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Characteristics about The chinese sign, year of the sheep

Updated on May 9, 2013

Year of the Sheep

People who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Sheep are known to be gifted, artistic, charming, and elegant plus they have a passion for nature. They are also known to be creative in almost everything that they do. Sheep have a lot of friends because they are charming and have an outstanding manner, which everyone will surely like to have in a friend.

On the other hand, they can become very insecure which is why they always need to be protected and loved at all times. When it comes to confronting the certain situation, they usually lose the confidence that they have in their mind. This can result for them failing in every conflict that they are in. Making decisions can also be a problem to them, since they don't actually trust that they can make good decisions on their own.

Sheep are known to worry too much about things that are almost nothing to some people. They also have the tendency to feel lazy at times, which is why they prefer to be with someone who can work for them so they can relax and enjoy being laid back. Another thing that people should know about sheep is that they are obsessed with the appearance that they possess. The reason behind this is because if they don't look good, they won't be able to go out even to do the simplest task that they have in mind.

People under the Sheep sign are known to be nature lovers, which is why they are often seen on beaches, camps and other places that are related to nature. They also love reading certain books because they believe that by reading books, it will take them to places that they haven't visited yet. This may sound very positive, but this is what Sheep tends to do whenever they are alone and whenever they are in the middle of nowhere enjoying the scenery around them.

Metal Sheep 1931 and 1991

This astrological sign in the Chinese Zodiac is known to protect themselves, which is why they often look tough on the outside. The family and close friends that metal Sheep are affiliated with know that this is not the real feelings that they have. They are definitely aware that sheep act like this to avoid hurting themselves. Metal Sheep often treat other people the same way, which is definitely awkward for them. They are very vulnerable and protective of their family and close friends, which is good but odd for some. On the other hand, people under the metal Sheep are known to be in love with the arts.

Water Sheep 1943 and 2003

Sheep under the element of water often flow with the rest of the things around them. They have the ability to be satisfied even in the simplest things on earth. They can walk under the evening sky, without feeling at all bored. People who are water Sheep are known to get perfectly fine with other people, which make them a good companion to other people. They also want security, which is why if they find a place where they feel comfortable in, they will make sure to stay there quite often. They lack confidence, despite the fact that they seem witty and very well-spoken to other people. People who are water Sheep tend to feel upset if they don't get what they really want.

Wood Sheep 1956 and 2015

People who are wood Sheep prefer being in a big crowd because they enjoy the company of a lot of people. They love helping people who are in need, and they are also known to be very compassionate in everything that they do. Sometimes they get hurt because a lot of people are taking advantage of their sincere gestures in life. This can be a problem to them, especially if they don't control their feelings with other people. Sheep under the wood element should start knowing how to love themselves first, before caring for other people. This will avoid avoid hurting their feelings too often.

Fire Sheep 1907 and 1967

The Sheep under the element of fire don't often get hurt, and they can often decide without the help of other people. These traits are typical to fire Sheep because they know how to properly take care of their own selves. They always know when to stand up and when to let go, which is definitely a good trait. They love going to theaters, which makes them very charismatic and vivacious to a lot of people. People should also know that they only enjoy making friends with limited people, and they also love being with their families. The limelight is where they always want to belong.

Earth Sheep 1919 and 1979

People who are born under the earth element of the Sheep are known to be stable in everything that they do, despite the fact that they don't often have confidence. They are also known to be practical when it comes to certain situations, and very independent when it comes to themselves. One of the most precious assets that an earth Sheep has is the family that he has. They can typically work harder than usual just to give every little thing to their family. If you are friends with an earth Sheep, you need to be prepared because they love being happy and this kind of happiness is definitely contagious.

Overall, people who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Sheep are very sensitive, romantic and sweet. They often become very lazy and bossy at times, but they always make sure to still be gentle with the people around them. If you are around a person who is born under the astrological sign of the Sheep, you will definitely find them irresistible. Now if you’re friends with them, enjoying their companion will definitely benefit not only you, but the friendship that you have with them as well. They look for loyalty and care when it comes to making friends with people around them.


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    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

      I just read that the Wood Sheep (1956) like to be in large crowds and around a lot of sister was born in 1956 and this could not be further from the truth! She is introverted, despises all crowds and does not like to be around large groups of people.

      It was an interesting article though. Thanks for sharing. :)