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Revenge: Charade

Updated on April 21, 2013

Revenge: Charade


Revenge: Charade

Amanda/ Emily has returned to the Hamptons to avenge her father’s death. Her Father’s ex-lover Victoria Grayson had him framed for a crime he did not commit and subsequently has Amanda committed to a juvenile institution until she reaches her majority. Upon Amada’s release she discovers her Father’s partner Nolan who informs her she is very wealthy and her Father is deceased. At that point Amanda assumes the identity of Emily Thorne and begins plotting her revenge in those who betrayed her Father and stole her childhood.

When she returns to the Hamptons she recognizes that seeking revenge is digging two graves instead of one and yet she is bent on vengeance.

The series opens with an engagement party in which Victoria Grayson announces her son’s engagement, Daniel Grayson to Emily Thorne. At the end of the premiere Daniel is found dead. But the premiere is the end of the first season. Funny how Fall shows have broken with all linear themes this year.

Interestingly enough Emily Thorne is the least materialistic person in the Hamptons and is perhaps the only person motivated by pure intent. Victoria Grayson is the protagonist. There are so many bad people in the Hamptons so full of bad intentions Emily Thorne seems which pure.

But Emily is almost discovered by Lydia who is in the Hospital and the Grayson security guard. While Emily Thorne manages to elude exposure for being Amanda she webs quite a tangled web in her deception.

As a fan of the show I often wonder why Amanda doesn’t cut her loses, move in with her life and find love. She can never get back what she has lost and revenge must leave her feel empty. As Emily Thorne she has a clean slate and all the money she could possibly ever want. She could so easily just move on to a decent life that she was denied as a child but I guess that is what makes a wonderful television show, tragedy.

Revenge; Charade


It would seem Emily Thorne has a part in a correctional facility as well. Daniel is falling in love with Emily and Tyler is determined to break them up.

Frank digs deeper into Emily Thorne’s past and visits the correctional institution she was incarcerated in which Emily has donated a generous library. Frank later breaks into the records department and copies Emily Thorne’s file.

Nolan tries to get Jack and Emily together but Emily is determined to stay with Daniel. And Nolan is quite good at blackmailing Tyler. Of course Nolan is doing this at the behest of Emily. Nolan is apparently a gay hustler. And apparently Nolan and Tyler kiss.

Victoria takes pity on Lydia and visits her in the hospital and pays her hospital bills.

Victoria and Conrad Grayson are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.


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