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Ringer: Poor Kids Do It Everyday

Updated on April 21, 2013




Juliette starts a new school and finds someone tougher then herself. And then find a support caring teacher which could make her turn her life around. While it is not clear Henry murdered Gemma it certainly seems like it as he cleaned up the crime scene and then accused Bridget of murdering her. Poor Malcolm has been shot up with drugs just about the entire time first season.

Bridget in her infinite wisdom decides to trick Henry into telling her where the physical evidence is and then Bridget turns him into the cops. But without a body murder is hard to prove and it turns out not to be such a wise idea after all since Bridget's finger prints are on the physical evidence. So when the police only bring Henry in for questioning until they find out Bridget's finger prints.

Excellent show but it would have been better had I not had constant tornado warning during the entire show. I think Gellar is absolutely stellar in Ringer.

Ringer Poor Kids Do It Everyday Trailer


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