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Retro Movies - A Thirtysomething's Nostalgia pt. 2

Updated on April 21, 2010

Cult Classics and Forgotten Greats

This is my second hub in the Nostalgia series.

Instead of filling this hub with a bunch of obvious movie picks of a thirtysomething's nostalgia like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T......etc; I thought I would bring back some movies that have not been seen by the public at large in awhile. 

I hope this brings back some memories for you. 

Watership Down

Animated 1978 film adaptation of Richard Adams' novel about a group of rabbits fleeing from their doomed warren in search of a safer place to call home.

When the psychic and perpetually nervous Fiver envisions the destruction of his warren he informs his brother Hazel. Together they go to the Chief Rabbit, pleading him to evacuate all inhabitants of the ill-fated habitation. When the Chief dismisses their warnings, Hazel and Fiver clandestinely recruit trusted friends to escape the warren despite the Chief's order to stay put. The refugees succeed in breaking free and set about their trek to find a new home. On their quest they run into many enemies; including predators, humans and a militarized rabbit warren named Efrafa led by General Woundwort.

This animated feature is unlike most in the genre, as this is not for the younger kids. This movie has a complex storyline and is quite dark and violent. If you have not seen the movie or read the book I highly recommend both to you.

The Secret of NIMH

It is plowing time on the Fitzgibbon's farm and all the animals on the property must relocate or fall prey to teeth of the combine.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Brisby's son Timothy has developed pneumonia and cannot be moved.  This leads her to enlist the help of the mysterious rats of NIMH. 

These rats of NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) were lab rats injected with an experimental drug that increased their intelligence.  Using this intelligence, they escaped from NIMH and now have formed a colony of their own.  Mrs. Brisby needs their help to save her son but will treachery within the NIMH rats sabotage her plan?

Another great animated film that has a dark and violent storyline.  What happened to this niche of animation?  I miss it.

The Dark Crystal

"When single shines the triple sun, What was sundered and undone Shall be whole, the two made one, By Gelfling hand, or else by none."

Jim Henson does it again with this fantasy film.  Filled with Skeksis, Mystics and Gelflings, the world of The Dark Crystal is a great place to return to every now and then.   

The Last Unicorn

Another dark animated feature that is geared for older children and adults. 

Great cast of voices include:

  • Alan Arkin
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Mia Farrow
  • Robert Klein
  • Angela Landsbury
  • Christopher Lee
  • Rene Auberjonois 


Bill is the true story about a developmentally disabled man named Bill Sackter who is trying to make his way in the world after being in an institution for 44 years. He is helped by Barry Morrow, a documentary film maker who wants to make Bill his next film project. In doing so, Barry develops a deep friendship with Bill which lasts a lifetime.

A heartwarming tearjerker. I used to watch this every time it was on television. The TV airing dried up a long time ago and I missed this movie dearly. Finally, a couple of years ago, Bill and the sequel Bill: On His Own was released on DVD. Now I can watch anytime I want!

Mickey Rooney deservedly won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Bill Sackter.

Cloak and Dagger

An imaginative young boy who loves role-playing spy games gets himself caught up in the real life world of cloak and dagger. 

While playing a spy game with his friend in downtown San Antonio, Davey runs into a scientist (mortally wounded by gunfire earlier) who hands him a video game cartridge.  This cartridge has a top secret microchip hidden within that contains plans for a secret reconnaissance aircraft.

With the help of Jack Flack (his imaginary spy hero), Davey dodges spies and bullets to get the cartridge to the right people, if they would just believe him.

This is every boy's fantasy come true.  Such a cool movie! 


Thinking it is a game software company, computer whiz David Lightman unknowingly hacks into NORAD's mainframe to play unreleased games. The game he chooses...Global Thermonuclear War, and he picks to play the side of the Russians. This starts a false missile alert at NORAD, causing an investigation that leads back to Lightman.

NORAD's mainframe, WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) is still stuck playing the game over and over again in it's cyber-brain, trying to win. This puts both Russian and American forces on high alert and at the brink of World War III.

How do you stop the most powerful computer in the world from initiating a nuclear war?

The Goonies

I wanted to be a Goonie!!!

A group of kids find a pirate's treasure map in the attic of one of their parent's house.  With their community being sold to put in a golf course, the kids follow the map hoping to find the treasure and buy out the rich bastard developing the new golf course. 

This is another boy fantasy come true and (like I said before) I wanted (and still do) to be a Goonie!!! 

Clash of the Titans

Calibos, Medusa and the Kraken...oh my!!! Perseus sure does go through a lot to win the hand of lovely Princess Andromeda!

Great movie with awesome special effects for the time. A real must see for fantasy and mythology fans!

Red Dawn

Russian and Cuban forces invade and take control of portions of the United States. Red Dawn is set within one of those portions.

A group of high school kids escape the initial invasion and retreat into the mountains, taking weapons and supplies from a general store. They then use guerrilla war tactics to disrupt the invading forces means of supply and also create fear and confusion in the enemy.

Red Dawn was the first PG-13 rated movie in the U.S. It also held the Guinness Record of most violent acts per hour in a movie.


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    • profile image

      Lane Wyrick 

      5 years ago

      It's too bad you can't see the trailer for the "Bill" tv movie trailer anymore because of copyright, and the DVD is hard to get. But there is a lot more information about Bill Sackter here:

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 

      9 years ago

      some great ones there lovely hub...... keep on keeping on

    • Shady Lady profile image

      Shady Lady 

      9 years ago from here and there

      The Goonies! I still watch that movie every now and then. Rewatching The Dark Crystal changed it for me. It wasn't as good as I had remembered.

    • KCC Big Country profile image


      10 years ago from Central Texas

      Standalone theater.....LOL......we had one. Then there was one that was called Lake Air Twin that had two theaters in one. Then we got our "big" mall in 1981 and it had two theaters in it. Woooo the choices. In ONE year we got two 16 screen theaters. We went from like five theaters to 37 overnight.

    • imadork profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from St. Peters, MO

      Thanks Cris!

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 

      10 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Okay I guess it's later now: YOU ROCK!

    • imadork profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from St. Peters, MO

      Thanks KCC.  The Goonies is a classic!

      GT: No, I hated junior high.  I cry looking at my elementary school yearbooks!

      Cris: I agree...I do rock! ;-)

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 

      10 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Yes I agree with KCC I also love The Goonies - and Cyndi Lauper's music video! My you did a wonderful job here as I feel I'm in the age of the betamax again and the standalone movie theaters! Nothing beats bringing on the nostalgia like movies and music. Byt the way, have I told you you rock! No? Okay maybe later :D

    • goldentoad profile image


      10 years ago from Free and running....

      Dork, do you keep flipping through your jr. high yearbook and gettin' teary eyed?

    • KCC Big Country profile image


      10 years ago from Central Texas

      Great hub! Who could forget The Goonies? I love that movie!


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