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Supernatural DVDs – Buying The Supernatural DVD Box Set

Updated on March 7, 2010
Supernatural TV series
Supernatural TV series

Supernatural TV Series

Supernatural is a very popular TV series that first came to our screens in 2005. The series has gained wide spread popularity and there are several Supernatural DVD box sets that are available to buy.

The two main stars of the show are Jared Padalecki and Jensens Ackles. They play brothers called Sam and Dean Winchester and they hunt demons and deal with the paranormal.

They lost their mother when they were very young and her death was linked to something supernatural.

Their father became obsessed with trying to find out who killed his wife, when led him to teaching his children how to defend themselves against evil demons and spirits.

As they get older, one brother, Sam, rejects this lifestyle and wants to get on with his own life and do the normal stuff that young adults do.

However, he finds out that his father has disappeared so he rejoins Dean to find out what has happened and this is where the series really takes off.

There are several reasons why the Supernatural TVseries has gained popularity not only in America but around the world.

The storylines are excellent with a mixture of full on drama with a hint of comedy. This is usually courtesy of the character Dean, who responds to many of the sticky situations that the brothers find themselves in with witty one liners and smart retorts.

Jared Padalecki
Jared Padalecki

About Jared Padalecki

He is a very handsome American actor. He became very well known in the TV series The Gilmore Girls, where he played the boyfriend of one of the main characters, Rory Gilmore.

He stayed with the series for a couple of seasons. He has appeared in several big budget movies but is now much more well known as the taller and much more serious character of Sam Winchester.

Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles

About Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles has had many recurring TV roles as well as appearing in a range of movies.  A lot of people will remember him when he was in Days of Our Lives, where he played Eric Brady. 

This role led him to be nominated several times for a Daytime Emmy Award.  He starred with Jessica Alba in the very short lived but enjoyable series called Dark Angel and was also in Smallville.  Now he plays the very troubled Dean Winchester. 

supernaturalDVDs Season One
supernaturalDVDs Season One

Supernatural DVDs Season One

During the very first season, the brothers travel around in Dean's trademark black 1967 Chevrolet Impala, picking up clues to find out what has happened to their father.

At first Sam is not interested in helping his brother as he does not want to return to demon hunting but a terrible thing happens to his girlfriend, which leads him to make the trip to help find their dad.

Supernatural DVDs Season Two

The brothers have found their father but are involved in an accident.  Sam and John, their father, are both injured but Dean suffers the worse injuries and is left with his life hanging in the balance. 

In order to save him, John offers his immortal soul to the demon who has the power to bring Dean back to life.  During the course of season two we find out that this demon has some connection with the death of the boy’s mother.

Supernatural DVDs Season 4
Supernatural DVDs Season 4

Supernatural DVDs Season Three

After fighting and killing more demons, we find out that Dean’s life is still not his own. He only has a certain amount of time to live before his time is up.

We meet new demons in season three and one holds the key to whether Dean will live or whether he will die and be sent to hell. The season ends with poor Dean dying and being sent to hell.

Supernatural DVDs Season Four

All is well and this season starts with Dean waking up confused.

He finds out that he has been saved by an angel and is then given more information about how he has been rescued and what this means for both him and his brother.

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