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96 Other Things I Wish To Do Before I Leave This Earth

Updated on April 28, 2011

My Wish List Some Serious,Some Not

This is going to end up being the longest hub I have ever sat down at the keyboard and started creating. By the time it is complete , my fingers will probably be numb and blood will drip from my fingertips. On my most recent hub, "Naked in the bedroom" which was a test to see how many actually would read that special interest article, I have been slapped on the hand, scorned, and called out of name and called every name under the sun. I am trying to recover from the bruising and beating that I have taken from so many as well as a stalker/stalkers little do they know that the spotlight is on them. The joy of e-mail activity isn't it wonderful?? There are ninety-six things I wish to do before I leave this earth and we will begin with ,well number

96. Have coffee and a cigarette with CrisaA , I don't smoke but what the heck maybe it would calm my nerves after this crazy week.

95. Teach our dogs to talk, they are almost human so why not get the vocal chords moving of course they would be the first in the world to do it,but wouldn't we be famous?

94. Have a mini debate with Mark Knowles so far we have earned each other's respect, I wonder what we could debate about?

93. Bungee jump with gwendymom, amy g, and lady guinevere could you imagine all of us "free falling" at one time?

92. Drive a Bentley convertible with the wind blowing through my hair and the sun warming my cheeks.

91. Pose for playboy everyone does it , what the hell why not me? Everyone thinks I am naughty why not have fun with it?

90. Meet ex-President Bush in person tell him I forgive him for what a mess he created, he is only a man and there isn't one that I know who isn't absolutely perfect except for my hubby, if you are out there let me know.

89. Be there to hold rainbow brites hand when she gets that first wax, I know that is going to hurt like &*%$, she will live however to write an article about it.

88. Become a Quaker for a week , they have always intrigued me but as worldly as some claim that I am, I believe I may only last a day.

87. Meet Brittany Spears and give her instruction on how to be a parent and not a drama queen.

86. Deep sea fish with Oprah and Eddie Murphy could you imagine the humorous and serious conversations we would have?

85. Take cooking lessons with Rachel Ray she is the only chef I know that can take stale food and make it look like it taste good.

84. Find out the honest to God truth about 09/11 and write about, we are all tired of the lies that has came from our nation's loss.

83. Take a vacation with blondpoet as mud wrestling could be fun, however I can't stand to get my hair dirty.

82. Attend Bdazzler 's wedding, which I know will be soon.

81. Get hair extensions, shoot the stars do it so I should try it to with my luck those things would pull my hair out and leave me bald.

80. Have someone else other then myself shave my legs and armpits ,guys for us ladies it is a everyday chore, let me see you do that work everyday and you wonder why we are in the shower or bath for so long, if you want us out sooner do it for us.

79. Adopt a Highway, since we have so much garbage in this world already I might as well go graciously pick up another person's trash.

78. Write poetry like poppablues you should check out his writing it would make any woman's heart skip a beat.

77. Gather more recipes from Just_Rodney as they are some of the best I have ever tasted and cooked.

76. Realize that Lgali's two word comment is only her personal trademark, as she has became famous due to these two words.

75. Give god'schild a hug for all she has been through as she has came out strong.

74. Get fashion tips from somelikeitscott as I am certain that he knows about fashion and has absolutely wonderful taste.

73. Write a screenplay with pest , goldentoad and Pam Roberson could you imagine that combination? Momma, jellybeans, and toys.

72. Travel to England,Ireland,Scotland, and Wales see the history meet the people and shop.

71.Learn how to hold an argument like ralph deeds,paraglider,and Misha do,good grief you would think they were all brothers when you get into the forums, you have to check them out if you haven't already been in there,they need more people to do battle with. it is like watching The Pirates of the Caribbean.

70. Teach people how to talk dirty, there isn't anything wrong with talking dirty so long as it is in the privacy of your own home.

69. I am simply not discussing this number as enough has been said and it seems to always get me into trouble, what a harlot I am.

68. Go to a Nudist Beach and Roll in the sand, we shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies as we certainly don't come into the world with clothes.

67. Water Ski on Lake Michigan I heard it is a beautiful lake.

66. Become a Civil Rights activist as everyone should be treated equal.

65. Take an Ocean Cruise to Alaska as they said it is beautiful in the spring and everything is big there.

64. Make the tabloids tell the truth, there is nothing like reading about Brad Pitt and his nanny while standing at the check out counter and knowing it is a lie. Where do they come up with these things? Amazingly we read it,so which one of us is crazy the tabloid or us?

63. Help itsb07 succeed at what he is choosing to achieve.

62. Write each indiviual fan on hubpages and tell them how thankful I am that they are my fan.

61. Get two more piercings and I am not going to say where.

60. Help as many as I can , so that they may succeed at what they do.

59. Shoot paintballs at the people I cannot stand which really isn't to many.

58. Hike the Appalachians and hope I won't get shot.

57. Travel to Philly and see the history of the city.

56. Eat Rattlesnake as I have never been brave enough to do it, they say mind over matter, well I believe it is matter over mind.

55. Appear as the lead actress in a movie, I don't care what kind of movie so long as it isn't a horror movie, as I wouldn't want to stroke while making it.

