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Shark Tank Seas 3 Ep 7 Tingling Kisses, Smart Baker, Heat Helper, and 2 Sharks Kiss What?

Updated on April 10, 2015

This Is Not A Joke They Kissed

Kisstixx a lip balm that could make kissing a new experience for anyone, (even 2 of the sharks), a Daisy Cake update that's astonishing, Heat Helper for your dryer to save $$$, Smart Baker products that could have any baker from novice to pro looking like a genius would be enough for a great show. But then, when Kevin (the devil) and Barbara kiss and I'm talking smack dab on the lips not just a peck on the cheek, it's a show stopping, jaw dropping, should I be on medication for this moment episode.

Oh yeah, almost forgot (not really), there is a "beep beep" that standing alone validates every negative statement made about lawyers and attorneys on the planet, and then when you hear what he thinks this country was built on it will make you cringe. Shoot he may have even made Kevin look sweet. Wait, is that possible?

Better put your boots on for this one cause we'll be wading in some REAL murky waters in this tank.

Ahhhhh My Eyes My Eyes

I thought $5.99 was a good price for the two pack
I thought $5.99 was a good price for the two pack | Source

This Is How It All Got Started

Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo are first into the tank and are the developers of Kisstixx. Kisstixx has a lip balm packaged in compatible flavors. When worn by both partners their lips meet giving them a tingling sensation along with a burst of flavor and aroma which is a combination of the two flavors. They give an example of Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri mixed taste like the drink Miami Vice. They have numerous flavors and are looking for a $200,000 investment for 20% of the company.

This is sounding like a very unique, interesting product and then they show how they brought their kissing booth with them and every booth needs a beautiful woman offering Barbara to join them. Barbara jumps back with a "Hold it right there whose gonna kiss me?" I mean come on 3 out of 4 of the sharks are, well I'd be running to get in that chair Were talking Daymond John (Whoaaa yeah) Mark Cuban (UmmmHm) and Robert Herjavec (Ahhhhh) but wait there's always that slight possibility but what are the odds? NO, NO, it can't be as she starts walking towards the chair Kevin pops up right behind her. Barbara is trying not to be rude by asking "Did you invite him?" They're given the Fire and Ice which is their best seller. Barbara puts on the balm and likes the tingle Wait Kevin is telling Barbara if he turns to stone he's going to be unhappy. Kevin I don't think your the one to be worrying and then the sharks start chanting "Kiss, kiss, kiss".

You gotta watch the video it was definitely a moment Barbara is covering her eyes, Robert and the guys have their cells out taking video, and then they have to kiss again because the first was like a tap and run. Ahhhhhh

After everybody settles down Kevin asks about sales which are 80k in not quite a year. They realize that the company should be worth sales and a half however they bring out the vendor agreement with Walgreens for a Valentines promotion which will bring 540k in sales Mark wants to know the cost to make verses wholesale which is 85 cents to over a dollar and they sell them for 3. They will make 337 thousand on the Walgreens order (hello) They also were approved two weeks ago for over 480 food stores (another ca-ching). If that wasn't enough there are new ideas for breath sprays (Kiss and Miss) and gum.

Barbara is saying it could just be the after effect of kissing Kevin O Leary, (ya think were talking therapy here) but my gut is saying big time no and I'm out. Kevin can't get to the million dollar eval and thinks their doing great but finds it interesting that the two people that kissed aren't doing the deals. HELLO would you after getting kissed by Kevin instead of Daymond, Mark or Robert.

Roberts on the fence stating push me one way or another. They talk about how hard working they are and how they've knocked on doors for sales. Mark offers 200k for 40% Daymond states Marks offer is better than what he would have made along with Robert who agrees even though he loves to compete against Mark (and we love to watch) his offer is better, so now they are both out.

They accept Marks offer and I think they will do extremely well. I mean come on they got Barbara to kiss Kevin


Daisy Cakes Update Ohhh Their Carrot Cake

Last year when Kimberly Nelson, owner of Daisy Cakes struck a deal with Barbara Cocoran they were selling about 2000 cakes a year. Now they average about a $100,000 in sales a month. Needless to say she's not making them at home anymore but the quality remains the same.

