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Pretty Little Liars -- Is Jenna The Woman Who Knows Too Much?

Updated on August 7, 2013

Ashley gets let out on bail

Although with A targeting mother's one has to wonder if maybe Ashley would be better off staying in jail. There's no telling what A might try against Ashley next. Look at what she's already done to Pam Fields?

After watching Mona drill Hanna on making the perfect confession to fool the police, one couldn't help but notice how imperfect Mona's confession to the police really was. It was enough to cast doubt upon Ashley's guilt and to get the judge to allow Ashley out of jail on bail, but it wasn't enough to see Mona arrested for the crime instead. If Mona is indeed still very much a member of the A Team as I suspect, A wouldn't want Hanna to go to jail, since she wouldn't be able to get at her there. So Mona making a confession that doesn't really clear Ashley but allows her to come home to calm Hanna down, would be just something like A would do.

At the end of the episode, Mona was put back into her old room at Radley, where she knows how to come and go as she pleases. It was no shock that Mona wore a very pleased smile on her face as she was left alone in her room. It seems Mona was just where Mona wanted to be.

While Ashley was given bail, the bail was high. Someone needed to put up $100,000. Hanna appealed to her father to put it up and when a mysterious person put it up, Hanna thought he'd come through for her for once. As it turns out the one who got Ashley out on jail was Ted, who spent some time with Ashley. When Hanna learned the truth she couldn't hide her disappointment.

As part of the condition of her bail, Ashley can't leave her house and has to wear an ankle monitor. She also apparently can't drink wine.

As Aria seems to be getting more into Jake, Ezra is acting all jealous. When Jake and Aria were kissing, I wouldn't have been surprised if Ezra wasn't peeking in the window at her. In other Ezra matters he and Maggie are having some disagreement over Malcolm. Maggie is thinking of moving to Washington and she intends taking Malcolm with her. She wouldn't even go on the job interview without taking Malcolm with her. So Ezra goes to Veronica about his rights and she tells him since his name isn't on the birth certificate he needs to establish he's Malcolm's father. Saw some people online speculating Ezra will find out he's not really Malcolm's father and after watching the scene I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't what happens. Aria doesn't want to get involved with Ezra because she doesn't want to be involved with a Baby Daddy. So if Ezra discovers he's not really Malcolm's father, that erases the only obstacle keeping them apart. Aside from the fact that he's teaching at the same high school Aria's attending and having sexual relations with her would be a real big no-no.

Paige is acting a bit off these days and Emily is noticing it. She sets up a meeting for Emily with a famous swim coach and when Emily learns Paige didn't mention her shoulder injury to the man she's majorly pissed off. Paige also throws Emily a surprise birthday party.

When Spencer and Aria overhear Jenna talking to Shauna and saying she thinks she should have told the police what she knows, the liars are determined that Jenna will tell them what she knows. They get Paige to invite Shauna to the party, knowing she'll bring Jenna along with her. None of them seem the least bit guilty that Jenna is once again blind. But then they never acted very guilty about it the first time around, either.

When they try to corner Jenna, she refuses to tell them anything. Somehow she gets outside without guard dog, Shauna, leading her around and ends up floating in the lake. Emily thinks it's Spencer floating in the lake and pulls her out and I'm yelling, "Haven't you got it, yet. Nothing happens to precious Spencer this season." Emily and Aria are able to bring her back from the brink of death. Thank God they didn't kill off Jenna.

Afterwards, Emily seems bothered how cavalier Paige is about Jenna. Emily thinks Jenna had another attempt made on her life, but Paige could care less. Emily even fakes being asleep when Paige crawls in bed with her. Aside from Paige showing up at Jenna's birthday party, getting trashed and ruining the party, there didn't seem to be any bad blood between them, but maybe there's something about Paige and Jenna we don't know. Especially since Paige's ex is Jenna's seeing eye dog.

The liars shows up at the hospital like a pack of vultures still wanting to know what Jenna knows. Spencer corners creepy Shauna wanting to knows if Allison is alive and Shauna claims Ali is dead and that Jenna is afraid of Cece.

I suppose Jenna could actually be afraid of Cece. When Cece first arrived, she was trying to get in with Emily, so she sent Jenna a threatening text to stay away from Nate. Jenna trying to blow-off Nate is what got him going all psycho around her every time he saw her. So maybe she's afraid of Cece, but I really doubt Cece is going to turn out to be the big bad ugly.

The ending A scene featured Red Coat unscrewing a wooden grating and slipping inside what appeared to the the DiLaurentis house while a black hoodie wearing A started playing the piano and had spilled red wine all over the floor. After playing the piece it was put in a manilla envelope and addressed to Toby. Red Coat had blonde hair, but it could have been a wig and you couldn't see what color black hoodie might be wearing.

When I saw the wine, the first person I thought of was Ashley. No one loves their wine as much as our girl Ashley. Of course, she's wearing an ankle monitor that won't let her leave her home or drink wine. Then I thought it was possibly Jessica DiLaurentis. There really does seem to be something off about the woman, and we've haven't seen Jessie D for awhile.

Cece seems to be the latest red herring the show is setting up who when confronted will be innocent. The show does this so often that it's gotten to the point you just wait for the person to be confronted and proved innocent.

By the way I was surprised to hear good old Toby was at the hospital with Jenna. The dude acts like he hates her guts and won't even answer her phone calls. He even told her on the Halloween train that he preferred her blind. Is it possibly he could have tampered with her eye drops and made that a reality?

Anyway it seems our short vacation from Toby will be over next week as he'll get the A envelope, which will probably be something linked to his mother that will set him off whining about her, again, because the show thinks we're just hanging on our seats to hear more about his mother.


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