54. Sing to a live audience, Sanjaya did it on American Idol batting his eyelashes and wooing the ladies, why can't I woo the audience? I may be a little off key but who would notice.

53. Create an ice sculpture , it may turn out to be one big lump but it would certainly be fun.

52. Write a poem, oops been there done that, no need for fifty-two.

51. Be the Pilot not the co-pilot of a plane somehow I have to manage overcoming my fear of heights.

50. Sail on a Yacht , now this would be wonderful nothing but pampering and service , we all need a little R&R once in a while.

49. Attend a superbowl game, not one in our living room I want the up front and personal experience.

48. Dog sledding now I wouldn't want to make this a job but I certainly believe it would be quite a rush to be pulled by a pack of dogs, as you are not really in control they are.

47. Walk on hot rocks, I have seen people do it so if they can do it , I can do remember mind over matter....

46. Swing on a trapeze and pray to God that there is a net below.

45. Compete in ballroom dancing , I love to breeze and dance around the floor.

44. Find out KFC's secret recipe,yum yum!!!

43. Own a Krispy Kreme donut shop they have the best donuts, I love the marshmallow center with chocolate on top.

42. Ask Beatsme how he came about creating his name.

41. Be as happy as ccriter and his wife, we could learn a lot from some of our more mature hubbers.

40. Learn how to make my grandmother;s famous snickerdoodles everytime I make them I end up missing something, to bad she is no longer here to tell me what it is.

39. Invent a run naked cocktail, can anyone give me any ideas?

38. Pet a dolphin at SeaWorld

37. Learn Karate and Tai Kwan Do so if I meet my stalker/stalkers I can kick there ass, before they are hauled off in shackle and chains for cyberstalking.

36. Eat Quiche' they say it is good , have yet to try it.

35. Attend the opera I may not know what they are saying, but I will be elegant for an evening. "A kiss on the hand is quite continental, but diamonds are a girls best friend." At least I will be able to wear them.

34. Visit the leaning tower of Pisa now that would be amazing!!!

33. Visit the pyramids as you can see I love history, imagine walking in those footsteps and touching those walls.

32. Spend in entire day in bed while the hubby caters to me, yippeee !!!I saw it on trading spouses.

31. See the Northern Lights as I heard that was beautiful and the people in Norway were wonderful.

30. Travel to India and see the beaches maybe I will run into shinjujohn if I do I will tell her/him we all said hello.

29. Pass on a little bit of knowledge, as knowledge goes a long way.

28. See how many cities I can visit in the U.S. in a week, only problem would be is jet lag.

27. Sing in the rain, just like I did when I was a little girl without fear of a lightning bolt hitting me.

26. Win the lottery not once but twice and be able to give back to others.

25. Ride a bull, never mind I think I have already achieved that.

24. Skateboard without breaking my leg.

23. Skinny dip without our neighbors always peeping over the fence, you would think Wilson was living next door.

22. Shove food in my husband's face just for fun and end up in a food fight, Clean up should be interesting.

21. Hula Hoop non-stop like I did when I was a kid , I wonder if still got it?

20. Stick a feather under my husband's nose and see what happens.

19. Help my husband change a tire without getting dirty.

18. By a wig and become a blonde for a day, they say they have more fun.

17. Learn the art of faking an accent for an entire day and have strangers think I am from another country.

16. Stand on my head and see how long it will take before I have to come down.

15. Call the wrong number and talk to the person who answers it, see how long they hold the conversation before they hang up.

14. have a bubble blowing contest with ripplemaker and see who blows the largest bubbles.

13. Spend $5000.00 all on me, nobody else just me and shop,shop , shop!!!

12. Stay in a penthouse suite in Las Vegas and bask in luxury for a weekend, does anyone have one available?

11. Take $500.00 and just drop a $1.00 here and a $1.00 there through the store until it is all gone.

10. Create my own clothing, if only I knew how to sew.

9. Buy a trampoline and bounce to the music, hoping that I won't break my neck.

8. Ask a complete stranger if I can lick their ice cream cone, I wonder what would happen if I tried that? I am certain that someone would let me lick their ice cream cone.

7. Play "pin the tail on the donkey" only my husband is the donkey and I have the pin.

6. Take money from our ATM and then yell "I WON!!", I WON" and see the reaction of the people.

5. Order food at the beach, give them 3221 RedondoBeach and see if they would actually try to deliver the food and find you.

4. I would like to go swimming with all of my clothes on and walk home completely drenched and refreshed.

3. Take a Hay Ride and cuddle under the stars, with the warm summer wind brushing my cheek.

2. Watch the fireflies light up their behinds as watching their rear-ends go on and off is hilarious. It is like a clapper, clap-on, clap-off,clap-on, clap-off.

The number one thing I wish to do before I leave this earth is.....drum roll please.........

Live life to its fullest , without any regrets!!! so if I am bungee jumping, dancing, petting dolphins, getting piercings, watching fireflies, or running naked in the woods I am living life to its fullest.

My God this was exhausting now it is time for a glass of wine, anyone care to join me?

copyright © 2009


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