One of her favorite things along with shipping her cakes all over the country, is being able to write little notes bringing them a little southern love with their favorite cake, (that's what I'm talking about)

She states how great it is working with Barbara, how smart and creative she is along with being well connected. She is living her dream thanks to Shark Tank and Barbara.

I knew it when I saw the show (OK yeah maybe the fact that I LOVE CAKE/FOOD helps). Don't believe me take a look at my review of that episode.


Want to Be a Smart Baker or Just Look Like One

Stephanie and Daniel Rensing are next in the tank with their products produced by their company Smart Baker. They begin by talking about how more and more people are beginning to bake at home making things from scratch to save money. They are looking for a $75,000 investment for a 25% stake.

Some of their products include an apron with ingredient conversions which are written upside down for easy reading, parchment paper precut with lift tabs, and the cupcake/treat tower made out of pvc so it is reusable and has adjustable tiers.

When the sharks start asking about sales they expect to do 140k this year and net 100k of that. Daniel works full time with the company and Stephanie just found out two weeks ago she lost her job. They start talking about marketing at trade shows and the internet.

Mark lets them know he is such an internet geek that he might hold them back and is out. Kevin tells them how their evaluation of the company is fair, there is just not enough meat on the bone for him and he is out. Robert doesn't know that much about the cooking and baking industry and wouldn't be of value to them so he is out. You can see the disappointment in their faces as they are left with only 2 more shots.

Daymond offers them the 75k for 40% and you can just see Stepanies face light up with her glimmering smile. Barbara states she could go either way with this and lets them know about Daisy cakes and how they went from doing 3k to over 100k a month but she made certain stipulations very clear. Barbara offers them the same 75k for 40% but wants a 5% return on everything sold which she states is a return and that Daymond will call it a royalty. She makes them aware he knows nothing about the business and she knows the marketing, distribution, etc, but Daymond states what she knows is how to kiss butt and lie (ouch)

After a few more squabbles as to who knows what they take Barbaras offer and run

Daymond tells Barbara that he was going to license the business and even though he doesn't like to lose is happy for them.


A Heat Helper for Your Dryer Sweet

Lyle Shooty is next with an idea he came up with when his wife got injured and he needed to raise the dryer. He then also thought of how to capture the heat for economic purposes. He is looking for a one hundred thousand dollar investment for a 50% stake in his company, Heat Helper. He explains how Heat Helper works, which unlike other dryers that pushes the hot air outside, the air is filtered and blown back in.

Mark is the first to state that if his wife hurt her back and he didn't do the laundry for her, he'd be black and blue. Lyle lets him know that he had a dirt business that did extremely well, he was gone all day long and his wife was a stay at home mom so she cut him some slack. OK wait just a dog gone minute here, you mean to tell me that Mark is a multi billionaire and his wife still does laundry. Maybe he is the slave driver (his words not mine) he claims to be.

He has sold 680 units at $99 a piece and was in their local WalMart and Lowes store but as special orders only. He lets them know an average family of four will save about $189 a year.

When the sharks ask how many he has sold in the last year and it's 20, the dirt starts running downhill quickly. Lyle explains several years ago he had to close the business because his dirt business was doing so well and he couldn't do both, but it doesn't seem to help.

Daymond lets him know that if WalMart and Lowes can't do it then he is out. Kevin tells him he loves him because he can sell dirt but he doesn't feel this is gonna be a huge business and is out. Barbara is uncomfortable that the business just sat on the side for awhile and now he wants to bring it back and she is out, Robert is out, along with Mark who explains it's hard to write a check for someone who is not eating, sleeping, and breathing the business and is out.

After he walks out the sharks talk about what a great guy he is and Kevin says he should of let us invest in the dirt business.

Well Here He Comes The Walking Testimonial

Scott Jordan is the founder and CEO of TEC, Technology Enabled Clothing. He is seeking a $500,000 investment for 15% of his company. You can see Daymonds eyebrows lifting on this one so you know it's gonna be good Scott talks about how he always has all of his gadgets with him, cell phone, digital camera, there's a laptop on the table and he tells the sharks how he has all of these items in his vest. .

