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Switched At Birth -- The Awful Truth

Updated on August 22, 2013

John gets blamed for Daphne's actions

John gets called into Coto's office by Coto and Ivan the terrible and they promptly accuse him of being the one that's been blackmailing him. John, of course, has no idea what they're talking about. Then they show John the video of Nikki and Daphne in Coto's office. And this is how John learns his daughter is a blackmailer. The upshot is neither John nor Nikki were in favor of the condom bill that Daphne blackmailed Coto to push through.

Regina moves back in just as this mess is breaking and she's appalled that Daphne doesn't think she did anything wrong. She feels since Coto is a love cheat that makes it okay to blackmail him. Regina asks Kathryn just when Daphne became so insufferable.

John tells Daphne to let him handle this mess, because if Coto takes it to the limit, her butt could wind up in jail. Of course, Daphne can't do that and goes to Coto to cut a deal with him. He agrees to let the whole thing drop if John endorses him in the next election. When Daphne goes back to tell John Coto's terms, John easily reads between the lines and realizes Coto wants him to donate $50,000 to his campaign.

Daphne ultimately can't let John pay Coto off, so she tells her story on Coffee Boy's blog. Since it reveals he was in on the blackmailing of Coto, he gets his butt deported. Meanwhile, Daphne goes to court ready to face the music.

Since Ty isn't going to be stationed stateside, she's decided to go overseas to be with him. She plans to find a way to graduate early and enroll in a school in Germany. When Ty hears her plans he's not thrilled, especially after he learns he's being sent back to the war zone. He tries to break things off with Bay, but she's not listening. She's going full-steam ahead with her plan.

That is, until she comes by Ty's room and sees a pair of women's panties that aren't her own in his bed. A friend had used his room, but Ty lets her think he cheated on her so she'll end things with him. When Mary Beth comes to confront him over what he did, he admits the truth to her and swears her to secrecy.

Meanwhile, Bay goes running to Emmett wondering if there's something about her that makes men cheat on her. Because she was sleeping with Ty when he cheated Bay seems to feel his betrayal is worse than Emmett's, so it looks like the door is now open for Emmett.

Most of the action takes place at Toby and Nikki's rehearsal dinner. When Toby hears his parents saying they're against the wedding and that Nikki's mother feels the same it hits the fan. It gets worse when the parents basically tell them to get a room and have sex and forget all about getting married.

It appears the duo decides to do that. At first, I'm thinking they didn't really do the deed, since last week Toby was told he wouldn't find out if he had Chlamydia until after his and Nikki's wedding night. But they speeded up the test results so it wouldn't be extremely icky that Nikki had sex with Toby knowing all the time she could be exposing herself to Chlamydia.

John and Kathryn do a happy dance when they get a text from Toby saying the wedding is off. They think they've won. Little do they know that Toby just decided not to have them at his wedding feeling like they do about him and Nikki getting married. Toby and Nikki marry at City Hall instead with no family around them.

Angelo finds raising a baby without Regina there to help him too much for him to handle. When he can't find her favorite toy, he calls Abby's adopted dad to find out how to get another. He comes by with another one, explaining his mom makes them. No one can miss how Abby's face lights up when she sees her Adopted Dad and how she cries when he leaves.

Regina sends Adrianna over to help Angelo and she suggests he think why he really wants Abby. Is he trying to prove something? That he's not the same man that deserted Daphne? Ultimately, Angelo decides to give Abby back to her adopted dads with the proviso he be allowed to visit her and play a part in her life.

And thus ends this season of Switched At Birth. Coffee Boy was seen being escorted out of the country for blackmailing a state senator, so it doesn't appear he'll be allowed back in. If Daphne doesn't do jail time, when she goes back to Carlton will she and Noah pick up where they left off before the school takeover?

Will Mary Beth disappear in the new season or will she and Travis continue to date and will she and Bay continue to be friends? If Mary Beth sees Bay getting closer to Emmett will she break her promise to Ty and tell Bay he never cheated?

Will Regina and Angelo continue their relationship now that Baby Abby is no longer part of the equation? And will Angelo get in trouble with his partnership with the lady from the country club? Will it end up costing him all the money he got from the court settlement?

Will John face any political fall out from Daphne's blackmail scandal? Could his days as a politician be limited? And what will John and Kathryn do when they discover Toby married Nikki, he just didn't want them there? Will Toby stay on the outs with his parents? We'll he try and stand on his own feet, not working for John and trying to earn a living all on his own?


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