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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 6, Audition 3 (Boston)

Updated on September 23, 2009

Audition 1, Los Angeles

Audition 2, Phoenix

The guest judge for Boston was Tyce Diorio.

Straight to Vegas

In addition to those below on Day 1 they also showed them putting Kimara Wood straight through but didn’t show much of his performance.

Teddy Tedholm (Contemporary) – A little odd in my book.  Rather frenetic.  I can tell he has talent, and technique, I think his choreography had too much crammed in for me.  Tyce was really feeling him by the look on his face.  The argyle pants HAVE to go!  The judges just went on and on about how fabulous he is.  And Tyce loved his pants.

Jean Lloret (B-boying) – He did one move on his hands that almost had me screaming like Mary!  His downrock is amazing.  SICK!  I used rewind 3 times to watch it again.  The judges said nothing, they just gave him a ticket to Vegas!

Karen and Matthew Hauer (Latin) – I liked her more than him, but he may have looked better had he not been wearing baggy clothes.  Not the best choreography I have seen, but you can tell that they know what they are doing.  Mary said Karen is one hot tamale, that they can dance, solid technique.  Tyce said said they look fantastic and dance fantastic.  Nigel had nothing to say apparently.

Through to Choreography

The choreography round this season for auditions is a Latin dance with Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis from Season 3. 

Day 1 – On Day 1 28 people made it through to choreography.

Channing Cooke (Contemporary) – Her performance was really strong and unique; she did one leap I really loved.  She has mega personality too.  Nigel said she had a beautiful quality to her work, great technique.  Mary LOVED IT!  Tyce loves her and said she is awesome, amazing and fantastic but that she needs to learn to go farther in her performance, add more passion and guts.  They put her through, she did really well.

Ryan Casey (Tap) – He is 6’8” tall, sheesh!  He needs to do something about the look on his face while he dances, but his tapping was really good.  He needs to put a bit more personality in it and work on his upper body to be able to pass the other tappers.  Tapping is always dramatic from a tall person.  Nigel said that at times he looks ungainly due to his upper body, but his feet are great.  Mary said he really brought it and really varied his tapping level well.  Tyce said he was so good but needed to work on controlling his arms.  They didn’t put him through.

Russell Ferguson (Krump) – He gets some serious krump face at times.  I don’t know enough about krump to really judge, but I really liked it a lot, a lot of originality and variation in his moves.  Nigel liked it but wants to see him do more.  Mary asked if he has experience with other styles and he listed off all sorts including ballet.  Tyce said it was filthy and dirty.  He was put through, I was surprised at how well he handled Latin.

Fabrizio “Breeze” Jenkins (Popping/Locking) – It was okay until he jumped up and landed on his own feet, rolled his ankle, and fell over backwards, but I give him credit for carrying on.  He was by far not my favorite ever.  Nigel and Mary said they thought it was good.  Tyce spoke my mind and said he needs to train.  He got through to choreography with only 2 yes votes, Tyce said no.  His ankle was bothering him so he bowed out.

8 others from day one also made it through to Vegas.

Day 2 – They didn’t say how many people made it to the choreography portion.

Gene Bersten (Latin) – WAY TOO FULL OF HIMSELF!  He definitely has the hip action down, but he didn’t really do much difficult footwork in my opinion.  And his facial expressions need to go.  Mary told him he was a hottie with great technique, then he tore his shirt open, she was worried about his facial expressions.  Tyce basically agreed with Mary, and said his eyebrow popping was a bit desperate.  Nigel said he has great musicality.  He made it through, I don’t see him sticking around though, he is way too arrogant.

Kevin “K’Bez” Hunte (Hip-Hop) – He auditioned before back in Season 3 but didn’t get sent on.  I thought it was relatively run-of-the mill frankly.  Nothing that made me say WOW!  Mary asked if he has been training since he last auditioned, he said he has done some contemporary, she said it was good but not great.  Nigel thought it was good.  Tyce called him on not showing he had any contemporary training in his audition and said that his approach to his back flip was took way too long.  They put him through to Vegas.

21 others from day one also made it through to Vegas.

Ten dancers from Day 1 and 23 dancers from Day 2 got tickets to Vegas after the choreography round.


There was some serious scary, thankfully they didn’t show much of it.  It caused Tyce to lose his mind and become blatantly honest, which I always love.

Paul (Didn’t even catch his last name, I was too busy being in shock!) (There are no words) – He calls it a movement invention.  My first thought was that I think he was at least 10 years over the age limit.  I give him props for his energy, that is about it.  So.  Completely.  CONFUSING!  Nigel said it felt like he was ice skating at one point and that he really doesn’t know where to begin  He then asked him his age and he said he is 46.  Nigel asked if he wanted an honest critique and got no answer, so Nigel told him it wasn’t really dancing.  Mary said it was entertaining but that she was laughing for all the wrong reasons.  Tyce asked if he was serious and he said he has been dancing his whole life and it was his best performance but he knows he was off his turns.  SO ODD!

Next up—Atlanta (with Lil C as the 3rd judge)


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