Although I like the specialty lined pockets which are clear and allow access and maybe running the wire through the clothing ( believe it or not he has a patent for that) to listen to music, wireless technology is getting so much better and having 22 pockets is overkill for me. When he opens up the vest it reminded me of one of the guys on the streets in NY selling watches and jewelry. I mean isn't that why Android and IPhones are getting larger screens, better wireless sound quality and better camera and video quality daily?

To say that this guy (in my opinion) is an attorney (oops was an attorney) is a pompous butt head is an understatement literally to the point that I think you should watch the videos (esp the second one) and decide for yourself. Oh yeah wait until you hear his name dropping and who he has to call Unbelievable!

He states how he intends to license TEC to every major clothing manufacturer and makes this a billion dollar opportunity.

Robert tells him he was flipping through a magazine two days ago and saw an ad for a retail product that looked similar and wants to know if that was his. Scott explains yes and that he wanted to build the retail side making the name known and then do the licensing The retail side has done 5.2 mill thus far and on schedule to do 12 mill this year. When he lets them know that the retail company is not part of this deal the jaws open wide

Daymond wants to know what is the technology were buying, Burton has been putting headphones in hoods for years. Scott lets him know yes the headphones but not the wiring through the clothing He explains how he settled with 11 companies such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, etc etc. and Kevin wants to know if he's getting a royalty. First Scott says that settlement is subject to confidentiality, but then states yes that he is getting a royalty (not so confidential now is it?) Kevin tells him he needs him because he knows how to sue people and Mark can't help but laugh.

Then when questioned about what the actual property is they would be buying and he explains pretty much the ability to put holes in the fabric for wiring Mark is seeing red. Ok not just red blood red and lets him know that this is what's wrong with this country, being able to patent a dumb ass idea and then sue. Scott begins to get cocky stating how he used to be a lawyer and stopped because he couldn't handle dealing with that stuff, (I wonder what the real reason is) He goes on about how it has been proven in litigation, reexamined and stuck.

Scott states, "That's what this country was formed on" Seriously,are you kidding me? What history class did you take? When Daymond states how Scott can grow his company to a billion dollar company and have the right not to pay them Scott quickly returns with that's negotiable. WHAT? Was he actually trying to pull one over on the sharks?

Watch the second video I don't think I've ever seen the tank so fired up, (Wheeew) When Robert makes an offer of $500,000 for 15% of the retail business, it is on big time. That's insane, and now the flesh begins to tear.

If that wasn't enough he has to go call Woz (co-founder Apple) to see what he thinks about the offers, (if this was for publicity, probably not the best idea for him) and after a few more spears are thrown, there is no deal. Who the heck would want to work with this guy anyway? Oh yeah Kevin.

OK I don't know about you but I'm worn out just watching them and if you missed it you can always watch it at ABC or Hulu's website

Have an incredible day.

PS If anyone should happen to read this from the show could you please put in a suggestion to do more wardrobe changes next season if your going to be shooting several shows in one day. I know they probably don't think it's a big deal but I've seen enough of Barbara's red dress, Lori's black one, and the same suits on the guys. I mean they look great but they should be showing off. Speaking of showing off Daymond the whole suspender thing was ever so fine. Thank you and your viewers would appreciate it.


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    • Charlu profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Florida

      I don't know but will definitely find out. He looks so good in suspenders, actually he always looks good. Thanks for stopping by and I'm off to research.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Where in the hell are Damon's beautiful suspenders and where can they be purchased?

    • Charlu profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Traqqer I'm glad to hear from another fan of the show and agree 110% about watching them kiss. It was so funny I just couldn't believe it. I have been addicted to Shark Tank since the first time I saw it. Thanks for taking the time to share your great comments and have an incredible day.

    • Traqqer profile image


      6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I love this show and this episode was great. Watching Kevin and Barbara kiss was worth every penny. This site provides some more information on the show:

    • Charlu profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Peggy I love this show It's amazing some of the things people come up with. 15 yr old millionaires that started at 10 deigning bottle caps. Thanks for taking the time to share,for your votes, and I love all the questions you've posted lately.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I have never watched this show but now thanks to your writing this hub, I have an idea of what it is about. Thanks. Voted interesting and up.


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