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Watch the best Asian Horror Movies

Updated on March 29, 2015
Koma would have been on the list, but I don't own it yet!
Koma would have been on the list, but I don't own it yet!

Lesser known Asian Horror Movies

I am a big fan of Asian horror. I have seen so many of these films, that I had to start my own collection. Some of these good films are very hard to find at a good price, and when you do find one, it feels like you just found treasure. Yes, These movies are that good. But, I simply will not pay more then $5 for a movie.

I would like to inform you readers of some of my hidden gems that I have found. I have personally watched and enjoyed these movies. If you feel that these movies are not good or would like to share your opinions on these movies please leave your thoughts in the comment section at the very bottom. Thanks!

One of my Favorite Asian Horror Films


What a sick and twisted tale this is. Masuoka is a cameraman who is crazily obsessed about understanding fear. During a shoot, he photographs a horrible morbid death of an old man near a subway. He later on goes back to understand what happened, shortly after this, his world becomes a living nightmare. He finds his way into a dark Under-world with bizarre creatures. Masuoka finds himself a good looking gal who has a serious problem besides being a mute. Sure enough, he eventually finds his meaning of fear.

Inner Senses
Inner Senses

Chinese Horror Movies

Inner Senses- A women is able to see ghosts. Her friend is later able to see them as well. They both will begin to unravel the truth behind the almost forgotten past.

New Blood- 2 lovers commit suicide and 1 dies. The guy is barely kept alive by the help of the doctors. The girl who died wants revenge on those who kept him alive and kept them apart.

Re-Cycle- Interesting story about the paranormal. A women goes off to write her book, and gets torn between the 2 worlds of reality and supernatural. Eventually not being able decipher what is real anymore. This is a very cool movie!

You can watch some clips on and watch full length movies on, be sure to bookmark those sites if you like movies and horror!

Korean Horror Movies

Death Bell- Really cool movie with some twists. Some intelligent students get locked up in a school with a sadistic killer. The killer has some tests for these students and if they don't pass, they will pay with their lives.

Cello- Great film about what goes around comes around. A hauntingly good ghost story about a student who seeks revenge from the bad grade the teacher gave. May not be the most scary film but has some good psychological twists that most Asian horror flicks are known for. Plus the little girl in this movie is so cute!

Someone Behind You- A tale about how friends can be...not so friendly. Backstabbing and killing could be on their mind but then again, we all have our own inner demons. I love the scene where the husband throws his wife in front of the bus.... need I say more?

Japanese Horror Movies

Tomie- "What the hell was that!" That's what I said the first few times i watched this movie. What a trip. It skips around a little bit, almost hard to follow. But this one still puzzles me. Very creepy in some parts and the music adds even more creepiness.

Carved- aka The slit mouthed women. This movie is awesome! A twisted tale of the haunted past of a teacher. How his mother went crazy and became abusive. Now, it's a curse that a slit mouthed women dressed in a trench coat with scissors will come and take/kill the children if they are out late.

Premonition- One of my top 5 best Asian horror films. This movie makes me jump every time I watch it. A man keeps getting hints of future events. When he tries to alter these events things go horribly wrong. The beginning starts off with a blast.  Note* the American version sucks! 

Suicide Club- One of my first films I ever bought for my Asian horror movie collection. This movie is confusing as hell but worth every penny still! SO much killing and guessing makes this a special treat for Asian horror movie fans. Watch the first scene on you tube check out the video!

These pics freak me out !

Carved/ Slit mouthed Women
Carved/ Slit mouthed Women

Thai Horror Movies

Shutter- This version is the best. Tried and true! A young couple are driving home and end up killing a women. Ever since that incident the boyfriends photographs have a strange shadow. They have to find out the answer of who and why this is happening before its too late.

Buppah Rahtree- A desolate girl dies and her spirit stays to haunt the hotel room. Her spirit will not go easily. This movie has a few good laughs in it too. Its an emotional roller coaster ride of ups and downs, funny and serious, and can still creep you out! Very cool love story.

Dorm- A boy is frightened by the ghost stories of his schoolmates. But are they just stories or did they really happen? The twisted tales of past deaths unravel in this great thriller film. The ending really ties everything together and could conjure up some of your own sad emotions. Really great film overall!


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    • profile image

      movieman 6 years ago

      There are a few reasons why ? like Asian movies, first of all they are original, sometimes it is like all the American films are originated from Asian movies. these days I need to check out all the web-sites on films and trailers and this is one of them ;

    • Midasfx profile image

      Midasfx 6 years ago

      Thanks for commenting Katharella! Hope you enjoy which ever movie you choose ^_^

    • Katharella profile image

      Katharella 6 years ago from Lost in America

      I love a good horror movie, and like you say, alone in the dark is the best! I'm going to look some of these up on my Netflix to see if they're available in English. It's so hard to keep up with subtitles! I feel I have to watch it twice to stay caught up with the plots! lol V-up!

    • Midasfx profile image

      Midasfx 7 years ago

      kfk, I own audition, and I love the sadistic yet innocent girl. good stuff!

      Basilisk, Marebito is underrated. I had some friends watch it recently and they said it was creepy A++

      Donsisley, another great place to find asian horror movies is on almost any movie ever can be found here.

      Sorry, been away for so long. but thank you everyone for your comments.

    • profile image

      donsisley 8 years ago

    • basilisk profile image

      basilisk 8 years ago from Southern California

      Excellent hub! I think that Japanese horror films are underrated, and most of the Western remakes were not as good. "Marebito" is one of my favorites, an underrated film if ever there was one.

    • profile image

      kfk 8 years ago

      Audition is a *really* good one too, if you haven't already seen it.

    • Midasfx profile image

      Midasfx 8 years ago

      Watching really creepy movies alone at night is the best. Adds to the excitement! Though some Asian horror films are predictable, I can still enjoy them.

      Thanks for the comment, my day is always going great!

      * check out

    • prettydarkhorse profile image

      prettydarkhorse 8 years ago from US

      nice hub, Asian horror films are usually dominated by the theme of revenge or kharma specially Japanese ones,scary stuff cant view it when I am alone, thanks MIdas, hows your day going> Maita