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RMVBM; The Intro

Updated on November 25, 2014

"History is definitely in the making ". The relevance and state of credible Hip-Hop is incumbent and cohesively so; as the Underground Hip-Hop scene climbs to its peak of massive outburst. With only a few who are able to truly captivate and ultimately embody the meticulous "ART" of what is classified as "Rap"; but the world might not be ready for what's coming or are they? Well, If you haven't already been fasten by the presence and genius of the vastly rising duo "RMVBM", let me re-Introduce you. The exclusively creative mask- enrobed emcees, "RMVBM" which stand for Rocket Man VS Better Man, strategically go against the grain in trying to fit into the mainstream, instead they create their own sound and their own look and portray an organic, rhythmic, fiery competence within their music. Their eccentric style of rap can be most commonly paired to the group "The Cool KIds" but indeed there is no comparison when it comes to "RMVBM". The group consist of "Rocket Man" who goes by the name of "Hop" from Altanta, G.A., and "Better Man", who goes by "Crash" from Brooklyn, N.Y. The two emcees combined forces and never looked back. They recently announced the release of their upcoming Debut Album "RMVBM", which will be released on January 1st, 2015. They produced, mixed and created fine art work for the Album and they gave us a sneak peek of what is in store.The outcome; straight genius! They provide a nostalgic, throwback classy feel where they flawlessly rap on subjects about their aspirations and of gaining monetary wealth; "by all means improve your net worth". The group "goes in" on their Single "Pettysburg Address", with a hypnotic beat; Better man "Crash" raps on the first half stating: "These Niggas aint Hip-Hop, These Niggas aint Hip-Hop", while Rocket Man "Hop" on the latter half, emphasizing that "when it comes to real, we stand alone". "Pettysburg Address" along with the songs "Krieg" & "Ball So hard (Everything)" are three tracks "RMVBM" released for the masses to indulge in on before the release of the Album. In its entity the quality of the lyrics and flow is Impressively Raw and instantly game changing; it is guaranteed to make any Hip-Hop connoisseur fall in love with the pure talent of "RMVBM", not to mention the list of mixed beats such as "4thReich" & "I didn't mean to turn you on" they produced on soundcloud. In a brief interview with "Real Talk" on"RMVBM"'s website (; the two expressed epic points about themselves, their style and their music, they go on to say:

“Another thing about our music. We’re not trying to make it like this. This is just us. I would say we have a wide demographic.” - Crash,

“It’s about taking the notion of ‘it’s us’ out of the music. People put too much importance on the artist and not the art. That’s one of the major standing points of the masks.“ - Hop

In hindsight, it is only candid to rationally consider "RMVBM" as an adroit rapping duo who is rapidly taking the world by storm. These two young stars are on their way to reaching major heights. Be on the lookout January 1st for their prolific Debut Album "RMVBM" .


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