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Princess Diana Merchandise | Dolls, Coins, CDs, Wedding & More

Updated on July 24, 2014

I can still remember the day I heard about Diana's death.

I was only eleven years old and I'd been selling home grown food door to door at a retirement village near my home.

A nice old lady told me and I remember being surprised - up till then no celebrity I knew of or anyone close had actually died.

Her death was a tragedy but her life up till that point had been amazing - from her start as a kindergarten teacher through to a huge fairy tale wedding to the Prince of Wales which was to end in sadness and eventually, tragedy.

However her legacy lives on, inspiring new generations. Her style and personality will always be remembered and are especially memorable at this time as her son William prepares to wed Kate Middleton.

Diana Photos & Signed Prints

Of course it's difficult, expensive and often impossible to buy original and autographed photographs or memorabilia by Diana.

However it's possible to buy reprints of signed photos as well as other items including special edition magazines published throughout her life.

Most of these original items will only increase in value over time, especially as the 20th anniversary of her death draws closer.

Diana Dolls

Dozens of Diana dolls were commissioned during her time in the palace.

Collectible dolls included special wedding dolls featuring the royal wedding dress, as well as dolls showing her well known stylish dresses in a range of types and colors that she wore during her time with Charles.

Most of these dolls are collectible made of porcelain and some are quite rare, especially those still in original boxes.

Diana & Charles Coins

Many coins were released throughout this royal saga.

A special set was released to commemorate the royal wedding in 1981, showing a picture of the royal pair.

Several sets were made following Diana's death in 1997, including a special stamp & coin set in the UK and a fine gold $5 coin in the Cook Islands.


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