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Supernatural: The Colt

Updated on January 4, 2012

The Colt is a very important piece to the mythology of the CW's hit show Supernatural. Hell when you have a demon on your trail there is nothing better to have than the evil killing Colt. The Colt was made by Samuel Colt in 1835 for a hunter at the time. The colt has a pentagram on the handle and a latin inscription saying "non timebo mala" which stands for "I will fear no evil." It is first introduced in the episode Dead Man's Blood when John Winchester tells his son's about the legend of the Colt. It was widely believed to be that of a story that hunters would pass on to each other, but John believed that it truly existed. Even more so one of John's friends, Daniel Elkins turns up dead which raises some red flags. Elkins was murdered by a group of vampires who also stole the Colt. The Winchesters work to get the Colt back from them, interestingly enough this also marked the first episode with vampires. The Winchester's work out a plan that has Sam and Dean clear out the group of vampires as John makes a trade with the vampire leader Luther. John is holding Kate, Luther's lover, and agrees to hand her over for the Colt that he stole. John however is attacked by Luther and knocked out. Sam and Dean show up and attack Luther before he could kill John. While Luther is fighting the boys, John gets up on his feet, picks up the Colt and fires a round at Luther. The bullet instantly killed Luther proving the legend was in fact real. The Winchesters then decide to work together, as John realizes that he is wrong and that they are stronger together. They take the Colt to go and kill the yellow eyed demon that killed Mary Winchester.

"I hate these contacts!"
"I hate these contacts!"

Of course, things do not go smoothly. The Winchesters end up splitting up and John ends up getting kidnapped. When the boys find him they also find that he is surrounded by demons, but they still manage to get him to safety. Dean saves Sam from an attacking demon by going into his trunk, getting the Colt and using it on the demon. The Winchesters hide out in an abandoned cabin where they board up for the night. To their surprise, no demons come knocking. Dean has a talk with his father, where John consistently asks for the Colt. Dean puts two and two together and realizes if John was really his father, he would have been so mad at Dean for using one bullet on the Colt on a demon that wasn't the one that killed Mary. John reveals himself to be the yellow eyed demon as he was possessed when he was kidnapped. Sam and Dean get pinned to the wall and the yellow eyed demon tortures them for a little while until Sam breaks free and fires a round into John's leg. John is able to regain control of his body, but says he feels the demon still inside of him and orders Sam to fire once more killing him and the demon inside. Sam however cannot do it. Sam drives a severely injured Dean and John to the hospital where they get hit by a demon driving a truck.

At the hospital it is revealed that Dean may not pull through, so John decides to take matters into his own hands as he summons the yellow eyed demon to make a deal with. He offers his own soul up to him for Dean to live. Yellow eyes has no problem with it but explains that there is something that he wants even more than John, that of the Colt. John goes to see a recovered Dean and quickly dies afterward. Dean and Sam also notice that the Colt is gone and realize what their father had just done. The Colt comes back into play at the end of Season 2, as yellow eyes has the winner of his special children battle royale take the Colt to open a hundred square mile Devil's trap that Samuel Colt made to keep something imprisoned. Jake Talley, the winner of the special children bout, takes the Colt to the middle of the Devil's trap and opens the trap revealing that it is a gateway to Hell. Sam guns down Jake in a fit of revenge for stabbing him in the back, to which Dean takes the Colt from the gate when he sees yellow eyes walking around the sematary. With the gate to Hell opened, countless amount of demons are being released so Bobby and Ellen attempt to close the gate as Sam and Dean fight yellow eyes. However, by way of poetic justice the very deal that yellow eyes made turns out to be his undoing. With the gate to hell open John Winchester's soul is also freed and he grabs yellow eyes out of the body that he was possessing. While yellow eyes was distracted, Dean reaches for the Colt and waits for yellow eyes to re-possess the body he was just in and fires a round into his heart which kills the demon. However, the Colt now has no more bullets and is now essentially useless as hundreds of more demons roam the Earth.

The Winchesters and Bobby try to rebuild the Colt if you will after they opened the Devil's gate. Bobby doesn't get anywhere with the Colt until Ruby comes along and helps him. It's not entirely clear how she helped them, he may have been as simple as some spell she knew but she gets it to work. The brothers later end up losing the Colt as it is stolen from them by Bela Talbot. Which turns out, she was ordered to do by Lilith. Bela pawns the Colt off to some unknown buyer and isn't heard from for quite sometime. It does come back when the boys struggle to find something that can kill Lucifer as neither one of them want to surrender themselves over to Lucifer or Michael. Dean was meant to be the vessel of Michael (the loyal son), while Sam was meant to be the vessel of Lucifer (the disobedient son). A crossroads demon by the name of Crowley is found to be in possession of the Colt and the boys are given the Colt by him. Crowley explains how he simply want things to return to the way they were before, demons do evil things, hunters kill them. Crowley also realizes that when Lucifer is done his endgame that he would turn his attention to the abominations that he knows as demons. The boys find Lucifer in Carthage, and use the Colt on Lucifer but it has no effect on him. The Colt has been missing ever since.

"Ouch, sick burn."
"Ouch, sick burn."


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    • Nightmarephantom profile image

      Nightmarephantom 6 years ago from Columbia, MD

      I miss the Colt. I want Crowley to turn up with it again and use it to put holes in the Leviathans. If they wanna use guns on us, lets fire back...