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Ted Nugent's Patriotism Questioned

Updated on April 13, 2011


Don't Tread On Me
Don't Tread On Me

Am I Too Mean To Ted?

Some have called me Ted Nugent's biggest fan and biggest critic. That might sum it up. You know, I might be getting soft in my young age. If you read my hub about the Rise and Fall of Ted Nugent,, you know I have figured out that his creativity swings from low to high and back and forth. That's OK, even Alfred Hitchcock had hits and duds.

Well, I think I was just a litle miffed about the National Anthem rendition a la Nuge. Does that make me think he is not a patriot? No. He is human. when I was Ted's "Bound and Gagged" video, here is a man who loves his country. Man he shot arrows at cardboard Saddam Hussein posters on stage, God love him.

I'm getting his new video soon and you can be certain I will critique it. Ted is one of those guys whom you say "Love the man but hate his product" or "Love the product but hate the man." Unlike President Obama whom we can't decide whether we hate him or love him, with Ted Nugent you know how you feel about him. (BTW And we know how Ted feels about Pres. O.!)

How He Treated The Star Spangled Banner

I like Ted Nugent. He can be likened to a Johnny Weissmuller of Rock. That's Tarzan for you youngsters under 50. Like the best Tarzan of the silver screen (Johnny), he had finesse, yet a brute. Johnny W could sing his Tarzan yodel better than anyone, just like Ted could play his guitar better than anyone.

Well, Tarzan Nugent let too much of the savage out on his recent rendition of the Star Spangled Banner which I downloaded free from his site. After barely listening to 1.1 minutes of this song I had to delete it. What's with the screaming Ted? Is it time for a diaper change?

This is supposed to be a patriotic song and even without the waah-waah he yells, the guitar is played like he super-glued his fingers together. Why am I shocked? See my previous hub on the Rise and Fall of Ted Nugent.

The man who can make super-perfect songs like Homebound and play like a professional with such greats as Mark Farner and Charlie Daniels sounded like a newbie guitarist on crack.

I think he played and recorded this rendition to outshine (or undershine) Roseanne's performance at a ballpark years ago. How horrible can you get?

That's why I question his patriotism. The man who brought us the patriotic song "Bound and Gagged" and a great video of it now seems like a bloody liberal. No offense to all you bloody liberals, whoever you may be.

Let me ask Ted this: Where is the dignity in this song?

This is like burning the flag.

If you truly love your country Ted, you would have put some professionalism and respect into that song especially. It is a mockery.

Ted's bright spot came with the reunion of the Amboy Dukes at the Detroit Music Awards. His Star Spangeld Banner is a disappointing low spot. I'll write a special perspective about the reunion later. I'm still miffed about that Nuge 'song' I downloaded on the 4th of July.

How can a man who salutes the flag treat it with such disrespect through a traditional American anthem.


Is Disrespecting the National Anthem Akin to Burning The Flag?

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  • Christopher Floyd profile image

    Christopher Floyd 8 years ago from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

    So it was originally the Hendrix version? I always liked the first third of that rendition. After that, not so much. I for one don't question Nugent's patriotism. I know he has more ammo than me.

    But I'll agree that you have a point about respecting the Anthem. I wish someone would put out a tastefully updated version of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. You never hear it except in church.

  • Tom Cornett profile image

    Tom Cornett 8 years ago from Ohio

    Only heard a few seconds of Ted's rendition....Hendrix did it.....there was a kind of heart to it worked. It has to be done with art....Maybe Ted just simply blew it?