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Song of the Day - 9 Aug. 2013

Updated on August 9, 2013

Fiona Apple - "Hot Knife"

I have been a fan of Ms. Apple ever since the mid-90s when she released the genius track "Criminal". She made a name for herself at a very young age, and she continues to make music of her own kind to this day. Her latest album, The Idler Wheel..., came out last year (and it actually has a much longer name that I don't feel like writing in full). Even though it is the last song on the album, "Hot Knife" is definitely the most Apple-esque track. It starts out with just rhythmic drum beats and Fiona's own voice laying down the basis for the rest of the song. We then hear some piano, and more layered vocals, explaining that her man makes her feel like melty butter when he's around. It's a very passionate love song that takes an alternate route to express said love. Very unique and very catchy.

Where To Get The Single


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