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Skeletons - Episode 5: Recap and Review

Updated on January 20, 2015

Telling Lies

So, I missed the first fifteen minutes of the episode so I will be filling anything of importance in later on. After that however, things got interesting.

Alicia apparently has been spreading the lie that she taught Sylvia everything she knows and she made Sylvia. That of course leads to a confrontation in a bar where Sylvia tells her to go home. Alicia disappears for a little while and everyone hopes that she is gone.

Alicia has just spent the night at a hotel and returns to the house. Alicia and Sylvia go outside to have a discussion. Alicia says she is sorry and the two come to a sort of truce. Sylvia says in an interview that she will not show animosity but she will not be her best friend.

In the middle of all this Madisons loyalty is tested and I honestly believe her when she says that she is nice to everyone and she doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her body.


You Can't Work With Friends

Jason and Nicole get into a fight at work. Jason thinks Nicole is slacking off and later on Nicole refuses to take out the trash during work. Jason is probably already pent up from watching her goof off so he lashes out. This leads to a whole fight in front of the bar and their co-workers.

The fight escalates to the point that Jason points out her sexual orientation in a rude way. Nicole gets very angry and the fight moves home. Nicole and Jason are shouting at each other in the stairs and it's honestly kind of scary seeing the two of them fight like this when they are so close.

Nicole ends up shouting out that he is expecting a baby and now the whole house knows. This blows up but it also sparks the end of the fight. Nicole apologizes for what she did wrong. Jason apologizes as well. Things end well between the two.

Alicia is Gone

Alicia leaves and says she doesn't want to be known as a liar. Oh honey, it is way too late for all that. That night they have a family dinner. It is pretty cool. After dinner they go celebrate. Jason is heavily persuing Sylvia. Madison is on her own and enjoying herself with literally, "random guy" by the MTV producers. So we know he is probably not returning.

Tony is jealous of Madison, which is pathetic. Apparently he broke up with his ex-girlfriend but he has not cut ties with her. He still says she misses her. He honestly should get over it. (I know he won't, based on the previews. But he should.)


The Next Skeleton

Madison and Tony have sex. I mean he did break it off with his girl back home because he wanted to do this hooking up. However he still seems to be friendly with her. That's when his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth shows up.

Well, honestly. Good for him. He deserves it.

Preview and Opinions

Preview for next week: So apparently Tony has not one, but two exes coming to the house. It looks like he sleeps with Elizabeth and Elizabeth seems to lash out at Madison.

Opinions: Tony needs some serious help. Like, what the hell? He is messed up for leading his ex-girlfriend on like that by keeping contact. I hope he gets his ass handed to him. I think that Madison will have a skeleton that she stole from or did something harmful too in someway while she was addicted to drugs. I am also starting to feel bad for Madison. At first I did not like her much but she is starting to grow on me. I will honestly say I like the girls much better then the guys in this season.

I can't tell right now if Sylvia and Jason will hook up because Sylvia has not spoken on Jason or showed that she really likes him like she did Bruno. Brunos' skeleton will obviously be his brother.

I think at the end of this season the seven original roommates will be very good friends with each other after confronting all their past troubles and hopefully will learn something from this.

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