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Shower Radio – Buy A Jensen Shower Radio

Updated on March 24, 2013
Shower Radio - Buy A Jensen Shower Radio
Shower Radio - Buy A Jensen Shower Radio

Buy A Waterproof Shower Radio

If you are on the hunt for a multi purpose shower radio which you can use without worrying about getting it broken as a consequence of steam that will surround it in the shower room, then a Jensen Shower Radio with a combined CD player could be the thing for you.

There are quite a few models to choose from and you can find the range for sale at Amazon today.

This particular radio is multi functional as it's got the following attributes:

A Radio With AM/FM Tuner

This radio contains a built in memory in order to programme as well as set it to your favourite radio channels.

A Compact Disc Player & Digital Clock

This radio combo comes with a front loading CD player making it really easy to use.

It's always handy to have a clock close by so that you don't indulge yourself too much when you are in the shower and you'll be able to keep on schedule.

A Mirror That Is Steam Resistant

It's always quite frustrating when you want to take a quick look at the mirror but the vapour has made it all misty. A steam resistant mirror will stay crystal-clear irrespective of the vapours produced from your hot water from the shower.

A Head Phone Jack Is Included

If you decide to choose to use this radio somewhere else, it's possible to listen to it without annoying others.

There Is A Handy Hook And Base Stand Included

The hanger enables you to attach this waterproof bathroom radio directly on your shower head or curtain rail meaning you can have your music really close to your ears for best sound.

You will find that if you choose, you can place this radio onto a counter top or on your shelf given that it is produced with a good and level base so that it can be put in every room in your home.

Battery Controlled Or AC Adapter

If you are using this water-resistant radio in the shower, then you just have to insert 4 small batteries. Alternatively, it's possible to plug in the AC adapter and run it from the mains.

This is just one example of the type of shower radio that you could purchase online today.

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