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The Twilight Collection – Twilight The Book & Film

Updated on March 13, 2010
Twilight Collection - Twilight
Twilight Collection - Twilight

Discover Twilight Books Today

I have recently been introduced to the Twilight collection of books written by Stephenie Meyers and I am a complete fan.

The themes that run through the books are basically about the course of true love and the trials and tribulations that a young couple face.

The extra dimension that factors into this complicated romance is the fact that one person is a human mortal and the other is a vampire.

The Important Characters

Isabella Swan

There are several characters in the book and they all have their own back story which is both interesting to read and would definitely make a complete book in itself.

However Twilight centres on Isabella Swan, who is a 17 year old girl who originally lived with her mother in Phoenix, Arizona. She moves to a tiny town called Forks, in Washington in order to live with her father.

Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart
Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart

The reason for this is because her mother has recently remarried and Isabella, or Bella, as she prefers to be called, decides to give them their space.

She is similar to her father in that she likes her own company and is quite a self sufficient girl.

One of her faults is that she tends to be very accident prone and has the ability to injure herself on a number of occasions.

Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson
Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson

Edward Cullen

On the outside, Edward Cullen looks like a high school teenager. In general most romantic leads are described as being tall, dark and handsome.

These elements could also be attributed to young Edward with the exception of being dark. He has a ghostly white exterior but he is described as being the most gorgeous man imaginable.

He is a member of a family who are all very beautiful and the rest of the school admire their looks but every one keeps their distance.

At first it seems that Edward has taken an instant dislike to Bella. His body language is hostile and he is rude. He looks at her with some sort of distain and can’t wait to be out of her presence. Edward is suddenly absent from school for a few days and when he returns, it is like he is a different person. He starts to acknowledge Bella’s presence and wants to know all about her.

The Cast of Twilight The Movie
The Cast of Twilight The Movie

It doesn’t take us very long to discover that Edward Cullen and the rest of his family are all vampires. He will remain a teenager for eternity and he is completely and utterly infatuated with Bella.

We find out that although he and the rest of his family abstain from drinking human blood, he is not completely immune to the tantalizing bouquet. It is the scent of Bella’s skin and blood that attracts him to her and he just can not keep away from her.

This is the part of the book that has really gripped me. The way that the author describes how Edward feels about Bella is just beautiful.

I am also an old romantic so the idea of having a guy who is so blatantly head over heels in love with you is something that I am sure all women would love to experience, mixed together with his somewhat formal and old fashioned speech pattern, this is indeed a heady combination that no woman could resist.

British Actor Robert Pattinson
British Actor Robert Pattinson

This is the first book of the Twilight collection and I have now also watched the Twilight DVD. The actors chosen to play these two central figures are perfectly matched.

I am not only in love with the written characterisation of Edward Cullen but I now have a little place in my heart for the gorgeous Robert Pattinson- I am so proud of this fellow Brit.

He is also an accomplished musician and composed a couple of the songs featured in the film including the one called Bella’s lullaby.

This is the first installment of the series and the other books in the Twilight Saga that follow the further adventures of Bella, Edward and the other members of the Cullen family are:

New Moon


Breaking Dawn

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  • Tiptopcat profile imageAUTHOR

    Victoria Virgo 

    11 years ago from London, UK

    Hello,Hello - Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed reading this book and watching the film so just wanted to comment on that.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    11 years ago from London, UK

    Very enjoyable read. Thank you.


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