what happened to her the night she was roaming around town drunk and drugged.

Sydney is just waiting to take advantage of Hanna, who goes to the coffee shop to get sober. She suggests to Hanna that maybe she could tried and make peace with Jenna, and Hanna says after New York that's impossible. She also realizes that Jenna never did anything to her for her to be her enemy and it was because she was Ali's enemy she and the others treated Jenna as their enemy, too.

Then Caleb comes in and Hanna blows Sydney off. Hanna tells Caleb from the moment he returned there has been no Travis and her and then she kisses him. And he kisses her back.

Hanna is feeling the best she has since she went to Ravenswood and told Caleb to stay and help Moronda. That is until she walks in and the liars go for her throat. They all got texts, but A didn't send one to Hanna. And their texts say Hanna blabbed about New York. They're all livid with her.

Mona has some fun poking a stick at Emily about the trouble and danger she's gotten Paige in by putting Ali's well-being over Paige's. She uses Toby's house blowing up to punctuate the treat and Sydney reveals someone put a rat in Paige's locker and that Paige isn't in school. Paige also isn't answering Emily's phone calls. So Emily leaves a message where she almost says she loves Paige. Better hope Ali doesn't hear about that, since she's hardly to like that fact after she put out for Emily.

Emily's mom, Pam, is also in danger of bursting Emily's delusional Ali bubble. She apparently didn't buy Ali's poor woe is me I'm just an innocent victim who never deserved anything that's happened to her act. She reveals to Emily that some of the people she works with at the police department aren't buying Ali's kidnapping story, either. I'm sure she'll blame that on Hanna, as well.

Aria goes undercover at Radley as a volunteer. When she sticks in Bethany's drawing with a bunch of others in the patient's art class, Big Rhonda rounds on her accusing her of being a thief that stole it from her. She also runs afoul of Eddie Lamb who is sure he's knows her from somewhere. She sneaks into Big Rhonda's room to do a search and seizure and when she returns, Aria has to hide under the bed, where she discovers Bethany's sketchbook hidden in the box springs. She takes it and takes it to Spencer to look at.

Spencer laments about that poor girl and I'm like, "Since when have you ever felt sympathy for anyone who isn't Ali DiLaurentis." But since she thought Bethany was Ali, I guess you could say the same thing still holds true.

Spencer also tries to get Melissa to reveal what she and Peter are hiding. Instead of living in a hotel, Peter is staying in the barn. When Melissa says someone has been living in there and she brings out a dead rat, I guess since Melissa isn't all girly about handling a dead rat, we're all supposed to think Melissa put the dead rat in Paige's locker.

Meanwhile A takes a picture of Ella and Zack's engagement party invitation. Apparently A plans to cause some mischief there.

On a final note, no one mentioned that that blonde girl Bethany sketched in her sketchbook could have been Ali. But since these dingbats thought that Shana was really A why would they think something logical like that?


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