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Rahul Mahajan looking for Bride through the Reality Show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega

Updated on August 4, 2012
Rahul Mahajan, son of late Promod Mahajan, is seeking Bride for his second marriage through NDTV Reality Show 'Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega'
Rahul Mahajan, son of late Promod Mahajan, is seeking Bride for his second marriage through NDTV Reality Show 'Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega'
Rahul Mahajan with his ex wife Sweta Singh on their day of Marriage
Rahul Mahajan with his ex wife Sweta Singh on their day of Marriage

Rahul Mahajan seeking Bride

In the Promo for the Reality Show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Rahul Mahajan says ' Log bolthe hae Rahul ke pass sab kuch hae ... daulat... shaurat... kamyabi hae... aur kya chahiye?' The girls who took part in the India TV Poll on if they want to be get married to Rahul Mahajan has an answer to that question 'Character'. Yes, They are right Rahul Mahajan has the reputation of being characterless. None of the girls who took the poll wants to get married to Rahul Mahajan and one girl even says that there is nothing worth being attracted to Rahul Mahajan 'wo badnaam hae'. Isn't there a saying we study at school ' Wealth lost, nothing lost... Health lost, something lost... Character lost, everything lost'.

Rahul Mahajan is the son of late Politition Promod Mahajan and came to limelight after his father was shot dead by his own Brother Pravin Mahajan. Rahul was born on July 25th, 1975 in a Hindu Family in Mumbai. He became popular after he induldged in a drug overdose after one month of his fathers death. In July 2006 he got married to Sweta Singh whom he had known for over 12 years but the marriage ended up in a Divorce in Dec 2007. The first marriage earned him the reputation of a wife beater. His reputation got better after participating in the Reality Show 'Big Boss' where his affairs with Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi got noticed. TV clippings showed him getting intimate with Payal in the swimming pool and even massaging her. Another clipping showed him begging for a kiss from her. He is even said to get into the bed of the lady immates of Big Boss bed at mid night.

Rahul Mahajan would be now seen on the new Reality Show where he would look for a Bride for his second marriage in NDTV Imagines swayamber season two 'Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' where he would choose a bride from 16 contestants. He is already been given the name of 'Male Rakhi Sawant' and 'Drama King' by TV Channels. It is true that contraversy can bring in viewers but is it woth damaging the reputation of a clean channel like NDTV Imagine?


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    • Saurabh G profile image

      Saurabh G 7 years ago from Nagpur

      The latest news is that Dimpy Ganguly dumps Rahul Mahajan after a night of abuse. Check out

    • profile image

      parul 7 years ago

      we all know rahul has married to dimpy.dimpy herself is a charecterless rahul has taken a right decision for himself.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      This dudes a fuckin prick. Such a fuckin perv. If this Happened in the UK on TV, he would've been dissed and harrassed for lifeeee. What LOSER one timeeee!

    • profile image

      dev 7 years ago

      Raul is a fat hair receding loser who has no class personality or style. He looks/is a retarded guy, who is immature, and deserves a slut like Dimpy !

    • profile image

      Sarah 7 years ago

      Rahul is seriously GAY...!

    • profile image

      jaideep 8 years ago

      this tall man has just a height but no brain,all this is publicity,i don't understand why these young girls r after this old man,today he has money but not tomorrow.i think the girls parents shouldn't allow them in this contest.and after so much smoking and drugs(not sure as there was a scandel of him,may be a romour)he is ow hitting the gym,he will turn 40 after few years,jo cheeze jawani mei karni chahiye thi woh sab jab budhapa nazdeek aa raha hai tab kar raha hain.and also is eying bollywood.

    • profile image

      Snehal 8 years ago

      Ya Rahul Mahanjan is Worst man in India. I Hate him Lot.

    • profile image

      Pappu 8 years ago

      He and randi sawant should get married,best match.Ndtv>shit

    • profile image

      mim 8 years ago

      rakhi iz a man wan2b shes no marriage material she looks talks acts like a man and shes pathetic and the uda ugly freak rahul god help that pathetic freak

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Its just the male version of Rakhi's swayamwar. The guys made fools of themselves on that show and the girls will make fools of themselves on this one. Neither of them is marriage material, but it will catapult some unknown faces into the limelight!

    • profile image

      Rajagopal S 8 years ago

      Nice Writeup. You got a point there. Rahul Mahajan from no angle is a perfect husband material.

    • profile image

      Rajini 8 years ago

      I saw the clippings in India TV too! I wonder who would come forward to marry a charecterless Rahul Mahajan otherthan a characterless female. Anyways, it is a good opportunity for girls wanting to get noticed or want to be models or actresses.

    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      There is a saying people mostly do not notice when you do something good. But they would notice it fast when anything bad is done especially if one is a celebrity. Rahul Mahajan pays the price of being a celebrity one way or the other.