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Ringer -- The Truth Is Out...Sort Of

Updated on November 3, 2011

Talk about a lackluster reveal

After this episode, I'm really doubtful that this show will live beyond this season.

When Andrew discovered that Siobahn had a twin should have been a big moment, but because the show wanted to get cute and not do the episode in a linear fashion, the big reveal turned into a big nothing. The show, apparently, wanted to have a big shocker moment of Andrew and Henry telling the police they knew who Bridget Kelly, unfortunately, it totally ruined the big moment when Andrew found out the truth. By having Andrew and lame-brained Henry told by Bridget that she has a twin in a flashback with no build-up or suspense or no nothing, they totally ruined the moment for some cheap drama.

If they ruined such a key moment so they could have some cheap drama and be all cutesy and film noiry with the timeline, it gives you absolutely no faith they even know what they're doing. It also gives the audience no pay-off for when Andrew finally told the truth. Sometimes the tried-and-true linear timeline works better. Also, telling lame-brained Henry at the same time as they told Andrew totally took momentum away from Andrew's reaction to the truth.

Another dumb plot twist the writers decided to pull was this whole Bridget setting herself up as the prime suspect in Gemma's disappearance. I think we can all see where this is heading a mile away. Siobahn will come back, claiming Bridget tried to kill her on the boat, and all this time she's been living in fear of her life. While Bridget gets arrested for attempting to murder Siobahn and for the murder of Gemma. No one will believe Bridget when she says she's innocent, because the fool set herself up as a prime suspect in Gemma's disappearance.

And just why did Bridget do that? Why set herself up for a crime she didn't commit just to get Henry off the hook? More often than not she acts like she can't stand the dude and just wants the annoying pest to go away. Not to mention she thinks she's finally gotten Victor off her back and hearing Bridget Kelly is suspected of killing Gemma will only bring him back to harass her. And let's not forget about Bottaway, the guy she's running away from. Doesn't she think he'll hear about Bridget Kelly being suspected of murder and not come knocking on her door? It's just so dumb on every level.

Victor informs Bridget that Malcolm is missing. In another flashback we discover that Malcolm and Bridget are/were lovers. Sometimes there are just too many flashbacks on this show. Malcolm finally escape his captors and looks like he's having no ill affects from the drugs that were forced on him. He shows up on Bridget's doorstep, so to speak, and she faints. Yes, after enduring weeks of torture, the minute he escapes, he goes running to Bridget, to lead Bottaway right to her doorstep. Another genius move.

Finally, Bridget's new NA sponsor is working for the Shivster. In yet another flashback, we see what happened to Gemma. The Shivster apparently sent him after Gemma. Maybe she somehow discovered Bridget told Gemma the truth. How the all-knowing omnipotent Shivster would have found out is a mystery. It also seems there's a big question mark if Gemma is really dead. If Gemma isn't dead, the Shivster is as dumb as her twin. If she's planning on taking back her life and crying victim, an alive Gemma could blow her right out of the water.

I've tried to give this show a lot of leeway since I liked the premise of it and it's early homages to classic old movies was fun, but the writing is not good. The character's motivations aren't consistent and most time they make no sense at all. For a show like this to work, the writing needs to be stellar and the writing for this show just isn't.

Maybe the show can still get its act together since it got picked up for the whole season. But it really needs to stop trying to impress itself with all the weird timelines and all these flashbacks need to be kept at a minimum when it starts spoiling the pay-off the viewer has been waiting for. And since this is such a character-driven show, the show really needs to write them in a consistent manner and have them stop doing stupid things that make no sense.


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