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Songs From the Heart - and the Lawyers

Updated on February 3, 2012

Paper Towel-Like Deliberate Disposal of Talent

Songs from the Heart - in Memorium
Songs from the Heart - in Memorium

Like the CD itself, the DVD, omits certain key songs that seriously diminish the whole concert experience.

I think the group shown was the best arrangement of performers in terms of diversity, cohesiveness and uniqueness. I love Meav and Orla, and I continue to buy their works as they trickle to the surface. So, any inference about the earlier "members" is nothing but sympathetic.

I put the term "members" in quote marks because I'm convinced that all the "ex" members must have signed something like one-year contracts and signed off on nondisclosure agreements, proprietary rights agreements, various waivers, etc., thus leaving the "dear departed" without the ability to perform any of the songs they presented while Celtic Woman, along with disclosures that probably forbade them from creating any similar group on their own -- some kind of non-compete agreement

Thus, we are given revolting pablum that the ladies wanted to spend more time with family members or not travel so much during the year (poppycock). I'm sure that Alex and Lynn probably pulled in something like $1M (US) each for their tour (and good for them). They may have realized that the gold mine wasn't going to last, but they went ahead and joined anyway. If nothing else, they could tout that they were once part of CW -- and that was good exposure. Hayley Westenra may have dumped CW voluntarily, as she probably saw more opportunity as an individual performer than as part of an ensemble.

Lisa Lambe is the new sacrificial lamb (no pun intended). Who knows how long she will last -- one season, maybe two?

I seriously doubt that either Alex Sharp or Lynn Hilary will fill in for Lisa Kelly while she is on maternity leave. I think they still have an ashen taste in their mouths. Perhaps the CW ladies have been angels during all the changes, but for management, I leave only fish heads.


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