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String Swing Guitar Hangers - A Good Buy?

Updated on February 14, 2011

String Swing Hardwood Guitar Wall Hanger


If you play your guitar regularly, you probably aren’t going to want to keep it in its case (unless maybe it’s a super-expensive model), as taking the instrument in and out of a case every time you want to play it gets tedious very quickly. What you want instead is a way to keep it within easy reach, so you can just pick it up and play whenever you feel like it.

A lot of people just lean their guitar against the wall (and I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past), but that is a risky business – be prepared to have it fall over on a regular basis if you do this! A better option is to use a proper guitar stand or hanger. Stands work well, but they take up quite a bit of floor space, are prone to getting walked into/knocked over, and some people are wary of the possible damage that the material of some stands may cause to the guitar’s finish.

An alternative is to use a guitar wall hanger. With a hanger, the guitar is out of the way, secure (providing it’s a good hanger and the guitar is placed properly within it), and there’s minimal contact between the hanger and the instrument. Plus you can admire your guitar hanging on the wall like a work of art!

If you decide to go with a hanger, String Swing’s guitar hangers are a great choice – in fact, their CC01 hanger is a best-seller within the market, and has garnered rave reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

The CC01(K) String Swing Guitar Hanger

So, what’s so great about this hanger?

For one thing, it looks pretty. This might not be a priority, but if you want a nice-looking house, you don’t want any old junky fittings attached to your wall, and this hanger is quite visually appealing in itself. It’s made from natural hardwood (and as such, each one is unique), with an attractive grain, and the yoke (the arms that the guitar hangs on) is a nice neutral black/brown combination.

More importantly, providing the hanger is mounted on the wall correctly, this is a secure way to store your guitar. It’s kept out the way, and the hanger itself is padded with foam rubber, so the parts that come into contact with the instrument won’t cause any scratches. The yoke is also shaped in such a way that the guitar won’t slide off accidentally.

It’s easy to install, and you don’t have to be some kind of DIY genius to fit it. You can screw it into the wall studs if that’s convenient (probably the most secure option), but you can also use the drywall mounts that come with the hanger if not.

It’s versatile too – it can be used with both acoustic and electric guitars with different sizes and shapes of headstock (including asymmetrical headstocks), and even with mandolins too. Electric guitars will normally hang quite a distance from the wall, whereas acoustics will be closer to the wall itself. If your guitar has a deep body, it may touch the wall – if this is the case, you may want to stick some protective plastic or other material on the wall to prevent any wear to your paint or wallpaper. Or you could try the specially designed ‘bumper’ for a stylish solution.

Bear in mind too that having the guitar in contact with an exterior wall isn’t a great idea, as changes in temperature and humidity could cause problems. Many people prefer to keep their guitars in a humidity-controlled room, especially if they’re valuable, or older.

This is a low cost hanger too – at less than $10, this hanger isn’t going to break the bank, but it looks and performs like one that costs more.

CC01 or CC01K?

Note that the original model of this hanger was called the CC01, and String Swing have recently introduced a new model, called the CC01K. It appears that both versions are still being sold. These are similar, but there are some differences, including the size of the yoke, and the fact that it’s not adjustable by width on the new version. The CC01 also has ‘keeper rings’ on the ends of the arms, whereas the CC01K doesn’t (instead, the CC01K has arms that are more angled with a deeper ‘cradle’). The model illustrated at the top of this page is the CC01K. Confusingly, Amazon have pictures of both types on the same listing!

Downsides… well, it does state on the manufacturer’s site that ‘shades may vary’, so if you’re buying more than one of these, you’re not guaranteed to get them in matching woods. Whether or not that’s a problem depends on how much you care about having everything perfectly co-ordinated! But it’s something to be aware of.

There’s a weight limit too – the hanger shouldn’t be used with guitars weighing over 15lb, so if you have a heavier electric model, you’ll need to look elsewhere. And if your guitar is extremely valuable, you might not be too comfortable having it suspended halfway up the wall, even on a solid hanger like this one.

Other String Swing Guitar Hangers

As mentioned earlier, String Swing also do some other, non-wood guitar hangers. The most popular include:

CC11 Guitar Hanger

There is the CC11 wide guitar hanger in black metal, which has the same yoke as the CC01 – and you can also get this in white.

CC11NB Guitar Hanger

There’s the CC11NB, also in black metal – this is for electric guitars:

Stage Guitar Hanger

If you play live, you might be interested in String Swing’s Stage Guitar Hanger, which is similar to the wall hangers discussed, but this one has a round base that’s designed to be mounted to a rack or amp. Though you could probably attach it to a wall too, if you like the look of it.

And if you play other stringed instruments, such as the banjo or ukulele, you can find similar hangers for them too (in fact String Swing make hangers for a whole variety of instruments - you can see their full range on the official site, although they’re generally cheaper on Amazon).

So if you’re looking for a convenient way to store your guitar (or guitars) while keeping it within easy reach, a String Swing guitar hanger could be just what you need.


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