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Ringer: That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

Updated on November 29, 2011

Ringer: That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

Tonight is the midseason finale on Ringer and it promises t be very suspenseful. But let’s look back at this very intricate and exciting plot line.

First we have two identical twin sisters who remind me of the Gemini sign. Seemingly these sisters are complete opposites. Bridget is an addict, former prostitute who witnessed a murder by a mob boss and is set to testify and in protective custody.

While her twin sister Siobhan is and affluent New York socialite with the picture perfect marriage. Siobhan is completely organized while Bridget is somewhat of a mess.

Two identical twins leading opposite lives until one day those lives collide.

As Bridget is about to testify she visits her sister who at best seems a bit melancholy. While there Bridget tries to make amends for her past with Siobhan but Siobhan seemingly commits suicide. Fearing for her life Bridget assumes the identity of Siobhan and moves in with her husband Andrew and his daughter Juliette who is battling demons of her own.

Siobhan’s best friend Gemma is married to Henry which Siobhan has been having an affair with. Siobhan’s perfect life and moral character is but a rouse. So Bridget begins making amends in Siobhan’s life which is now the one she occupies.

But Siobhan didn’t kill herself. She is in Paris having an affair with one of Andrew’s employers and has set her own sister up to take the fall for her. After all Bridget did have something, the plot has quite revealed it yet, with Siobhan’s child’s death. And from Paris Siobhan is manipulating people make Bridget fall. For instance Siobhan has a guy, Charlie, sponsoring Bridget which works for her.

Now Bridget’s old sponsor, Malcolm, is in New York recovering from a relapse in his addiction. He is staying with Charlie and he is very suspicious. And he should be Charlie has Gemma locked in a basement in a house somewhere in Brooklyn.

Malcolm briefly had an affair with Bridget but now Bridget is in love with Andrew. And the only three people who know Bridget isn’t Siobhan is Siobhan, Malcolm and Gemma. Everyone else is convinced Bridget is Siobhan. Even Henry who Siobhan had an affair with. But now that she has fallen madly in love with Andrew that affair could jeopardize everything for Bridget. And Siobhan hasn’t given up trying to destroy her sister.

Bridget is also catching on that Siobhan may still be around since one of Andrew’s business associates recognized her and accused her of sleeping with him yet another affair Bridget must keep from Andrew.

Two identical twin who seem very different but are actually very much the same in an epic battle for one happy future. Which one will win? We don’t know. Both have made grave mistakes but I am hope it is Bridget who has tried to redeem herself while Siobhan seems amoral.


Bridget has really messed up as she slept with Andrew while pretending to be Siobhan. And Siobhan claims to be an abused woman to Tyler.

Malcolm confiscated a cell phone from Charlie and discovered it was Gemma's telephone. Malcolm tells the police and they question Charlie. Charlie becomes very nervous and decides it is time to get rid of Gemma despite Siobhan's pleas.

Meanwhile it is Andrew and Siobhan's six year anniversary.

Machado finds one of his confidential informants murdered and his informants who informed Machado there was a leak from the department. Henry is frustrated with Siobhan's acquaintances and he wants Gemma back in his life.

Juliette has a made crush on her teacher.

Charlie is very confrontational.

I stop writing the review half way through so I am stopping now. This show is awesome and it is up for a people's choice award. I highly recommend you catch the thriller; Ringer.


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