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Top 5 TV Stations in Nigeria

Updated on April 25, 2012

The Best 5 Television Stations in Nigeria

Ever since the Nigerian government decided to deregulate the broadcast industry in the early 1990’s there has been a remarkable improvement in broadcast standards. Nigerian entrepreneurs seeing that the environment was ripe to make a lot of money decided to invest in television broadcast. The result is a flooding of the Nigerian airwaves with so many TV stations that as at August 2011, there are at least 13 TV stations in Lagos Nigeria alone. However this is my selection of Television Stations in Nigeria based on the following criteria; Programme content, quality of reception, quality of staff and management.

1. Channels Television

Channels TV is News oriented TV station. Established in 1996 by John Momoh, Channels Television is the CNN of Nigeria when it comes to providing unbeatable and reliable information. Easily the best television station in Nigeria based on the afore mentioned criteria, this TV station has won the award of best TV station in Nigeria at least 5 times in the last 10 years (at one time it won it on 2 consecutive occasions). It has also been awarded the best TV station of the decade for its outstanding performance and commitment to its viewers. In terms of professionalism and efficiency this station is second to none in Nigeria with its highly professional and seasoned staff.

2. TVC

This is a relatively new TV station having been founded in 2006, it is a lifestyle TV station but also offers content covering current affairs, sports, music and even business. It is a fast growing TV station with an ever increasing Viewership.

3. Silverbird Television

This is the most watched TV station in Lagos Nigeria but not actually the best based on the above listed criteria. It is owned by the colossus of entertainment business in Nigeria the Silverbird group who also own the Rhythm chain of Radio stations, silverbird cinemas, domino superstores, occasions and events among other big time businesses. Silverbird Television is an entertainment centered television station although sometimes it compromises quality by airing crappy content.

4. AIT

African Independent Television (AIT) is the most watched television Station in Nigeria but not in Lagos. The reason for this is its network of stations that covers much of Nigeria in places where other TV stations cannot reach. AIT used to be Nigeria’s favorite station but has since falling from grace and is embroiled for a second time in a liquidation tussle with its creditors.

5. Sound City

Music based Television Station that can only be watched on DSTV. The station offers quality and incisive music and entertainment content however, it is yet to make appreciable impact among entertainment lovers in Nigeria.


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