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Product Comparison: Apple iPhone 4 vs. the 1924 Siemens Ear Trumpet

Updated on April 3, 2012

People have often wondered that, if time travel is possible, then where are all of the tourists from the future? On October 29, 2010 this video went viral, finally answering this question...

Here we can clearly see a woman talking on a cell phone as she walks behind a horse painted to look like a zebra.

While, after watching this clip I knew that there was no longer any doubt whether we are visited by those from the future everyday, it still left me asking some questions.

For one why is a horse from the future going around made out to look like a zebra? Does this mean that in 2012 some horse-hating aliens invade the earth and horses have to flee by going back in time and pretending that they are zebras to hide from them?

Then I saw the news and realized that people weren't talking about the horse being from the future but the woman on her cell! Now the newscaster was explaining that the supposed phone in question probably wasn't even a cell but a 1924 Siemens ear trumpet; a hearing aid device of the time.

As the newscaster went on to a different story, droning on about how Apple iPhone sales have shot up over the RIM Blackberry, making Apple the 4th largest cell phone company in the world, I realized that Stephen Hawking once speculated that time travel is possible but it would require all of the power generated by the sun.

There's only one man on earth that could accomplish a feat like that.


Clearly, what's happened is that Steve Jobs realized that there was an as of yet untapped new market for cell phones: the 1920's. So he sent Apple salesmen back in time with the shrewd aim of dominating the age of flappers with the iPhone before the likes of RIM or any of his other competitors get there.

All of this still doesn't explain to me what a horse from the future made out to look like a zebra was doing in a Charlie Chaplin film.


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      Willard Glenn 7 years ago

      Well thought out post. Hearing Loss is sometimes a scary experience as a lot of the elderly suffer from hearing loss every year. Thanks for the great info.