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Real World Skeletons Episode 6 Recap and Review

Updated on January 20, 2015

Tony's Ex Moves In

Ha! He deserves it. He gave up on his girlfriend for this show because he wanted to sleep with someone. He really does not deserve her love at all. I don't see why he wanted to go sleep with other people. That's just weird.

Tony says he didn't want to be seen a as an opportunity but I remember him calling this girl and saying how he missed her. He is a twisted guy. At least the girls are on her side. And Tony, honestly, listens to her every time she says do something.

I feel bad for Madison because he did tell her they broke up.

Tony has Issues

Maybe he likes being bossed around. All of the housemates agree that he is being spoken to wrong. That night Elizabeth decides to stay the night and Tony chooses to sleep with her. Madisons heart is broken.

At this point I couldn't be Tony's friend because he could have at least spoken to Madison and explained that he's taking Elizabeth back. Or explain where him and Madison stood before having sex with her. Why couldn't he have simply been, hook ups, it's not serious, I have an Ex I still have feelings for. That would have made much more sense.

The Shenanigans

I like that they are still friendly and have those prank wars. I like that they show that and them bonding.

That night they go out for Elizabeth's birthday. Like why? I guess they just want to enjoy themselves. Madison is actually being nice to Elizabeth and trying to make her feel special. But then Elizabeth is rude and on her own anyway. I mean is it not her birthday? And why would you choose to go out there on your birthday instead of spending it with family.

The night goes wrong of course when she is not enjoying herself and is rude to Madison. Syllvia goes on the defense and then she calls the whole house actors. This pisses off the guys and now Tony really has to choose sides.

Defend his Ex or side with his roommates?

They Want Her Gone

Elizabeth is weird. Does she want him back or not? Pissing off his roommates is not the way. Tony says he is partying a lot because he lost his father young so he took over the role of man of the house.

If I were Elizabeth I would want to be on everyone's good side. She at least takes it upon herself and goes to apologize to Tony. Madison is trying to ignore Elizabeth. Madison and Sylvia have a nice girl talk. She says that when Elizabeth leaves or if she leaves, she will not be falling for Tony again.


How many Ex-Girlfriends Can One Guy Have?

Now arrives Alyssa. Tony's Ex-Ex-Girlfriend. Things are going to get crazy. Alyssa seems much nicer and gets along with the housemates. Alyssa doesn't like Elizabeth either.

So the nicknames go as, Alyssa is Queen and Elizabeth is Princess. I like Violetta's analogy, he can't handle the calories. Alyssa has her facts straight when it comes to Tony. I could not wait until they got to the house.

Elizabeth clearly is scared of Alyssa and avoids her until she comes into the room to speak her mind. Alyssa tells Tony that Elizabeth has been hooking up with her ex-boyfriend back home. She also tells the house, but not Elizabeth, that she hooked up with him right before the show started.

Tony Kisses Alyssa

The show ends with Tony kissing Alyssa. He is such an ASS. I can't see why these girls are fighting over him. Why bother even fighting each other? Dump his ass.

The Preview:

Looks like next week it all truly boils over and I think one of the skeletons will be leaving after a couple episodes. I honestly wish they would beat up on Tony and not each other.

My Opinion:

I like none of these people at the moment. I don't see how you don't respect yourself enough to get over someone for fucking with you for YEARS. It really makes no sense.

Actually I take back not liking anybody. I like Sylvia the best right now. She sticks to her guns at least.

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