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Taiwanese Horror Movies ( made in Taiwan , not main land China )

Updated on July 10, 2011

Asian Horror Movies

Asian Horror Movies are becoming very popular, all over the world. Nobody knew about them 10 years ago, but with the success of The Ring, and The Grudge, America really started to take notice of foreign horror films.

Most Asian horror movies are unique to their country. Most Japanese Horror movies deal with ghosts hell bent on revenge. Korean Movies normally included some kind of psychic / ghost activity. Some are much more gruesome then others while some also conform more to the thriller category. One of these unique kind of movies are Taiwanese Horror.

They may not all conformed to 1 Similar theme. I find that Taiwanese horror movies seem to involve a lot of police/crime mysteries. Here are a few of the most popular Taiwanese Horror Movies.

I hope you can find at least one you will enjoy!

When the Earth echoes the stars... The "Legeos" are born...
When the Earth echoes the stars... The "Legeos" are born...

Brotherhood of Legio Taiwanese Horror Movie

Brotherhood of Legio 2007 ( shen xuan zhe - original title )

(Taiwan Supernatural, Sci-fi, Murder, Thriller)

Super Short Plot Summary

Astological signs effect certain births of certain people all over the world. Specific people born with the " magnetic resonance " are titled the Chosen people. These chosen people formed a sect called the Brotherhood of Legios. There is some drama between a Taiwanese family and some other people, which leads to the Brotherhood of Legois appearing. Once that happens all kinds of weird things start happening.

My thoughts

I liked it, Its not that scary. Like it says, it's more of a sci-fi thriller. But still very enjoyable if your into this kinda of stuff, which I am.

Double Vision Taiwanese Horror Movie

Double Vision 2002 (Shuang tong - original title )

(Horror, Mystery, Thriller)

Super Short Plot Summary

Crazy serial killer leaves black fungus stuff in the brains of his victims which makes them go on a crazy rampage. Cops try to track the killer down.

My thoughts

I enjoyed this one a lot. I love the mystery and tension between the cops trying to get this serial killer. The plot is an interesting one with the hallucinogen fungus the killer puts in the brains. Weird stuff, creepy, good movie!

Fatality Taiwanese Horror Movie

Fatality 2008

(Tok Tra Phee - original title )

(Horror, Thriller)

Super Short Plot Summary

The Fatality is about a pathetic Taiwanese man who commits suicide in Taipei. Then he finds himself in the body of a coma victim in Bangkok ( If i told you more it would ruin the rest of the plot...sorry ).

My thoughts

This had a pretty cool story line. Kinda unique, kinda reminds me of The eye, in some ways. But for the most part it is its own movie. Has a few good scenes that caught me off guard. Excellent movie if you want some dark horror with a unique twist.

Good Will Evil Taiwanese Horror Movie

Good Will Evil 2009


(Horror, Thriller)

Super Short Plot Summary

Accidents create some marital problems, for a husband and wife. They eventually adopt a mentally screwed up child that has some weird hobbies.

My thoughts

I thought this movie was similar in some ways to the plot line of " The Ring " or " Ringu " Overall I still liked this movie. This is typical asian horror movie style. Textbook. GO WATCH IT!

The Heirloom Taiwanese Horror Movie

Heirloom (The) 2009

(Mystery, Horror, Thriller)

Super Short Plot Summary

Some strange events happened, and an entire wealthy family gets hanged, in a weird way. Everyone except one family member survived.

My thoughts

Great story! I really enjoyed the whole movie through and though. The Heirloom is definitely a "WATCH" in my book. creepy events, messed up things happen, no monsters but it still gives ya the chills. some weird sick stuff! I love it.

You can despise the rich. But you'd die, to be one of them.
You can despise the rich. But you'd die, to be one of them.

Invitation Only Taiwanese Horror Movie

Invitation Only 2009

Jue ming pai dui (original title)

(Horror, crime, mystery, Thriller)

Super Short Plot Summary

Crazy party = crazy massacre.

My thoughts

It was an alright movie. Nothing too special. I am scarred with american crappy slasher movies. So I feel like I have seen them all. "Invitation only" does hold the mystery good though. 2 words Gut-wrenching

SILK Taiwanese Horror Movie

SILK 2006

(Horror, Thriller)

Super Short Plot Summary

Some scientists capture the energy of a ghost child with a device called Menger Sponge. This could be the key to learning what is life like, after death.

My thoughts

Awesome Asian horror movie. If you like Asian horror movies you should definitely watch this movie!! Weird, creepy, unique! Great stuff.

Best Horror Movies


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    • Midasfx profile image

      Midasfx 6 years ago

      Buraot2968 - I have not seen anymore Good taiwanese Horror movies. I have been watching some very good korean horror ones though, you should check out this website you can watch 100's of asian horror movies online for free. its where i watch all my favorites!

    • profile image

      buraot2968 6 years ago

      any updates?

    • Midasfx profile image

      Midasfx 7 years ago

      These were just a few Asian horror movies I watched recently. I didn't think many people even knew about these movies so I figured I would write a hub about them. Hope you enjoy watching these movies!

      Thanks for commenting Cheeky Girl!

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      This is a great hub. I never heard of these films, but they sound good. I never realised there were so many horror films there. Cheers.