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The 10 best actresses that play villains. Read over 3,000 times

Updated on September 22, 2015

Was she in any movies?

The Leading Ladies...

Leading a life of crime that is!

I made a list of the best actors who play bad guys. The same rules apply to this one. She must be scary, believable and of coarse, bad too the bone! This list was harder to do because many male actors specialize in playing the villain, where that is not the case with most actresses on the big screen.

Those I left out- Sharon Stone-Arnold Swartzenagger's wife in Total Recall, was a nasty...well you fill in the blank. Sharon was great when being bad.

Eva Mendez-She was the saving grace in The Spirit, and played a very convincing role in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. There were other roles that she was an evil wench in as well. She can act when not over acting!

Sean Young- She is not that well known and is not one of my favorite actresses, but she handled the bazaar role of Ray Finkle in "Ace Ventura- Pet Detective" quite well. She was also evil in a few other films. She has a vindictive stare and a crude, mispirited manner! That's what almost earned her a spot on this list!

10.Monica Potter- Many will say "Monica Who?" . She is not on here for her role as a snob in Patch Adams, but rather her role in Along Came a Spider. She was outstanding and helped Morgan Freeman pull off another modern day classic! Plus she just looks like a creepess ( that is a compliment).

9. Felissa Rose- She was brilliant in Sleep Away Camp, and many others.

8. Tilda Swinton- She is the actress who brought Jadis, the White Witch to life in the Narnia Movies. She has a "cold" persona and knows how to appear ecstatic when others perish.

7. Parker Posey- She was a nasty Vamp. in Blade Trinity, A nut job that almost killed Tori Spelling in House of Yes, and was a hag in several others. She just has this look on her face that says...well you know!

6. Joan Crawford- She was another actress that had that look and persona that just screamed, run away!

5. Sarah Douglas - She was great and believable as Ursa in Superman 1 & 2 and the evil witch in Conan the Destroyer. Sarah was also good in lesser known movies like The Return of Swamp Thing, and Beast Master 2. She mastered the Sci Fi genre as an evil vixen who is bent on absolute power. She was also one of the most evil women on T.V.

4. Rebecca De Mornay- She is beautiful, charming and die for! She is best remembered for playing a sick, twisted killer in The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, and Don't talk to Strangers. She was also excellent as an evil assassin, in The 3 Musketeers.

3. Betty Davis-When I was growing up, I did not think that Betty's eyes were seductive the way Kim Karnes obviously did. I thought were eyes were scary and filled with evil! She played a ruthless or crazed woman often, and was outstanding at it. She knew how to handle a revolver too!

2. Margaret Hamilton- How could any list of this type leave out the Wicked Witch of the West? How evil, and scary was she? Very! Watch the Wizard of Oz again and listen to that voice and watch her facial expressions!

1. Glen Close- How can anyone argue this? She played Cruella perfectly in the Dalmatian movies, was great in Hamlet, and scared us all in Fatal Attraction! She is among the best actresses, but I rank her number 1 in this category.

Go ahead and tell me what you think and who you would add or delete.


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