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Story: The Forbidden Door - Part 2

Updated on August 10, 2017

The Forbidden Door - Part 2

5 stars for The Forbidden Door

I take my things and immediately move me I returned home but when I took three steps a group of young people of my age stopped me and told me the following:

- One moment Ted - they knew my name - you can´t leave, you do not know that we are in boarding school and you can´t leave here.

- Of course - I pretended to understand what they were talking about and return to where they were watching me.

- We have to go back to our rooms because otherwise we will be punished - Bruce recalled - I followed them and everything was normal, in fact this place seemed familiar to me, which did not make sense was that I had been here five years ago when I was hospitalized A couple of years when my parents worked abroad and could not take care of me or take me with them.

When I entered my bedroom I began to review it and I was missing many things, in fact I could not work with everything in it, all this was very mysterious and I just waited for a moment of distraction to be able to flee from this place. When the head of the bedroom area arrives, I ask myself the following:

- Everything okay, Ted? – He seemed a very mysterious guy and pretended his tone of voice, it was evident that this was a disorder and that had not been occupied in a long time.
- Yes sir, I just have some things left to do my job well.

- Make me a list of everything you need and give it to Sam, okay?

- One more question - I did not miss this valuable opportunity - When I have free time to go visit my family?

- Let me ask the Director - I saw him very confused and it seemed that the question did not please him - some people leave tomorrow but they had processed his permission a month ago.

- Thank you sir - the man said goodbye and I immediately started to make the list that I had left homework and when I finish it I started to find out who were going to go home, then I walked through the corridors of the boarding school casually I found fences Of the director's office and I saw the shadows of several people who apparently were trying something important, I came as close as I could to listen to what they talked about and this was what they said:

- Young Ted should not know what this is all about.

- Very well, sir - said one of them, and his voice was that of the chief of the dormitories - I do not think you should be given permission to leave this place.

- Well, watch it well ... your presence here is very important for us - I immediately took my things and I left this place, I knew that something was wrong and I was not going to stay to find out, all this was something other than a boarding school For adolescents ... I had already taken my precautions and had stolen the order to leave Carlos, one of my companions who were going to leave tomorrow, change his name for mine and change the date for today, When he gets to the front door he hands it to the guard and he did not seem to pay much attention as he was watching his favorite soap opera on television.

- Very well, my boy, everything is in order - He opened the door and I left without much haste and he immediately went to see his television program.

At the moment I fled from this place and ran as far as I could without caring that I penetrated between valleys, hills, parks and streets I did not know ... I was sorry to have thrown myself into this adventure, those guys wanted to kidnap me and they knew things Of my life, all that was a hoax, I got on the first bus I saw, but the truth is that I felt a deep loneliness in this place, what I wanted most was to come to my house and tell my parents and grandfather that I loved them a lot and I would never disobey them, but I came to think that all this was a nightmare, I do not know, maybe those guys were aliens and they had abducted me, but what did they want from me? I do not know, maybe this was the same purgatory that the priest said at his Mass and had not noticed, whatever it was I had to leave this hell and as soon as possible because my

The Forbidden Door - Part 2

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© 2017 Guillermo Perez Guillen


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