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Supernatural: Crowley

Updated on May 14, 2012

Mark Sheppard appears in yet another television show. For real, this guy appears in everything. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if he is mentioned in the Bible at this point. Every television show I have watched, he has been in. Supernatural does a good job of casting him and his sarcastic style in the role of the sarcastic crossroad demon, Crowley. Crowley is a simple demon of simple tastes. He isn't one for the grand schemes put in place by Lucifer, he simply wants that natural order of things. Humans make deals, he collects souls and torments them. He is a survivalist, he will always side with the best hand the serves his best interests. In fact, he is the only demon throughout the entire canon of the series that was not loyal to Lucifer. He knew that if Lucifer were to win the fight, his attention would turn from the humans to demons. Once Lucifer is out of the picture, he becomes the King of Hell and his plans begin to become a bit more diabolical.

Crowley is first introduced in the tenth episode of season five entitled, "Abandon All Hope". The Winchesters learn from Becky in the previous episode that a demon named Crowley is in possession of the Colt. They figure if they can get a hold of the Colt, they can use it to kill the Lucifer. Becky explains that Crowley was Lilith's right hand man and when Bela gave away the Colt, she actually handed it to Crowley. The boys have Castiel find Crowley as he is in the middle of a crossroads deal with a man who looks to have big pockets. After the deal goes down, Castiel follows Crowley to his hideout to which he cannot enter due to the Enochian sigils around the establishment. Sam and Dean get the help of Jo to get inside of his home as she distracts the demons at the front gate. While Jo distracts them, Sam and Dean ninja past the guards only to kill them from behind. The boys cut off the power inside the home and go in to confront Crowley. Crowley welcomes them with what you could say is, open arms. He kills the demons that are in the house and invites them into his private office where he keeps the Colt. Dean is hesitant to trust a demon for obvious reasons but Crowley explains that Lucifer is an Angel, as an angel he has a natural hatred for demons that long extends past his hatred for humans. He views demons solely as servants to his plans to eradicate humans. Crowley even goes ahead and gives them bullets for it. Crowley explains that Lucifer can be found in Carthage, Missouri and Dean explains that his own head is on the chopping block for helping them against Lucifer. Crowley explains he was going into hiding anyways, and further instructs them to not miss.

Crowley resurfaces again in an attempt to help the boys find the two of the Horsemen. Pestilence and Death are all that remain but also Lucifer was planning to start the spread of the Croatoan virus. He leads them to a demon named Brady who has a history with Sam who is Pestilence's personal assistant. The trio grill Brady to find the whereabouts of the horsemen and eventually get it, but Crowley also reveals that he now has to hideout from all demons. He further explains that he expected the Colt to work and was equally disappointed when it didn't work on Lucifer. After the boys kill Pestilence and acquire his ring, they turn their attention to Death. Crowley sees a opportunity to further help the Winchesters chances in the war by healing Bobby's injury. While it was a crossroad deal, it took the soul of Bobby which he promised he would give back after dealing with Lucifer. With Bobby walking again, Crowley and Dean head to Chicago to search for Death while he also hands Dean the scythe that Death uses. It is a sure fire weapon to kill Death. When they reached Chicago, Crowley explained that he knew where Death was due to the fact that Reapers were all around a warehouse that Death was supposedly hiding out at. Crowley checks the inside and surprisingly doesn't find him. The two are about to leave Chicago before Death levels it and Crowley notices Death inside of a pizza parlor that Dean goes into. With Death's location found and Dean going for him, Crowley vanishes for quite some time.

Crowley appears in a much bigger role in season six as for one, he still has Bobby's soul and becomes the big bad of the season. In the episode "Weekend At Bobby's", Bobby summoned Crowley to regain his soul. Crowley, being an untrustworthy demon, refuses to give Bobby back his soul. Bobby expected this and lured Crowley into a devil's trap only to see that Crowley himself expected to be trapped. Crowley reveals that he came with his hellhound forcing Bobby to let him free. Bobby then decides to torture a crossroad's demon and learns that Crowley is now the King of Hell and also his human name, Fergus McLeod. He uses his human name to learn more about his background and learn that he has a son. Bobby once again summons Crowley only to notice that he is worn down. Crowley explains that running hell hasn't exactly been ideal seeing how he isn't particularly well liked as most demons followed Lucifer's plan. After sometime, Bobby asks for his soul back once again but gets rejected again. Bobby then uses a ring that he got from Rufus to summon Gavin, Crowley's son. Crowley fakes a sentimental moment with his son, which Bobby expected and revealed that his son told him where daddy's bones are. There was a legend that if you cook the bones of the human remains of a demon, that it kills the demon instantly. Bobby picked up the phone and called Sam and Dean who were right in front of Crowley's bones ready to burn them. Crowley grants Bobby's soul back and allows him to keep the ability to walk. It is also revealed later in the first half of the season that Crowley was working with Samuel Campbell in rounding up the Alpha monsters. In doing so he was determined on getting entry into Purgatory as he could net him plenty of power. The Winchesters work for him for a short period of time seeing how Sam had lost his soul when Crowley revived him from hell. In return for netting Crowley a live Alpha, he would return Sam's soul. However, it was all just a ruse as he could not actually get his soul back from the pit. It all comes to a head in the episode "Caged Heat", where the Winchesters with the help of Castiel close in on Crowley. After Crowley finally admits that he cannot bring Sam his soul back, Castiel toasts Crowley's bones.

Eve, the Mother of All that was released from Purgatory in "Like A Virgin", had a standoff with the Winchesters in the episode "Mommy Dearest" in which she explains that Crowley is still alive. Castiel promises that it is impossible but Eve insists that he is still alive and well. So much so that he is still torturing her children, the Alphas. After Eve is dealt with, Castiel is at the diner looking at Eve lying dead on the ground and Crowley appears behind him saying he will once again clean up his mess. It is then revealed that Crowley has been Castiel's partner in crime all along despite that the two constantly fight over the Winchesters. Crowley realizes that everyone before him had fallen due to underestimating the boys and having it be their undoing. Crowley instructs Castiel to kill them, but he refuses. Crowley takes matters into his own hands by sending his goons after them, but Castiel intervenes and kills the demons. In the episode "Let It Bleed", Crowley takes it one step further and kidnaps Lisa and Ben, Dean's pseudo-family. They realize it is a trap, but family is family. Crowley explains to Dean, that if he keeps chasing him that he will then be forced to harm Lisa and Ben. Castiel confronts Crowley on the matter upset that his partner didn't ask for permission. Crowley laughs it off and takes insurance by having a demon possess Lisa resulting in her suffering a severe injury that Castiel fixes. In the season six finale "The Man Who Knew Too Much". Castiel and Crowley begin setting up everything for the ritual as they are now ready. Castiel however, double crosses Crowley telling him that he won't give him any souls to make him more powerful. He is then given two options by Castiel, flee or die and being the survivalist that he is, he flees. Crowley then comes back with reinforcements, in the shape of Raphael the archangel that Castiel is in a war with. Crowley gives him the same options, in a sarcastic tone, to which Castiel leaves after throwing Crowley the jar of blood. Crowley conducts the ritual, but is shocked to see that nothing happens. Castiel reappears and Crowley realizes that he was given dog blood. Castiel explains that he went ahead with the ritual and took on the souls from Purgatory, Crowley sarcastically asks how it went. Castiel reveals his power in a bright white light, forcing Crowley to flee the scene to ensure his safety for the time being.

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